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CHIMPS is the most challenging game mode in Bloons TD 6. It is very similar to Impoppable, but there are extra restrictions. CHIMPS is an acronym for these restrictions: no continues, hearts, income, monkey knowledge, powers, or selling. This means there is no banana farm, there are no abilities that offer more money, you can’t sell units to make money, and you can’t let any bloons slip by. Your strategy here is similar to Impoppable too.

CHIMPS Game Mode Strategy

You’ll see a lot of the same towers listed here as on Impoppable for important towers to have, but there is less income assistance.


  • Boomerang Monkey - Path 3 - The MOAB push can be used to keep MOABs in the fire with a majority of the hits.
  • Glue Gunner - Path 1 and Path 3 - Having two units dedicated to slowing, when placed in the right position depending on your map, can give you much more time to hit the bloons while also offering some help with popping them.
  • Wizard - Path 3 and Path 2 - If you have to focus one, Path 3 will be more crucial as it offers a great counter to DDT MOABs when upgraded fully to Prince of Darkness. But Path 2 will give you Summon Phoenix and allow you to have a continual fire shot at the front lines of the bloons when summoned.
  • Spike Factory - Path 2 - The Spike Storm will shoot spikes onto the entire map, but should be saved for when you see DDTs on the map after round 90.
  • Tack Shooter - Path 1 - Ring of Fire is a great way to catch bloons when placed on an area of the map after MOABs will have been popped already.
  • Monkey Village - Path 2 - It doesn’t take very far into the upgrade to reach Monkey Intelligence Bureau which would allow anything in range to attack all bloon types. This is one of the best defenses against the DDTs.

Recommended Units

Boomerang Monkey0-2-4Push back the MOAB bloons and increase your attack speed while also getting multiple hits into one throw. This path also adds frozen and lead bloon attacks.
Glue Gunner4-2-0
Having two of these units to stop MOABs at multiple points on the map will help increase the amount of time you have to attack. The first will melt bloons and allow you to splatter 6 regular bloons at a time, making this ideal for the entry point of bloons. The second will stick to MOAB units as well and any popped bloon with glue will cause nearby bloons to be glued as well, burning through the layers on the way.
Wizard Monkey0-2-5Prince of Darkness is the most important upgrade in this game mode. It brings back popped MOABs to attack for the monkey side and can defend against the quick DDT MOAB bloons. The path 2 upgrade adds Wall of Fire, catching other bloons as they pass through.
Spike Factory2-4-0Get spikes that will tear through MOABs as well as an activatable ability that will splatter spikes across the entire map. White hot spikes in the first path will also work on lead and frozen bloons.
Tack Shooter4-2-0
Most important is getting that path one upgrade so you can clear the map of most bloons as they travel through a huge blast of fire, adding extra damage to lead bloons. The next path depends entirely on your map and placement. If the Tack Shooter is placed somewhere where it can reach all the path around it, go with the 4-0-2 as it increases the damage of the fire. However if you have a piece of the path just out of reach, use 4-2-0.
Monkey Village0-3-2With this combo, any towers in range of the village will have a discounted rate on their upgrades and be able to pop all bloon types which helps tremendously with DDT.

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