How to Beat Chimps Mode in BTD6 - Strategy Guide - Media Referee (2024)

Struggling to Complete the Chimps mode of BTD6? With our conducive strategies and tricks, you can easily complete Chimps mode challenges.

Bloons TD6 is a tower defense game from the team Ninja Kiwi. Bloons, a popular and series of arcade games has several unique features. BTD6, the sixth game from this series, is played on 2.5 perspective and you can play with 3 friends in the new co-op mode. A unique tower defense game where you can also play on different maps and locations as well. You can find colorful characters and Bloons in this amazing game.

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In BTD6, your role is to build your defense with monkeys(towers), traps, and structures. Your heroes are Monkeys and Bloons are your opponents. You have to avoid all incoming Bloons into your defense towers. You can also complete other quests and earn the in-game currency, Monkey Money. Money can be used to purchase monkeys, upgrade their skills, purchase new cosmetics, and more. Overall, BTD6 is a colorful simulation game. The game also has many modes. You can play challenges in all modes.

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The most challenging mode is the Chimps mode. You have to unlock and complete the Impoppable mode tasks to get access to the chimps mode. You can unlock CHIMPS Medals after completing some rounds in the chimps mode. Here’s all about the Bloons TD6 Chimps Mode along with the best strategy to complete this mode.

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BTD6 Chimps Mode – Best Tips and Tricks

Chimps is the last mode of Bloons TD6. You can complete the game if you successfully manage to overcome these tasks. The tasks are in hard difficulty level mode and you have to bring out the best strategies to complete challenges in this new Chimps Mode of BTD6. Here’s how you can overcome the Chimps mode task,

Chimps stands for ‘No Continues, Hearts Lost, Income, Monkey Knowledge, Powers, or Selling’. As the abbreviation states, you don’t get either of these for Chimps mode challenges. You also get only one life and some bonus effects and skills. If you fail, the challenges will start again from the beginning. Some best tricks to complete Chimps mode include,

  • Use Bloons that have better damage and defensive stats. Chimps mode challenges will be harder and longer, you have to pick monkeys that can survive longer and endure attacks as well
  • Deploy your Bloons quickly without taking much time as this will also regenerate more health once a challenge ends. Never consume more time initially.
  • You can unleash your Bloons in the front end on the map. As you progress to higher levels, you can use them from other ends as well
  • Go with Banana Farm, Magic, and also use Micromanagement. All these will help your Monkeys to withstand it for a long time. If they are available, you can use them on priority.

Apart from these tips and tricks, the best team combinations will help you complete the Chimps mode. Here is our best team composition for Chimps mode in Bloons TD6 and this can be used for all maps as well.

Dart Monkey

This cute little monkey with a single dart is capable of dealing continuous damage. Also make sure to upgrade it before using. Three Dart Monkeys can be effective and it can also be used on all maps on the chimps mode. It should be a mandatory addition in your squad.

Monkey Buccaneers

An attacking military class tower that also has 2 cannons. This water-based tower is unique and can also fire from every end. You can also fire both cannons simultaneously and this will deal more damage. It unleashes powerful grapes and can shoot 2 darts for a cannon. Monkey Buccaneers is another good pick for the Chimps mode in the game.

Monkey Village

This a support class tower and provides buff to other monkeys. The other monkeys get a wide range and you can continue to dominate the challenge. Attack speed also increases gradually. This tower won’t be able to attack Bloons, but can deal some damage rarely.

The Alchemist

The magic class tower of BTD6 and this can be your trump card for BTD6 Chimps mode. It throws magical potions and can deal damage as well. It deals acid damage and is also resistant against all kinds of Bloons. This tower needs to be placed well before other towers as its range is not so great. Other than this, Alchemist is an excellent pick for the Chimps mode of BTD6.

Use these 4 towers in a team and you can dominate the Chimps mode challenges. This team covers all bases. You have an attacking tower, defensive tower, magical tower, and a primary base tower as well. An all-round unit that can help you complete the last hard more level of BTD6, which is the Chimps mode.

That’s everything you need to know about BTD6 Chimps mode strategies and tricks from us. These tips, tricks, and team comps will help you complete the Chimps mode of Bloons TD6. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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How to Beat Chimps Mode in BTD6 - Strategy Guide - Media Referee (2024)


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