40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (2024)

The top stops along the way from Mackinaw City to Birmingham (with short detours) are Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Louisville Mega Cavern, and Cedar Point. Other popular stops include Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati, Ryman Auditorium, and Jack Daniel's Distillery Visitor Center.


Detroit Institute of Arts

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The Detroit Institute of Arts is an art museum located in Detroit, Michigan. It was founded in 1885 and has since grown to house over 100 galleries with a range of American and international art on display from ancient to modern eras. The Beaux-Arts building was designed by Paul Cret and quickly became the temple of art, adding two wings in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Detroit Institute of Arts was an absolutely amazing experience! The exhibits, architecture, and artwork are top notch and this is one of my favorite museums I have ever visited! We spent all day here and I feel like we still didn't even scratch the surface. If I could change anything I would have planned to come right at opening so we could experience this for the entirety of opening! You will be amazed at the beauty of this museum, I highly recommend it!

Jeremy Janus — Google review

This place is beautiful! The staff is so wonderful and friendly and helpful. You can buy tickets once you get there but if you buy them in advance, it goes faster. Elevators and stairs, bathrooms on every floor. 3 floors total. Price of tickets aren't bad either. Went to the Van Gogh exhibit, but will definitely be back to see the rest.

Jessica Bock — Google review

Good museum with a variety of collections. A variety of collections from across the world. Some areas are better represented than others in terms of history of the art from the region.Some interactive bits across the galleries for young patrons. A few more interactive moments would be nice, and would provide more talking points for groups who visit the galleries.Asia, Africa, and Hellenistic collections are good introductions to the arts. The gallery on Egypt showcases select pieces, and makes for a great introduction to the culture. Native American section represents art pieces from the south, central and north America. Residents of Wayne county have free entry on select days at the museum.

Durga Kale — Google review

There are so many exhibits to check out. It's nice to wander in and out of rooms filled with ancient to modern items. It's a really nice collection. Make sure you have about 4 hours to see everything and grab a bite in the cafe. Lots of decent options to chose from. Parking across the street is convenient and only $7.

Amber Pratt — Google review

such a great place! The tour guides are phenomenal. The art is beautiful, the facility is beautiful, and there is so much enriching education to be had, including history! I enjoyed reading about the history here. The displays are well thought out, and there are even ways for the kids to get involved, including a "seek and find" in certain rooms.I took a public tour and it was really engaging and a wonderful way to learn about the museum, the artists, the art, and the story behind it all.I was happily surprised to find out that they have many other programs throughout the week! I am so excited to come back.

Kathryn Friedlund — Google review

There is just so much to see. I could spend days just staring at the artwork. Mind you I am partial to art. We went and they had a car exhibit and they were so unique. Also seeing a real life van Gogh painting was really cool. I'd definitely go again. They also had art from Mexico, middle east, native Americans, Japan and Korea. I love international art so it was fun to look at everything. Also seeing a real life mummy was really cool but creepy to think there's a skeleton in there.

Johanna Ghofulpo — Google review

very cool place and nice to visit, there are so many different sections you can look at with very cool artifacts and such. we were able to get in for free. there are gift shops and places in there you can get food at. i honestly have no complaints, the place is very cool to go to, the building itself is very cool and with the addition of all the old things it makes the place amazing to visit.

Ace — Google review

Excellent customer service from Cameron at the entrance, which was the start of an amazing experience of artwork displayed from many eras and with famous artists and different cultures. We were there for a couple of hours and did not complete a fulltour. Looking forward to coming back. The museum’s store was full of many wonderful collections of jewelry, clothing, tableware, books and more. I thoroughly enjoyed the time there. Also the food was amazing from the courtyard.

Betty Penny — Google review

What a great museum and the collection is more than great. I so didn’t expect it. First floor with African, Asian etc art with great narrative and stories. Very engaging to read. Also, I loved landscapes by American artists, 2h at the museum was not enough. Will come back! Not to mention an astonishing mural by Diego Rivera. Also, thanks to very polite staff of the museum - made me feel very welcomed.

Daria E — Google review

Large museum with lots to see. The exhibits don’t flow very well, so take a map to be able to follow your path if you want to make sure you see everything. Very cool cafe inside, museum architecture itself is interesting. Weekend day was not too crowded in the afternoon which was nice. $14 for adult, $8 if you’re a student, reasonable prices.

Abigail Cash — Google review

Incredible museum! This place is huge. We came right at 9am and it was great, quiet and not a lot of people until later on. It’s beautiful here and so much to see. We spent about 3 hours and still wasn’t enough to get through the whole place. The little cafe is beautiful, great spot to grab a coffee and snack while taking a break. The history here is amazing, everything is placed beautifully and tons of information. Have to come back for a full day to really take our time and enjoy!

Devon Clark — Google review

Fantastic art museum with friendly staff members! Upon entering, I was met by an enthusiastic staff member who explained the layout of the museum to me, and then struck by the majestic Great Hall. But the highlight lied beyond the great hall - seeing Diego Rivera's Detroit Industry Murals in person was such an awe-inspiring experience! There were staff members stationed in the area, one of whom had a great chat with me surrounding my questions about the murals.The Rivera murals was not the only reason that made the visit worthwhile - I found that the museum has quite a comprehensive art collection, not just of Western art movements from medieval to modern times, but also of non-Western art. The African and Islamic galleries were pretty good-sized, although the Egyptian gallery was a bit disappointing. It would have also been nice if the museum put more thought into the re-creations of the cultures' architecture; the current re-creations seemed half-baked with artifacts combined with modern materials.Depite that, the interior architecture of the museum was quite varied and worth seeing for an architecture enthusiast. I liked the modern designs of the stairs and Prentis Court as well as the historic-comtemporary charms of Kresge Court (which very well reflects the identity of the city!).In all, I only had 2.5 hours to spend at the museum and that was only enough for an in-depth visit to about half of the galleries. A jewel and a must-visit in the city!

Andrew Yin — Google review

One of the absolute most unique and interesting collections I have ever seen. Not many public art facilities match up to DIA. It can get crowded but the staff is willing to lend knowledge even if you aren't on your. The lady that explained the Diego Rivera mural was the highlight of the day.

Billy Smerka Jr. — Google review

I am a huge museum visitor, and this collection is by far one of the best I’ve seen in the US. Not only that, but the courtyards are stunning. I only spent about five hours here and saw maybe 1/3? I recommend visiting it over two days. Enjoy lunch or drinks in the cafe- the flatbread and summer drinks were amazing.All in all, this is one of my top places to visit recently. I highly recommend.

Stephanie Freas — Google review

The museum has an amazing and diverse collection. My particular favorites were the Native American, Impressionists, and Modern exhibits. And the gift shop is a collection all by itself! Amazing! I even enjoyed the curry chicken salad at their Cafe.I didn't see everything, and I'll definitely return!

Lori Gully — Google review

One of the highlights for sure is to see the Diego Rivera mural. This mural is enormous in size and absolutely mesmerizing. This will be my second visit here and I really enjoyed both of my visits. During this last visit I had the opportunity to see a wonderful photography exhibit by James Barnor, this series followed his work from his early days of filming in black and white to his later years of using color. I enjoyed the photos so much I bought his book. I love this museum and will continue to visit it each time I pass through Michigan. Detroit is a fabulous city with much more to offer than expected and this museum is the same. Parking is easy, staff are friendly and helpful, there is a cafeteria and a indoor cafe that feels like you are in an outdoor courtyard. There is a great gift shop, beautiful building, clean bathrooms and many exhibits of all types. Whatever type of art you are interested in they have something that will satisfy! Support the arts and this community and pay a visit here and just down the street check out the modern art museum as well.

Candy Latino — Google review

A tremendous collection of art pieces from all over the world, covering centuries of different cultures. Very impressive and certainly a “good deal” for the cost of entry.I would knock off 0.5 stars if it were possible, simply because the layout of the rooms becomes very confusing and you may end up missing some exhibits because you almost get lost on the floors.Wish the flow was just a bit better organized…

Andy Laible — Google review

I spent a great deal of my childhood at this museum and was very excited to bring my family. The Diego Rivera is a must but there are a great many musts, and it is very kid-friendly. They had a cozy coffee cafe in the courtyard and a lunchroom. It is still an amazing collection, impossible to see everything in a single visit, and I am looking forward to returning on our next visit to Michigan.Our visit was on the weekday. We found street parking that was good for 2 hours only. Download the app; you can renew only exactly when the 2 hours is up. Backpacks are not allowed. The front desk directed us to the FREE and secure lockers.The only downside was we had 3 interactions with security; two for being warned that we were too close to an exhibit (?) and the 3rd for leaving out of an exit door behind other patrons only to be told it wasn't an exit. A sign off to the side said "Emergency Exit". Very poorly placed. Oddly enough, I've heard this same complaint from other patrons both friends/family and on Internet reviews.

LB Colorado — Google review

An impressive place. I heard a rumor, years ago, that the city was thinking of selling off the art in an attempt to raise cash to avoid bankruptcy. I'm very glad that didn't happen.This is a really nice museum! Three floors with exhibits from Native Americans, S. Korea, Africa, South & S.E. Asia, Egypt plus the more expected European (Italian, British & Dutch when I was there (3/21)) works. Marble busts, huge canvases, metalwork, ceramics, masks, beadwork and more.And if you live in the three counties (Macomb, Wayne & Oakland) you get in for free. The parking is $7 across the street.We (my teenage son & I) meandered thru in just over two hours, saw all three floors, but didn't linger anywhere. Kind of a "drive by" viewing experience.Guided tours and school groups were also there on the 1st day of spring.

Mark Thomas — Google review

Informative museum. We spent over 3 hours on the weekend. A very nice cafe tucked inside with overpriced croissants😅Overall a pretty way to spend a weekend (hit the wide selection of restaurants for dinner later)

Shriya Nagesh — Google review

This is truly a world-class museum. In my particular area of interest, Medieval through Baroque art, the collection is equal to the best. The Dutch and American paintings have few peers. This is an encyclopedic collection, and there are excellent Native American and Asian sections, although the Egyptian and Classical collections are not a strong point. I spent three blissful days here and didn't see everything; I'll definitely be back!

John Strylowski — Google review

Haven't been in years and while visiting Detroit decided to take my daughter for the first time, was not a disappointment. Very well run very well-managed, really really enjoyed some of the surprises of the famous painting and works of art. Definitely will be back... Oh and the Cafe in the middle of the location has improved drastically and the food was fan-freaking-tastic. To be honest I would probably go back again just for lunch even if I didn't want to get through the museum!!!

Christine Marques — Google review

The DIA is one of the true treasures of Detroit.I have been dozens of times and will continue to go every so often. The art is amazing but the architecture of the building itself is breathtaking.Entry is free for Wayne and Oakland county residents, not sure about others.It's always worth a visit, HIGHLY recommended.

Joseph Sanchez — Google review

5200 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202, USAhttps://dia.org/(313) 833-7900


Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

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The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation is a sprawling space dedicated to showcasing American life and ideas. The living history exhibition hall boasts 18 intelligent touch screens and a gigantic assortment of exercises and games, while the historical centre exists in a few sections. The first includes the Museum of American Innovation, which showcases relics from the transport industry that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for. The museum is worth the visit for any youngster looking to learn about American history and famous figures from across the spectrum.

All of the staff was amazing! Each one spoke to you every time, acknowledged you when you entered, said bye when you left, always asked if you needed any assistance or had any questions. So so helpful and I'm so very appreciative, they were all wonderful! My son and I can't wait to go again! So many gift shops lol. Need at least 2+ hours to see it all, but it's worth it. So much history, some areas are like stepping back in time, it's so cool.

Jessica Bock — Google review

Absolutely incredible and exquisite exhibits. Everything is laid out so well you can easily travel from one section to the next, with a smooth transition in-between.The cases are spaciously laid out as to not be overwhelming. This creates a good flowing atmosphere that keeps you moving and staring at the next item.There's a nice cafeteria that you can eat at, but hold on to your tickets. You'll need them to get back into the museum.The attendants are wonderful. The place is neat, tidy, and just fun. Definitely take your kids here, your wife, everyone will have something to look at here!

Jacob Stiltner — Google review

My family loved this walk through history. So much more than cars! We spent hours here and could have spent so much more. A must see if you ever make it to the Detroit area. Went on a Wednesday. It wasn’t overly crowded and we were able to enjoy it without feeling hampered by too many people.

Shawn Collins — Google review

This is a great place to visit! There is so much to do and see one day is certainly not enough.If you are in the area I would certainly recommend stopping by. If you want to see it all without any rush I would recommend at least 1.5 days (assuming you take one full day). Make sure to look into the membership if visiting more than one day!The museum is mostly wheelchair accessible and they also rent wheelchairs if needed.

Jennifer Cotto — Google review

The Henry Ford museum is definitely my favourite museum in Detroit. It displays a lot of history from the very beginning of motoring up to the present time. My favourite displays would be the United States presidents cars. Followed closely by the 1941 Allegheny Locomotive one of the largest steam powered Locomotives ever built. Very interesting to see also Henry Ford's kitchen bench engine, that's how it all started. There is so much to see in this museum not just cars. You can spend a whole day here enjoying yourself. I highly recommend a visit to this museum.

Tramp on tour — Google review

My visit to the museum was a great experience. The highlight for me was the impressive selection of cars, including those used by presidents. The exhibit showcased a diverse range of vehicles, adding a unique and fascinating dimension to the visit. The overall atmosphere and variety made it a memorable exploration into history culture.

Heba AlDossary — Google review

I’ll definitely recommend to visit this museum in Detroit. It’s so huge and you can find here a lot of different things. History of United States. Progress of different directions such as railways, cars, planes, different manual productions. They also recommend factory tour and if you get museum and factory you’ll get discount. We didn’t have enough time and went through museum only. We got tickets in the spot and were not actually even planning to go there and it was Friday so I believe you can have tickets at the door any time. Enjoy and bring your kids there are a lot of interactive elements.

Katusha G — Google review

This was perhaps the best place that I've visited in a long time!! It was like a kid let loose in a candy shop. The place is absolutely gorgeous. The history behind every piece in that museum is insane, the lady at the front greeting once we entered the actual part of the museum was really really good. She gave a brief on what to expect and where. This place will take a full day to tour if you want to look and read everything. Maybe two. I would definitely visit this place again. Definitely recommended for every single age.

Adnan Awes — Google review

Incredible the history of Ford! It's a huge museum with lots to see. We didn't see everything as I think it would take a few days.The old locomotives were a highlight for me, as well as the cars. The presidential cars was very cool to see.I'm not a huge fan of racing but I have to admit it was very interesting yo learn about racers as athletes and seeing some powerful racing cars over the years.Another highlight was the mathematics, airplanes, and furnishings. The doll houses were incredibly beautiful and detailed.The Walt Disney costumes were also very cool to see up close. If you love fabric and costumes, I highly recommend to see the exhibit. It is only for a short while though.The food was good, some variety of sandwiches, snack food and entree meal. The ladies who work there were wonderful, very funny, and very helpful. I really enjoyed the experience and hope to go back to see what I missed!

Mo Cons — Google review

You can easily spend the whole day here if you’re into museums. There are two nice cafes inside so you can take a break if you want. The exhibits are well maintained, but the entry fee was expensive compared to other places similar to this museum.If you want a tour of the factory, you will need to go there on a working day.

Kedaar R Rao — Google review

Not a car museum, but there are cars. This is an American History museum primarily... more Smithsonian-like. I have to say it's one of the best museums I've ever visited. It really is amazing what our forefathers were able to accomplish to build America. Highly recommended. Kid friendly!

David Wilson — Google review

Visitor from the UK wowed by this magnificent mueseum. Great variety of exhibits, but one of my favourite sections was the history of cars of all type . There was food and drink available at a couple of locations within the museum. Staff were very helpful, and all I all a memorable day buy, I will have to come back one day to catch up on anything I may have missed . Enjoy..

Glyn Pettit — Google review

This was our first Holiday Night's at the Ford. It was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend it for anyone, but dress appropriately. The fireworks are shot off near the baseball field. It was a great time.

Shaun Krenzke — Google review

I shared a couple pictures of my highlights of this trip. It's a pretty nice place to visit. They are lacking some restaurants or places to get some real food. I visited here about 50 years ago when I was a kid and we went to a nice Italian restaurant and had spaghetti dinner. That appears to be missing in the museum now. Their displays are awesome with a lot of history of our area and Past Times. I recommend it!

Troy Crowe — Google review

Love the museum, have been a member for years! I particularly love the new racing exhibit with the racing simulators! Today we were there looking at it as a possible wedding venue, and I have to say the staff is absolutely top notch. Easy to work with, prompt with excellent follow up! The materials on there own were a little confusing but when they laid them out it was very easy to understand/ budget. Lovett hall was absolutely breathtaking, and is currently at the top of our list!

Trent McMillion — Google review

Kids had fun! We ran into a volunteer who was on break but very cheerful and conversational. It was cool to see the museum sections.... we were there for about 3 hours and only saw 2/3s of the exhibits (at kid speed). You could spend multiple days here. We got a tip to bring lunch, so didn't eat at any of the places there. Kids favorite things were the pit stop crew hands on activity, going inside the locomotive, and seeing the barnstormer planes. Adults found the JFK limo more significant than the littles.

Betsy Finn — Google review

So much to see in the museum. It will take you half a day to read through everything and walk through all the exhibit. Even a quick walk through needs about 3 hours.You learn so much on automotive, manufacturing, American history and culture, aerospace and Glass !Love all the massive locomotive engines and massive power generator. They are just massive and beautiful. Train museum is usually outside but it was nice that Henry Ford manage to put these massive engines indoorIt is a must go stop if you are in town

FriedChicken — Google review

An excellent museum with interesting exhibits for everyone. Far from "just a car museum," it has exhibits focused on aviation, the industrial revolution, the civil rights movement, trains, and lots more.My only regret is that we only scheduled one day to visit the museum and the Greenfield Village, whereas two days would have been the minimum in retrospect.

Zac Clark — Google review

Beautiful time had by all. Incredible collection allowing a walk through history. The staff had interesting information and stories to share about the period and life of those during that time. We have a membership. I would suggest a day for Henry Ford Museum and a day for Greenfield Village if you're not from this area. After that, you can choose if you need additional visits.

David Torok — Google review

This is certainly the go-to museum in Detroit. It showcases American innovations and progress over the century, not just car-focused. You could spend at least 2 hours in the museum alone. There’s a rotating exhibit space that brings new things in to keep it fresh for returning visitors.There’s plenty to see and do, with sections on agriculture, furniture and housing, car racing, automobile production, aviation, locomotives, and more.The village portion of the grounds can add about 5 hours to your visit so come prepared!

Nile Livesey (Scolirk) — Google review

☆○°•The place was very amazing, I was walking in, not expecting much of it, but as I entered, I saw a lot of Presidents cars and the thought of them actually being in there was very cool! There was also a really cute miniature car set displayed, and a place where you could play a car simulator! It was a very pleasant experience :> Next time I visit MI, I will visit the factory too!○☆•°

Hira Ahmed — Google review

Spectacular! You need a full day to enjoy and bring your jacket after Oct 31st!! The train usually closes at the end of October, but the Model T drive around the village is worth the money. They also have a bus, that's a great way to hear about the village. They have a horse-drawn carriage as well!!The factory tour is fantastic, with limited photography options, but it is well worth it.The museum is vast, and if you live here, that year pass is the way to go! Visitors take advantage of the different passes according to ride availability. You almost can't get through the museum and village unless you plan for the whole day!! A must-see for sure!

James M — Google review

You could literally spend days here. It’s so unique and one of a kind. I came here every weekend as a kid in the 80s and it’s fascinating to see what is still here and what has changed.Even if you could care less about cars or trains or planes this place positions them in a way that integrates them into the progression of life in America and the impact that cars (good and bad) and the social and historical context surrounding that impact.I took my teenagers and thought they would be begging to leave but I had to drag them out at closing time.Just go.

Mark Manthy — Google review

20900 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn, MI 48124, USA


(313) 982-6001

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40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (19)


Cedar Point

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Cedar Point is a mammoth amusem*nt park with plenty of thrilling rides for visitors of all ages. With 17 roller coasters, it's one of the world's most popular destinations for thrill seekers.

I dreamed of coming here for son long, and I finally found the time. If you like roller coasters, this place is a most. So many world class coasters here!! You will find pretty much every kind, and Steel Vengeance is simply out of this world, absolutely mind blowing. One detail I didn’t like 100% is that, even if you have the Fast Lane Plus, like I did (and I highly recommend it), you will have waiting times about 30 - 40 minutes in highly popular attractions (Steel Vengeance and Millennium Force had always a minimum of 30 minutes of waiting WITH Fast Lane Plus). It’s nothing compared with 2 hours, I know, but Fast Lane Plus is expensive, and forcing you to wait that much seems a bit unfair, from my point of view. Anyways I had a ton of fun, and enjoyed every single minute in the park.

Alan Espinet — Google review

I never tired of Cedar Point as a kid, and now it’s my turn to make those memories with my kiddos. We have been pass holders for years. From the kiddos being younger, there was tons of enjoyment for them in Snoopy Land and Kiddy Kingdom. To now then being older and finally riding 48” rides. They are already excited for the next few years to hit the last milestone of the 56” rides. Lots of memories to last ours and their lifetime! There is something for everyone!!Lots of restaurant choices. I do how we highly suggest the Dining pass or plan (depending if daily visit or pass holder) you absolutely get your monies worth and won’t be disappointed either!If you visiting for the day as well, the fast lane plus is a great add on, to make sure you get the best bang for the day. Also the all day refill cups, fillips available every 15 minutes.Younger, older, kids, no kids. You won’t be disappointed!!

Patricia Sanzenbacher — Google review

Went here for my senior trip, and it was a great experience!There was quite a bit of good things at cedar point. It had quite a huge variety of rides for both beginners and coaster enthusiasts in general. It also has classic activists for a park, such as a merry-go-round and bumper cars, both of which are really fun.It also has a really cool arcade to visit when you’re wanting time between rides. Wait times can be long at times, but for the most part are fair and can be avoided with fast lane.With the lake nearby, you can cool off too if you have trunks. The pools/hot tubs are also great to visit inbetween!My only irk in general is the prices. Most food spots in the premises are grossly overpriced, 20 dollars for things that would cost only 10 outside of the park. Drinks are also super expensive and not worth it.Overall the park is really fun and I’d love to visit in the future to ride more rides. I loved the maverick as my first roller coaster, and j can’t wait to go on more!

Cody Allen — Google review

Great price with the Summer season pass ($100). I was in town for a week and opted for this option. Parking was included.Great assortment of ride for all ages and the park was not too busy during the week mid June.I’m from FL and have been to all the parks in Orlando/Tampa. It is nice to have fewer people than at Disney plus this park is great for coasters!Food options are good but the price is what you would expect. If you plan on 10am-10pm day I would do the meal pass.

Ryan Svolto — Google review

Halloween weekend was fun. Many people, every game was with a least 1.5 hour wait but they were all worth it. Food is good, highly recommend buying the ticket+food bundle if you are planning to stay there for lunch and dinner.

Edwin Wen — Google review

It was a great experience for me and my friends. It is a huge amusem*nt park and it is impossible not to have fun. We had unlimited fun with the gold pass and can enter the park whenever we want. I do not recommend you to go on the weekend because the queues are very long for great roller coasters such as Steel Vengeance, Maverick and Millennium Force. In short, it was a great day.

Arif Öz — Google review

Visited for the first time this year. Officially my favorite place in the world ever. I’m a roller coaster enthusiast, and have been wanting to visit since the days of Millennium Force being built. I hyped myself for it for 21 years, and it still surpassed my expectations massively. All the rides were over the top epic. My entire top 10 got thrown into madness, as nearly every ride I went on was dethroning a coaster from somewhere else. That back row night ride of Steel Vengeance for my first ever ride was basically life changing, not even a ride, it was a full blown life experience. Fast passes were worth it, got to do every major coaster multiple times. The park doesn’t even look real as you are approaching, but rather some person’s roller coaster tycoon creation. The park was clean, even smelled good. The food was excellent. I will return every year for the rest of my life.

saabgt3 — Google review

We traveled here from the Dallas area for my son‘s birthday. He is a roller coaster fanatic. This place did not disappoint!Plenty of roller coasters to make everyone in your family happy, from mild to wild!Steel Vengeance was our favorite, followed by Millennium Force.The park was kept exceptionally clean, and we always felt safe.The safety protocols for each ride were interesting to watch. Rides go “down” frequently, and the procedures to bring them back online takes some time.We stayed at one of the Park hotels and got one hour early entry, also a wristband for unlimited sodas throughout the day.

Chris Bradburry — Google review

Cedar Point is one of the greatest places to visit for all members of the family! It is a coaster enthusiast's dream ( 17 in all ), great rides of all kinds for the rest of the family, and really good entertainment. The food choices were also top notch! They also have a pretty nice water park for the hotter days. I would give Cedar Point 10 out of 10 stars, a must place to visit! The beach on Lake Erie was also great! Sand was so soft and felt good between the toes! Beautiful!!

Thomas Clift — Google review

Go mid-week, arrive early and wear comfortable clothes. The park was very clean and well staffed, but some rides were closed intermittently. The park has every type of ride you can imagine! The quality of the food was awesome. Purchase the dining plan and share with a friend. Camp Snoopy rides were great for small kids. Gift shops were expensive - but the merchandise is well made. We will be back next year for two days!

Brandon Maracle — Google review

The best place on the planet. The ride choices are non ending, steel vengeance, millennium force, and although Maverick is completely overrated, it is still good. The 1-2 punch with Vengeance and Maverick is great considering they are right next door. Every time I come here I have a blast, but is it better than Kings Island? It's close.

Colby Schroeder — Google review

Always a great place for fun. Plenty of rides, shows, games, beach activities and food options. There is something for everyone here at this park. Been here hundreds of times since I was a kid and every single visit is uniquely different. The best park in the world, but I’m also incredibly biased.

Pimpin Co. “Pimpin' Co. Films” Films — Google review

Wow! What a place!This really is the roller coaster capital of the world! And they are all SO good: Fast, Smooth, Fun!They have many dining options; my only complaint is they do not have an allergen list online, as places, such as Disney World, have.We go at least 4 times every year and have invested in a gold pass; they are so worth it!Personally, my favorite ride is Millennium Force, don't be afraid! Be sure to give it a shot!Very clean, maintained well, and have beautiful landscaping! And be sure to visit for Halloweekends! They have everything decorated to the nines! It's amazing! 😍P.S. A pro tip from someone who goes every year: Do not go expecting short lines! Be ready to wait and have patience!Enjoy the 42 photos I took! 😃

Emma Miller — Google review

It’s fun for the whole family. Rides for all ages. Many, many roller coasters. Don’t think you can finish all rides in one day. Rides are fairly close to each other which could save some time. Park was kept clean but restrooms needed some attention.

Ahmed Alwan — Google review

We went on a Sunday mid summer expecting long wait lines with the regular tickets and were surprised to find relatively short wait lines! Steel Vengeance and Maverick were both just over an hour at peak day, but otherwise the large coasters were about a half hour wait and we were able to go on them a couple times each! We also had the all day dining wristband for $79 each which included parking and park entry, which gives the ability to eat a meal every 90 minutes. I had $18 at Panda Express and a $16 burrito bowl included with the dining pass, paid for itself quickly considering I didn't have to pay $30 to park!

Alex Bennett — Google review

I took the kids up for two days at Cedar Point for one last fling before school started. The three of us had such a good time. I highly recommend staying at Breakers Hotel in Cedar Point. It was so convenient to be able to just walk over to the park or back to the hotel to take a break throughout the day.

Nathan Bellows — Google review

Great park, great rides. Free parking is great.One thing to keep in mind, get Fast Lane Passes if you are able to afford them, definitely a time saver. My boys were able to ride 7 roller coasters with those passes in 1 hr and 10 min - and that's on a Saturday right before a Labor Day.

Alex Borisenko — Google review

Absolutely had the best time at Cedar Point, it’s not your stereotypical Amusem*nt park, in my opinion, it’s better! So many rides for all ages and even for those with physical disabilities. The wait times were not bad, longest wait we actually decided to endure was 45 minutes. There were some rides with 60+ minute wait time and we just did not go there. Cedar Point has a wonderful app where one can see wait times and closures of rides in real time, as long as one is in the park. I highly recommend downloading the app, it helps not just for the rides but also to store tickets and one’s parking location. Lockers are available to rent and leave one’s belongings, but I found that each ride has a storage bin and one can leave one’s things there while riding and they are fine. Of course the park is not responsible in case someone does steal one’s things, but I found it to be very secure in the park.There are many places to eat and one very convenient thing to prepay is an all day or all season cup. With the cup, one can refill every 15 minutes at any of the refreshment areas, there are co*ke products only. There’s also all day dining options, at that point one can eat every 90 minutes, but in my opinion that is not worth it. The drink special definitely is worth it as one has to stay hydrated. The price of the ticket is definitely worth it and if one lives nearby, I say, get a season pass!

Jen Romero-Stentella — Google review

No new rides to speak of this year, and the Top Thrill Dragster has been decommissioned, however that thing has been mostly nonfunctional for years. Cedar Point still the best amusem*nt park around by quiet some distance. Ticket prices here are very reasonable to. If you're from Michigan you can get a whole family of 4 in for the price of 1 addition ticket to Disney :)Went on Saturday in late August, and lines are very reasonable, even Millennium Force was only 40 minutes. We got on every ride that we wanted to do with a few hours to spare. Also recommend the food pass. If you're going to eat at least twice it will pay for itself.

Alexander Babin — Google review

1 Cedar Point Dr, Sandusky, OH 44870, USAhttp://www.cedarpoint.com/(419) 627-2350


Toledo Zoo

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (27)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (28)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (29)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (30)


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Zoos & Aquariums

The Toledo Zoo is a massive and popular zoological institution in Ohio that features attractions and exhibits from all over the world. It's a great place to visit during the holidays, or any other time of year for that matter, as it's home to some amazing animals and scenery.

This zoo is a wonderful fixture in the community. We have lived here over a year now and have been members since our first week! The summer camps are great, lights are magical, the ice slide is a fun addition. We always get the experience package and definitely recommend the addition to the membership. We went to Noon Years Eve this NYE and everyone in our party had a blast. I lead a local Girl scout troop and our girls have been for the zoo sleepover as well as 2 day programs, everything we have had the opportunity to participate in has been great!

Mollie — Google review

Absolutely amazing place to visit. I hadn't been back since I was in middle school almost 25 years ago. What an amazing transformation and yet still very familiar. I had a blast with my family and will try to get back before another couple decades pass. What a great place to spend the day with loved ones and honestly it's so great maybe even a great place to walk around with enemies as there is so many cool exhibits to look at. Really recommend to anyone who has a few or more hours and is in the area.

Brad Nemire (Thaeyde) — Google review

Fantastic zoo! We went in purchasing basic admission and came out running to the membership sign up stand. The animals at this zoo were more lively and active than any other zoo I've been too. There were so many baby animals to see. The aquarium and aviary was stellar and large. The reptile house is always my favorite but sadly the largest, the alligator, was sleepy.General admission for two adults is $58.00. Parking is $11.00 at the Hippo road entrance parking lot. We decided to buy the membership because we absolutely will be back! We were able to combine our ticket purchase from today and the total for the family membership was $48.00! That pays for itself in two visits and you receive free parking with that membership. We didn't stop at any of the restaurants, but maybe next time.

Makayla Sorrell — Google review

We love the zoo! It's close to our house, and we have a membership. I highly recommend getting one. The zoo has plenty of special events throughout the year, but the Lights Before Christmas is an absolute must. The work they've put into the new exhibits and renovations is amazing. A few of our favorite attractions...Nature's Neighborhood and the Splash Pad for the kiddos...The Natural History Museum (my favorite)....The Aquarium...The Aviary...the Giraffe feeding...and all the animals of course! I would love to give it 5 stars, but the prices are so high. Also, they no longer allow outside food or drinks. Real bummer.Still a season ticket makes it all worthwhile.

Tonya Oyler — Google review

We always love going to the Toledo Zoo for the lights, and this year was better than ever. After two decades of visiting every year, the Aviary was FINALLY open and we got to see some amazing specimens. Lots of other animals were out, too. Not to mention the lights, which were spectacular as always. The zoo employee screaming at us to get out of the orangutan exhibit did sour the experience a bit, I must say.

Melissa Farthing — Google review

Love this zoo, I've been coming here since I was a kid- and it seems to just get better and better each year. We went on a Wednesday this year and it wasn't very crowded at all. The animals were more interactive than I've ever seen That's gotta be my favorite thing about this zoo, how well the animals are looked after. Their enclosures are large, they seem genuinely happy, which makes this place such a great experience. I've gone to other zoos in major cities and in comparison, they've seemed like backyard barn farms. Despite the stellar review, definitely be prepared for the price of food. It's outrageous, but what tourist attraction doesn't have outrageously priced food? It's a tradition. The souvenirs are also jacked up in price- but the stuff is pretty cute. I personally love my little octopus plushie I got from the aquarium gift shop. And as a native to the Toledo area, its very important they reopen the entrance on Broadway. If you serve the community in such a large way as letting the entire county free on Mondays, at least let the people who live in the neighborhood walk in. They have to put up with a lot due to the zoo- and it would be nice if the zoo extended that kindness. Other than that soapbox speech, the Toledo zoo really is a wonderful place that is near and dear to my heart.

Carrie Richardson — Google review

It was an amazing day I must say. Relaxing, educational, inspiring. We had a wonderful tym seeing everything there & the guides that explain the exhibits r so very appreciated, helpful, kind. I luvd they were there to explain and make it more enjoyable to learn about each animal. I must say the tiniest seahorses I've ever seen there, were amazing too.. it's truly a wonderful zoo.. even in the rain.

Shannon McQueen (Shan-Ida) — Google review

Had a great day with my family, enjoying the sights and scenery. The zoo has done a lot of improvements since the last time I was there 10+ years ago. The exhibits were great. The food was good, definitely slightly pricey, but there were lots of options. Everything was really clean except for the baby changing station in one of the family restrooms. We bought a membership and I think it is totally worth it because you get free parking (which is normally $10) and also receive 10% off on all food purchases. We can't wait to go back soon!

Leah — Google review

Had a wonderful time at the zoo. Varieties of animals, nice exhibits, lot many ones for children to enjoy. Concession stands all available in the same area instead of scattered across the zoo. Pumpkin carvings, inflatables, play areas, it was all fun!

satyajit das — Google review

Was a great experience. One of my favorite zoos. And I go to 2 new zoos every year. Seen so many animals I haven't seen at other zoos. Nice to see pairs and no solo animals. Plenty of places for kids to play and have fun. Free water fountains, huge plus there. We pay enough to get in. Love seeing the original buildings in with the new. Will recommend.

Dkce — Google review

I could spend hours marveling at the beauty of nature housed within the Toledo Zoo. It was truly a day filled with wonder and appreciation for our planet’s diverse inhabitants.Exploring the different exhibits was a journey through various ecosystems. The Arctic Encounter with polar bears gracefully gliding through the water was breathtaking, while the African Savanna transported me amidst giraffes, wild buffalos, zebras, and tiger with her cubs. One of the highlights was the Aviary, a paradise filled with colorful birds from around the world. Moreover, the zoo’s commitment to conservation and education shone through their informative sessions and conservation initiatives. It was heartwarming to witness their dedication to preserving endangered species and raising awareness about wildlife conservation. It was a great experience and still lots more to see & cover, probably when I visit again

Dinakaran P — Google review

Wayyyyyy better than Detroit Zoo. The aviary is filled with the most beautiful birds. The primates are always so fun to watch. I wish they would get the giraffe feeding open. We are still waiting to do this!

Bill Given — Google review

Very nice zoo. Came from Detroit to see animals we don’t have at the Detroit zoo. I personally didn’t get to see very many, as the group I was with was slow moving lol. This is obviously no fault of the zoo but I missed a lot and I will certainly have to come back. From what I did see, it appears to be a very nice zoo and the animals were pretty active. They do also have a small aquarium which is included with admission. You can easily get through the aquarium in half an hour, so don’t expect to spend a long time there. They do have a touch tank where you can touch rays and small sharks. The kids really enjoyed that.The zoo does have a train that doesn’t go very far, but it’s only $2.50 per person, they also have a merry go round for $2 each. They of course also have places to buy souvenirs and get your face painted.The coolest exhibit I saw there was the museum of natural history that had lots of detailed sculptures of animals that were once in America but are now extinct such as giant sloths, mastodons, etc. This building also had a touch tank where you can touch sturgeon.There are quite a few places to eat there, but a lot appeared to be closed. Be prepared to pay a premium for bottled water, you may want to consider bringing your own, as it was $4 per bottleOverall, we had a fun time and I definitely want to come back so I can see everything. I would definitely check this out if you’re in the area and if you’re in Detroit, I’d suggest visiting this zoo as a change from the one in Detroit if you’d like to see some different animals. Zoo is only about an hour away from Detroit.

paige agee — Google review

Easily one of the best zoo experiences I've had:The layout takes a second to get used too with most of the zoo being on the opposite side of the road, they have a nice tunnel and bridge to get to the other side which makes it convenient. When I was here today there was a ramp under construction.A lot of the exhibits are clean and spacious. The animals today were very active and there are a ton of free up-close interactions you can partake in.The staff was friendly and knowledgeable as they wandered the park and interacted with everyone.I would absolutely recommend everyone take a chance here and explore, it's a great and exciting learning environment for everyone!

Jacob Stiltner — Google review

I've always liked that it's an easy zoo to navigate with plenty of great attractions. If you have small kiddos, this is the zoo for you. Easy to walk, good concessions, and the exhibits will keep the kids entertained and often amazed. Don't worry, as an adult you'll feel like akud again.

Cyril Radwin — Google review

Good selection of animals to see and they keep improving and expanding habitats. Lots of interactive experiences for kids and people of all ages. Great aquarium, green houses and play areas. Their aviary and reptile house is also nice. They also have a great museum and an outdoor amphitheater. There is also a vegetable patch and pollinator garden. Some cramped quarters for some animals but I can see they’re working on improving the overall quality of life for the animals. Clean bathrooms and nursing areas.Overall good well rounded experience. Well worth the membership/ ticket fee. Highly recommend getting a membership especially if you have kids. Lots to explore even if you end up coming a few times a month like we do! They also have free days/ times. Friendly knowledgeable staff and volunteers

Mahisha Amarasinghe — Google review

It's a good zoo. Some animals weren't out, unfortunately. Lots of walking, I believe most if not all of it is stroller/wheelchair accessible! The aquarium has touch tanks where you're able to touch some sea animals. There is a splash pad, it was closed for the season when we visited but hope to visit it when they open again when it warms up. Some animals are no longer there that were there years ago, understandable but sad 😢 . Buy a membership, it's worth it.

Leslie E. — Google review

Most expensive zoo we've gone too. I think prices across the board were a bit higher than anything we've seen from other, better known zoos. Also had to pay for parking.But anyway, I'll always give zoos 5 stars if they treat the animals well. The habitats were well thought out and most were well sized. All animals had forms of enrichment and ways to stay active which was great. There is information and historical data all over the park so there is plenty to read, which I enjoyed.Besides pricing, my only complaint are the information TVs above most exhibits. It takes way too long for most of the information screens to cycle back around and I just couldn't keep waiting. They either need to add more TVs or simply go back to the informational signs like most zoos have.And clean the glass. It was hard to see into a lot of exhibits. But we went late in the year. Maybe that's a seasonal job??

AJ Flick — Google review

Too much fun! If you can, get an family pass you should definitely go for it. There’s too much going to see and one day is not enough time!🥰 we also got the experience package which pays for itself. We get to go on as many rides as we want on the safari train and carousel. And we can feed the giraffes with it too. Plus it gets you trick or treating for free and all the other seasonal activities as well.

Mary Shive — Google review

2 Hippo Way, Toledo, OH 43609, USAhttps://www.toledozoo.org/(419) 385-5721


Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (34)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (35)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (36)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (37)


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(2709)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (39)

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Zoos & Aquariums


The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a popular family destination with a hands-on tide pool, reptile lab, kangaroo walkabout, and more. It's home to many animals including an impressive menagerie of primates and animals from all over the world. There's also a golf course, water park, amusem*nt park, and more.

First time at the Zoo in the winter and it was Great! Hardly anyone was there so it was like we got the animals all to ourselves. Africa area is closed for winter so we couldn’t see gorillas, lions, or giraffes but plenty of other happy and active animals were around and able to be seen. Tickets are half price for the winter too so take advantage of that deal!

Stephanie Libby — Google review

Great zoo for the whole family. Lots of parking. Clean and well staffed. I saw EMS and security team members roaming the zoo.Many attractions have wheelchair access. Clean and kid’s friendly. Lots of customers but didn’t get overwhelming for me because the place was so large, everyone was well scattered.Lots of restrooms, small gift shops, drink and snack stands, and restaurants throughout the zoo. Lots to do. Lots to look at. Lots to buy.Affordable prices for foods, drinks, snacks and admission. Parking is $10 in addition to admission cost. Water park is also additional.Place is huge. Plan to stay a whole day or maybe even two days or else you’ll be rushing to get through the entire place.

Meng Thao — Google review

Incredible zoo and water park! My family and I paid for two of the behind the scenes events (Jack Hanna and the Safari Ride) and these were so amazing we want to go back. We also fed the sting rays which was so fun. Very affordable considering everything we did that day. My only suggestion is to get there early or spend two days there in order to see everything. One of the best zoos I have ever been to. 🦓🦒🦚🦡🦛

Sarah Catanzaro — Google review

Amazing Amazing experience. Got the chance to bathe an Elephant and learn about them. Our Zoo Educator Erin was amazing. Chris, the Elephant keeper, was also amazing. They were both very knowledgeable and awesome to be around. All the staff was amazing. The animals are well kept and taken care of. Lots of animals to see, great experience gaining knowledge from all the Zoo keepers. Well worth the travel and money. Wild Burger has a very tasty burger, customer service was on point.

Kimron Pierre — Google review

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium exceeded our very high expectations. Every exhibit was well themed, spacious, and full of activities for the animals. The pathways were well-marked and well-laod out. Water cups were available at all drink and food stands with fountain drink sales. The animals were allowed to choose whether to be in their outside or inside habitats.There were many species we had not seen in person before including sand cats, several reptiles, and polar bears. The reptile house was expansive and impressive. Personally, I have never seen a feline that I didn't love and the number of big (and small) cats at the zoo did not disappoint.I have only great things to say about this zoo. A couple of tips we discovered; definitely buy tickets and parking online, this makes entering so much faster; purchase a refillable drink mug and enjoy complimentary refills the day of purchase; ride the Dinosaur Boat Ride (additional $3 charge, worth it); and if possible, ride the zoo shuttle from the nearby Park-and-Ride for $3 tickets.Finally, the zoo has been collecting cards for Jack Hanna and his family. Jack Hanna spent his life educating people on animals via his TV appearances, shows, and the zoo itself. He is stricken with advanced Alzheimer's disease and no longer recognizes the zoo that he helped to shape. If anyone is so inclined, there is a small mailbox in the guest relations building, inside the zoo, next to the turnstiles where you can leave a card or note for him and his family.

Desiree Vaughan — Google review

My visit to the Columbus Zoo was truly incredible. The diversity of animals and their well-maintained habitats left me in awe. From playful penguins to majestic big cats, it's a wildlife enthusiast's dream. The staff's knowledge and passion shone through in their interactions, making it an enriching experience for all ages. It was a Halloween holiday, so seeing children in different costume was a plus. A must-visit for anyone in the area and nearby state.

ahmad tokey — Google review

Love the columbus zoo! The food was great, people were friendly, and the weather was mild so ALL the animals were out and active. North America is under construction so not too much to see there, but if you walk past all of that still has all of Africa and the North America bears to see. ❤️❤️

Lenner G — Google review

We went for a school field trip for my first grader. It was a gloomy day but the animals were still out and about. Saw lots of staff cleaning up inside and outside exhibits. The way this zoo is set up makes it super easy to get around. All of the staff I encountered were super friendly and very helpful. Train ride was only $2.00 a person! Really enjoyed our day here.

missypopmusic — Google review

By far my favorite zoo in Ohio. This is the first time we've gone this late in the year and it's beautiful with the leaves changing. Since it was cooler more of the animals were active which we loved!! The new underwater tunnel for the seals is awesome & one of our favorite things there this year. Wasn't crowded at all. The Zoo and bathrooms are very clean & the staff is super friendly, great with kids! They've added Adventure Cove since I visited last & it looked like it could be fun, but you can only ride a few rides with a Zoo admission ticket. We LOVE Sting Ray bay. The stingrays get super playful when you're feeding them!!

Erika Adkins — Google review

This was my first visit to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and I am sure it won't be the last. Even though the temperature was hot the park has several places to go inside for quick cool downs. The park is easy to navigate. The exhibits were informative and interactive. The animals were active or visible too. My son (10) had a blast in the stingray pool with several opportunities to see and touch them up close. Overall a great day and I look forward to returning.

Jacquelyn Noell — Google review

We went here for the lights and they were absolutely gorgeous. Pictures didn't do them justice. Such an awesome zoo and pretty clean for the most part. I would suggest getting there early if you also plan on seeing the animals as most exhibit areas closed at 5 pm which we did not know and missed a ton of animals. It was also very crowded if you don't enjoy being shoulder to shoulder with people, the line to get in as we were leaving was all the way to the parking lot.

Cloe Nolen — Google review

Our first time to the Columbus Zoo. It wasn't over crowded and we could walk around easily. If you're a Hot Chocolate fan I would highly recommend getting the souvenir cups that you can get free refills as you go throughout the night. Wait times at the food carts are not horrible either! And very nice staff members.

Heather VanAlstine — Google review

I love going to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. They have so many great animals to see. I especially enjoy the Pallas' cats, the bears, the sea lions and seals, the reptile house, the penguins, the tiger, and the manatees. The property is well kept, and the habitats for the animals are nice and spacious. It's a great place to take kids or to just spend an afternoon. You'll want to allow yourself plenty of time to see everything, though, as it's a large zoo! Definitely worth a visit, or several!

Houston — Google review

We went for the holiday lights and it was worth the 2 and a half hour drive for us. We also arrive close to opening time before it got flooded with people at sun set so that was a smart move.It felt like the entire zoo was ours. The downside was that half of the animals were gone but that’s completely understandable as no decent person would want animals to freeze for our entertainment. Regardless, we had a beautiful walk through the entire place twice. Once for animals and second time around for the lights.The huge LED Christmas tree is the star of the night as it is just a technology marvel to view.SO MUCH EYE CANDY!Follow me on maps for great photos and detailed reviews 😊

Random Man — Google review

I hadn't been to the Columbus Zoo for a long time! So much bigger. The zoo and aquarium were absolutely amazing! Natural habitats we're well maintained. Animals seemed clean, well fed and mostly active. We all enjoyed the wonderful displays. Price was about $25 for the zoo and aquarium. They also had rides! I think you could pay per ride or maybe buy a ride pass bracelet (??). Also, they had a splash park! No info to give, just that I saw it as an extra part of the zoo area (need to buy a extra ticket for the water park). This attraction has a HUGE parking lot ($10 for parking...I highly recommend buying tickets online. Also, you should print your tickets before you go! You pay for parking at the same time). From the parking lot, there is a "tram" to get on to ride to the main zoo entrance. We had a great day!

Amy Crawford — Google review

We had a great day at the zoo. They have QR code that you can scan to have the map right on your phone or they offer paper maps as well. They had great signage too so it was easy to follow and find your way around. There were volunteers at a lot of the animal viewing areas that shared information about the animals we were seeing. They have plenty of seats throughout for breaks. You can take in drinks and snacks too which is a great way to save some money. They do have stands throughout for food and even offer Great Lakes draft beer. They have a great food court too. The outdoor area is covered with plants so you get plenty of shade. We saw a good amount of animals. We learned a lot we didn’t know about different species too. I would recommend you check it out.

Lisa B — Google review

This is by fair the biggest and best zoo I have ever been to. We went here on our way down from New York and it was a great decision. We spent 5 hours at the zoo saw plenty of animals. The zoo was very clean, staff was helpful and friendly and they had a lot of displays and beautiful landscaping.

Pedro Loran — Google review

Had a such fun day at the zoo! This is one of the better zoo in the country. Lots of animals and sea creatures to see and touch. Fun shows and cool rides. Loved the 4-D film, ticket was only $5. It is such a great place for the family to bring their young kids. Us adults also had a fantastic time!

Lin Brann — Google review

This zoo is one of the best I've ever been too. The animals are excellently cared for. They have zoo ambassadors at the exhibits to answer questions about the animals. There are multiple shows and demonstrations. The zoo offers private tours and experiences for an additional charge. It is huge and beautifully designed. There is a water park right next to it that I haven't explored. I have visited this zoo twice and each time I left completely exhausted. You could easily spend a couple days here to really get to see and do everything. They have food, alcohol and dessert available for purchase. The entire campus is non-smoking. There is plenty of parking, and a train inside the zoo and a shuttle to ride if you are parked far. The zoo has a couple of little rides. It's perfect and designed well for families or whomever to enjoy!

leah keller — Google review

One of the best days of our vacation was spent at this zoo! I would definitely come back again, this time maybe for The Wilds experience.We got there fairly early, not long after opening. FYI, there is a parking fee collected when you enter the lot, so be ready.We saw so many animals and had great views that allowed for some awesome pics. Definitely recommend spending the extra cash to feed the giraffes, too. I do this at any zoo that offers it and it never gets old. We covered most of the zoo in a very busy 3 hours, but if you want to take your time, you could easily spend a whole day.Oh, and I loved the Frosty cart, it was a great treat right before heading out. I haven't seen one like this anywhere else and it was a perfect ending to the day.Definitely recommend.

Jackie Adler — Google review

We love close enough to go to the Zoo regularly and enjoy the beautiful grounds and education offered. The zoo doesn't remarkable job of encouraging conservation and understanding animal habitats.I am adding a review of the WildLights for 2023. The sheer volume of work that goes into this endeavor demonstrates the sense of bringing community together. It was awe inspiring - packed for sure. Things seemed to run orderly and for trip the weather was cooperative. If you haven't gone go- parking is $10 and then of course the price of your ticket worth it for a family outing to see lights and enjoy the sights...side note most all the exhibits close at 5PM.....so don't expect to see the animals..just the lights.

Timm Maynard — Google review

Christmas lights was one of the best displays I have seen bar none. Worth the trip for sure.If you are going to see animals go earlier in the day because a lot of displays of animals end about 5. The one bad thing I will say is if you go,plan on being stuck in parking lot for at least 2 hours or just camp in parking lot all night. No traffic direction to exit so therefore all night traffic jam

dusty fuerst — Google review

4850 W Powell Rd, Powell, OH 43065, USAhttps://www.columbuszoo.org/(614) 645-3400

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (40)

Track your travel spending and split costs with friends

Plan your trip. Keep your budget organized. Split the cost between tripmates. Wanderlog does it all.

Track your travel spending and split costs with friends

Plan your trip. Keep your budget organized. Split the cost between tripmates. Wanderlog does it all.

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (41)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (42)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (43)


Easton Town Ctr

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (44)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (45)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (46)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (47)


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Sights & Landmarks


Points of Interest & Landmarks

Easton Town Center is a vibrant hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment in Columbus. Visitors can indulge in retail therapy at Jungle Jim's International Market and explore the local culture at German Village. Nearby attractions include the Grange Insurance Audubon Center and the lively Short North Arts District. For those looking to venture further, Zipline adventures in Rockbridge and historical sites like Carillon Historical Park in Dayton offer exciting experiences.

Columbus, OH 43219, USA


National Museum of the US Air Force

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (50)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (51)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (52)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (53)


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Specialty Museums

The National Museum of the United States Air Force houses a vast array of aircraft, military artifacts and exhibits on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base just outside Dayton. The museum is huge, and visitors can explore everything from displays covering Air Force Art to world war II bomber jackets to hundreds of whole aircraft. The museum has an on-site cafe that's a great place to rest after a long day of exploring.

This place has an incredible amount of information and exhibits. They have free tours that guide you through the history of aviation, presidential planes pre-1970, quite a few real planes and many more items. It was not busy when we arrived and it wasn't busy when we left. They have a cafe on site (Valkyrie cafe) and although I didn't eat there, it seemed like a basic place to grab a quick bite. My four year old kids enjoyed it. We will likely be back when they get a bit older. The staff was incredibly nice. Overall a very pleasant experience.

Jonathon N. — Google review

This is by far the greatest air museum I have been to!! Judging from the other reviews here or any where else, the place totally does not disappoint! You and your family definitely should spend a day and you'll see. It's FREE admission and parking. There's plenty of displays and definitely gives honor to the service men and women of the past and present. I would love to visit again! (When they open the Early Days of flight)

Jose Hamtig JR — Google review

This place is huge and has so many planes! It's very informative of all the wars and how the planes came about. I really liked that it had places you could stop and watch a video of people speaking about their experiences. The air force one planes were tight! If you are claustrophobic I do not recommend :DThey were setting up for an air force dinner ball and everyone that came looked amazing!Gift shop had a lot of fun things you can purchase.

Bird Fleck — Google review

Massive museum with an extensive collections of planes from the beginnings of aviation until today.Definitely could spend days in there and still have material to read and learn.A great museum for any history, military or aviation buff.Lots of walking ( smart watch clocked 6 miles indoors!) so be ready for those distances.

Jean-Francois Désilets — Google review

Took my girlfriend here for a surprised trip and we had such a great experience. Since she's a teacher, she enjoyed reading all the history and facts about the planes and about the equipment used in the wars. I love how clean this place was and spread out so it never felt crowded. I recommend spending about 2 days here if you want to get the full experience and read everything. About 1 day if you just want to look at everything. Great gift shop and cafeteria too.

J.M — Google review

We had a great visit with an air force veteran. Most of the museum is accessible except for the space shuttle and Air Force One exhibits(the elevator to the upper level of the shuttle was out of order and the Presidential planes feature tight corridors you have to squeeze through). The Museum is well laid out and flows from one era of aviation to the next. Well worth the visit and you could definitely spend more than one day there to absorb everything there is to see.

chris bright — Google review

The exhibits are great. I have visited twice before and would come back again to see the exhibits.The parking lot has two electric chargers with four parking spots. The charging is slower than my home charger but is at a decent charging rate of about 30 miles per hour.The food court is expensive. Cost about $50 for one adult and two kids for food and drinks.Most ridiculous is that there is NO water station anywhere in the museum. I understood that water fountains are not safe in this pandemic. However, at least the museum should put water bottle fill stations.Other than staying thirsty, your only option is to visit the cafe and pay $2.75 for a bottle of water.In the cafe, there is NO plastic recycling for the plastic package and the water bottles. As a public institution, the museum should do better on recycling.

Haigang Zhou — Google review

This is such an awesome museum. They have so many airplanes to look at. If you are an airplane enthusiast set aside at least a whole day to spend here. There is so much history in this museum. They also have some simulators you can try out, those cost money. Be warned, the cafe is very expensive. If you can I recommend eating elsewhere. The gift shop is awesome and has all kinds of cool things to get.

Lorantz Rogers — Google review

This place is a great learning experience for anyone who wants to know about military or the planes involved and the aircraft in general. Seeing it up close is a beautiful thing because from TV or just photos you can't really tell the true size of this place as well as the aircraft inside. Very beautifully taken care of great summertime fun nice and cool on the inside. Great for the whole family! Definitely worth visiting!!! They even have a gift shop and a food area.

CatBlueyes2289 — Google review

It was an amazing experience! The museum is so huge, and there are so many different aircraft to see! Lots of experimental and hard-to-find aircraft, and from so many different time periods. There is also a large collection of presidential aircraft which you can walk through and a missile collection. An outstanding collection that you could easily spend a few days looking at. Great place for history enthusiasts and aviation nuts. Would highly recommend.

Sam Smith — Google review

Awesome place from start to finish! The lady at the beginning who helped show us things on the map that we wanted to see was VERY helpful. This is an incredible place for aviation enthusiasts, people interested in history, little kids amazed by big vehicles, etc. Everyone should try to make it here at least once. Even the bathrooms were good, the facility was clean, and the gift shop had lots of good quality fun things to choose from. We'll definitely be back!

ML Walton — Google review

You can get a sweeping view of Air Force and military aviation progress at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, the world’s largest and oldest military aviation museum. There are more than 360 aircraft and aerospace vehicles on display, many rare and one-of-a-kind. In addition, you’ll find thousands of historical aviation artifacts. If you love the Air Force, aviation or the military in general, you will want to visit. We have been to several service national museums and this one is one of the best. Highly recommend visiting. Would definitely suggest to plan to visit with 4-5 hours available. Museum admission and parking are free (fee for theater and flight simulators).

Andy Novikov — Google review

Such a wonderful experience!! I visited the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force on 30 November 2023. The Behind the Scenes Tour was aHHmazing! Our Tour Guide, Will McLaughlin, was fun, personable, polite, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend taking a field trip for work, school, or with your family. You will not be disappointed. I had a great time!🇺🇲 ✈ 🎖️ 🦅 =★= 🪖

Angela Greene — Google review

I had a limited amount of time to view the display. I was blown away by the size of some of the aircraft. You just don't have a true feel for some of these aerospace vehicles until you're standing right next to it. Service is great. The facility was very clean. I took advantage of their free mobility cart because of an injury. I would not have been able to view much of the displays but I was able to make it through all the buildings without being an excruciating pain which is a win-win for me. I highly recommend it.

Tim Nuzum — Google review

Simply incredible, and FREE to enter. So many amazing planes. Probably the only place you can see 2 different SR71 models in the same museum. Some other favorites there were the YF 23, F 117 and the B2. The prototype planes were neat too. It took me about two hours just to look at everything and read maybe 15%. If you are near and have more than 2 hours you need to go

Spencer Snow — Google review

I had a great 3 hours in the museum. I wasn't expecting so many air and space craft. It took quite a bit just to walk around. I got an hour tour of hanger 4 from Dennis - and it was AMAZING. Dennis served in the Air Force so he had his own stories but was incredibly knowledgeable about the entire museum and each plane. Just a fantastic experience. A must see!

Jeffrey Grim — Google review

This is hands down one of my favorite museums. I've been 4-5 times now and love bringing friends and family for their first time. The staff is fantastic and the tours are incredible. You could spend all day here and learn so much. It would be hard to fit everything into one day if you do all the tours. They are free and 100% worth it.

Paul Leason — Google review

Lot of history and plenty of planes to see. It's definitely a place for all age groups, especially for those who love history and big planes. The place is huge so I'd encourage you to carry plenty of fluids. The entry into Air Force One was great, although it's not a newer plane. I would plan for a full day visit so you get ample time to see everything. Don't miss the theater show and be sure to check the show timings ahead of visit.

Rahul K — Google review

This place this incredible! To begin its 100% free! How can you beat that. Besides that this place is a history bombshell! Tons of history in this place beyond just military. They have stuff dedicated to the beginning of flight. Then they progress through flight throughout history starting with world war I moving to world war II then the Vietnam and korean war and moving to modern flight. The end is space flight and presidential planes. Awesome place. Interactive for kids and more information than you can take in for a single visit. Will have to return.

Luke Knapke — Google review

AWESOME experience! If you are a history museum fan, if you love airplanes, if you want to see the biggest collection of aero history in one place, you have to plan to visit!The museum is free to attend. They ask for a donation. Parking is free and plenty of it. We walked through all the hangers and spent the entire day at the museum (which is so easy to do because there is so much to see!!). There are free guided tours (see website in advance to see times and hangers) that give so much information about the planes and history. I was at this museum when I was a kid- it’s been over 30 years- and now my first time back with my own kids, it was way better and far exceeded my expectations! My husband who is military, my 10 year old son- all completely blown away at this gem of a museum!We will definitely be going back at some point! Worth doing again!Do plan to spend the whole day.Don’t forget the planes outside too!There is a cafe. Only water in clear bottles allowed. But if you pack a cooler there are covered shelters outside for a picnic lunch.

Jennifer Hunziker — Google review

Wow. So much to see. I am sure we barely touched the surface. There were so many things to hear and read about. The museum is donation based only. There is a simulator you can pay to ride. We loved walking I. The old Air Force One planes. But the space is tight in those. Not really for the claustrophobic! Overall a great stop for us!

Julie Jackyra — Google review

The Dayton Air Force Museum is an absolute must-visit for anyone with even a passing interest in aviation, history, or the U.S. Air Force. This museum is a journey through the evolution of aviation and the incredible achievements of the United States Air Force.Upon entering, you're greeted by an array of aircraft, from the early Wright Brothers' creations to the most advanced and iconic fighter jets of today. The collection is impeccably maintained, and the attention to detail in the exhibits is impressive.What sets this museum apart is its commitment to storytelling. The exhibits are not just about hardware; they're about the people, the missions, and the impact of the U.S. Air Force on our world. The personal stories, dioramas, and interactive displays engage visitors of all ages.The staff is knowledgeable, passionate, and always willing to answer questions or share anecdotes, adding depth to the experience. And the best part? Admission is free, making it accessible to everyone.Whether you're a history buff, a fan of aviation, or just looking for an enriching and enjoyable day out, the Dayton Air Force Museum delivers on all fronts. It's an educational and entertaining journey through the skies and beyond, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the bravery and innovation that have shaped our world.

Cindy Gordon — Google review

100% Awesome, probably the only government entity with a 4.9 ⭐ rating out of 23,000 reviews.This place is fantastic, it took me 4 hours and I wasn't able to see everything that I wanted. So much cool history and definitely a sense of pride as an American seeing where we have been and I'm curious what will be in the fifth hangar in the future twenty years from now!They definitely need a F16 and F35

Jerradslist. Com — Google review

Great place to visit. Free parking, free admission. You can donate whatever amount and get a map from them (optional). The have free double stroller to use indoors if needed for kids. You are able to walk through certain planes. Others have small co*ckpits a kids can climb into. Gift shop is pricy (not surprising for a free museum)

Rohit Chand — Google review

The fact this place is free is INSANE. It is massive, and has so many incredible aircraft’s, artifacts, and informative plaques. we only spent 2 hours here (only visiting the area and in a bit of a rush) could have easily spent 2+ more.it is so spacious! And packed for the brim with things to see. My husband is a history nerd and loved it all, they have very unique things here. Museum is very well kept and clean,and there is plentiful staff if you have questions.

Haley S. — Google review

1100 Spaatz St, Dayton, OH 45433, USAhttp://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/(937) 255-3286


Kings Island

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (57)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (58)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (59)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (60)


(28681)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (61)


(2963)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (62)

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Amusem*nt park

Water & Amusem*nt Parks

Theme park

Water park

Kings Island is a vast amusem*nt park with thrilling rides, including roller coasters and a wave pool. The park features a lifelike exhibit of dinosaurs that adds to the excitement. Along with restaurants, shops and novelties, Kings Island offers seasonal celebrations such as Halloween haunt and winter fest. With their 50th anniversary, they have added new attractions which makes it an exciting experience for visitors of all ages.

I've been to Kings Island several since I was young. I have always enjoyed it. There is literally a small community here of restaurants, shops and novelties. The rides are exceptional. They have even seemed to add a few new ones since my last visit. Their seasonal celebrations keep things fresh through the year. The family looks forward to their Halloween haunt and winter fest in the off season. We decided to get the gold pass this year considering it's their 50th anniversary. So far we are not disappointed. A large section of the park dedicated to the younger kids will help us get our money's worth. Especially with summer coming up we are really looking forward to the water park.

Dusty Sands — Google review

Went for Winter Fest 2022. Great experience for all ages. Amazing Christmas lights display, most of the little kids rides open, and about a dozen or so rides open for kids of all ages. There was various themed musical performance happening at almost every turn. Hot cocoa stands everywhere. They turn the fountain area into an ice skating rink ($). Lots of places to eat, and step inside to get warm. All handicap accessible.

Jon Key — Google review

It's a simply better version of Cedar Point. Way more relaxed. The wait times are shorter, and the rides seem to be working 90% of the time.I will say, get the dining pass. The food is extra fantastic here. The BBQ place is excellent. On the same token, the drink pass is a great idea as well and a good value. You don't have to go far to find either a drink refill station or a eatery.For parents with young kids, I will say this has a much better kids area than Cedar Point. Also, restroom cleanliness is pretty good for an amusem*nt park, and the restrooms seem distributed better than other places.

Caleb Weber — Google review

King's Island is an incredible amusem*nt park in Cincinnati! It offers a wide range of thrilling rides and attractions that cater to all ages. The park is well-maintained, clean, and the staff is friendly and helpful.The variety of roller coasters at King's Island is impressive. From the exhilarating drops and twists of the Beast and Diamondback to the fast-paced thrills of Banshee and Mystic Timbers, there's a coaster for every thrill-seeker. The rides are well-designed and provide an unforgettable adrenaline rush.In addition to the coasters, King's Island offers a great selection of other attractions. The water park, Soak City, is perfect for cooling off on hot summer days. The live entertainment shows are entertaining and add to the overall fun atmosphere of the park.The dining options at King's Island are diverse and tasty. From classic amusem*nt park fare like funnel cakes and hot dogs to more diverse options, there's something to satisfy every palate. The prices are reasonable, considering the quality and variety of food available.One of the highlights of King's Island is the Eiffel Tower replica, which provides stunning panoramic views of the park. It's a great spot to take memorable photos and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.Overall, King's Island is a top-notch amusem*nt park with thrilling rides, friendly staff, and a great selection of dining options. Whether you're a coaster enthusiast or looking for family-friendly fun, this park has it all. Highly recommended for an unforgettable day of adventure!

Divya Chauhan — Google review

One of the best amusem*nt parks in the country! Great rides and entertainment! 15 roller coasters in total! Planet Snoopy kids area is ranked among the top in the country every year. A lot of variety when it comes to eating including restaurants and food stands. Great shopping is also offered for all your souvenirs! Park is extremely clean! The staff is wonderful and will answer any and all of your questions! Plenty of parking in the massive parking lot. Definitely a must visit if you love rides and attractions! You will not be disappointed and have a blast!

Kylie Mangini — Google review

So I'm from California, where know is open 365 days a year, this place was open for a very short period of time, they were open until x12/31 and open back up 04/29 yet season passes for 5, meal plans and drinks plans plus the park plan cost me over $2000, for less than half a year of fun is not very worth it. Now i have to admit they have rides better then the ones comparable to knotts, but i could go to knows any day i want and eat and ride all i want. Plus my meal plan didn't transfer correctly and i had the platinum plan

will holsey — Google review

This place is awesome! Kings island is the third best theme park I’ve ever gone to (first is Epcot, and second is magic kingdom). I’m a chicken on coasters, and the beast, mystic timbers, and backlot stunt coaster is the best. As a Cincinnati local, it is always nice to go up to ki for a couple hours to ride the beast and leave. Worth the money every time.

Landon Johnson — Google review

I love Kings Island. This park has always been fun, but, over the last fifteen years or so, it has been transformed into a first class place. So many great coasters, including some, like Orion, Diamondback, Mystic Timbers, and Banshee, that are the best anywhere, along with classics like The Beast and The Racer, and a ton of smaller yet still fun rides, like The Bat, one of the last Arrow swinging coasters, and the Arrow mine train, Adventure Express. Combine this great coaster collection with an impressive selection of flat rides, excellent staff and operations, exclusive merchandise, local food, top notch cleanliness, a great kids area, and so many fun celebrations like Haunt and Winterfest, and you have a park that's easy to get to and easy to spend the whole day. Go there, run back to Orion for your first ride of the day (and jump back on if you can) and leave time for the train and the antique cars and a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Plus save room for blue ice cream!

Matthew Hysell — Google review

Love this amusem*nt park- both the roller coasters and Soak city. We enjoyed the rides in the morning, then Skyline chili for lunch, and went to the water park in the afternoon. Wonderful variety of tubes, body slides, two wave pools, plenty of lounge chairs too. We went in a Fri and the lines were manageable- long for some rides, not too long for others. The Beast does not disappoint! My husband and I rode the Racer back in 1998 when it went backwards, but it no longer does, so we rode it again for old times sake, still fun ride! We enjoyed the fireworks at 10pm, and had Graeters ice cream to end the night. Terrific day!

Cinr98 Roh — Google review

Kings Island was extremely fun! Definitely come earlier in the day to make your moneys worth because it can get pretty expensive. I loved all the rides I went on. Diamondback and Orion had huge drops that had me holding on for dear life and personally, the scariest ones for me were Flight over Fear and the Banshee. Food options over at Kings Island were also good and there was a good amount of scary and fun rides. If you want a relaxing but also thrilling ride, I definitely recommend Whitewater Canyon, it was personally one of my favorites.

tien vu — Google review

This is a really nice amusem*nt park! We have the annual gold season pass which is great. We also booked the food and drink pass which pays off by them self if you life nearby.The roller coaster 🎢 are a lot of fun and fits from young until old 😀The water park is also great, you’re able to spend hours 😀😀Food: don’t expect a high class restaurant… but some of them are really good compared with the amount of food which they have to provide.We love this park, it’s safe and great for visiting.

Michael Nitz — Google review

Went for the Halloween Haunt. Had Fast Passes. Had an AMAZING TIME! Fast passes are definitely worth it the money! Rode every ride twice within 2 hours and seen all the spooky sites. Very nicely decorated. Coasters scary AF after dark!

Tiffany West — Google review

It's a really good amusem*nt park. It's well-staffed, with washrooms nearby and food options available at most corners, although the food prices are a bit high, as expected. The parking lot is quite spacious. I particularly enjoyed the Mystic Timbers ride as it's pretty fast.

Clam — Google review

Absolutely impressive!! I’m blown away by what a beautiful park this is. I’ve been to all the major parks around the country and this is in the top 3. There’s something for everyone, all ages and food galore. Fright Fest is amazing, decorated top-notch. The passes are a super good deal and includes parking which saves you $25 bucks! They also aid the disabled with more than reasonable accommodations.

Shawna Collette — Google review

This park really has some great rides now with the addition of Orion. While there I noticed that the park was kept clean and the employees I interacted with were very friendly. Another thing noticed is that there was a good amount of security personnel as well. There are also some older rides here that are a bit shaky, but I was quite surprised with mystic timbers since I last rode it in 2017 when it opened and it's still a smooth wooden coaster. I also got food here and it was quite good. Lastly the weekdays at this park are usually light so not allot of wait times.

George Terplan — Google review

Was delighted to see that the park that I had such wonderful childhood memories from 2 family visits had not only held up, but had exceedingly improved over the years. Highly recommend spending at least two days here if you are coming from out of town to get a chance to ride everything that you want. Great family atmosphere, and though our son is now old enough to ride all the big coasters, there is a great kiddie land for the little ones as well.

Dan Herdman — Google review

Had a great time. It had been way too long since the last time I was there. Really enjoyed the Orion and Diamond Head. We were there for a private event and then got to stay and check out the Haunt. If you enjoy Halloween and all the spooky displays and haunted houses etc. You will really enjoy Kings Island Haunt. We sure did!!!

Frank Baker — Google review

We had a wonderful family weekend. The service by employees was outstanding. The food was just as good. All rides were operating and their Halloween haunt was set up as spectacular as always! We got fast lane passes and every dollar spent on this trip was well worth the memories! I’d like to add that my son has a cardiac pacemaker and the security did a fantastic job recognizing his ID card and knowing just what to do and not do. It hasn’t always been that way at KI and it’s obvious they are now trained well and everything went smoothly with that too!! Thank you KI for getting everything right!❤️

Michelle Jumper — Google review

Came for Winter fest December 2023 and what a treat!!! Bought tickets in advance and through security and ticket line with a very small wait.... What an entrance with the ice skating rink in the front/middle and lined with all sorts of pieces to eat and multiple options, then in the backdrop the Eiffel Tower draped with memorizing hundreds of feet long stands of lights, just a thing of beauty!!!! Hot chocolate options all over and sweet shops around every corner.... Great job owners and management as every single staff member we ran across ( which had to be 50+ ) was very nice and polite....roller coasters of course down for the winter but they had a bunch of rides available for the little ones to the bigger kiddos.... Can't wait to be back

James heath — Google review

Pretty fun amusem*nt park, especially during Christmas time when they have the ice rink up. It is certainly Ohio based with certain features like corn and chili, but they have some awesome gluten-free options which are particularly nice. I have only gone during December, so I can’t say for sure, but both times the staff were oddly unfriendly. It’s definitely no Disney, but it is nice.

B. K. Rouzaud — Google review

6300 Kings Island Dr, Mason, OH 45040, USAhttps://www.visitkingsisland.com/(513) 754-5700


Horseshoe Indianapolis, Shelbyville

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (63)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (64)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (65)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (66)


(11485)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (67)


(4300)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (68)

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Casinos & Gambling

Featuring live thoroughbred & quarter horse racing, this casino also offers slots & e-table games.

I love this casino so muchvery classy and I love the off track betting and the horse racesI can't think of the restaurant we ate at but the ribs were huge and very good My buddy ate a steak that he said was awesome

Corey Farrell — Google review

I’m not a fan of Indiana Live Casino. It’s closer than my preferred casino (French Lick Hotel & Casino) but my husband enjoys going once a year and I never enjoy myself. Three New Year Eves in a row and every year the band has been terrible, the food / drinks are over priced and have very little alcohol in them…I am NEVER going back. I’ve spent thousands at this casino whereas at French Lick, where I’ve stayed over a dozen times, I’ve lost but I’ve also won. The service is better. The drinks are better. The atmosphere is incredible and the facility itself is absolutely gorgeous.

Nicole Sterrett — Google review

I went early and it was not crowded. The staff members were friendly. There was a lot of laughter at the roulette table. There were several sections of slot machines. The music was good and people were happy and singing. I also noticed a seafood restaurant and a bar & grill inside. I will review them later. It is a Cesar owned casino.

JustFollow Kenya (Mswhatleysworld) — Google review

Tried Jack Binion's and it was delicious! Our server, Alisha, was amazing, cheeful and helpful! We had shrimp co*cktail, truffle fries, New York strip with mushrooms and onions and a Ceasar salad. Food was 10/10, drinks were 10/10, atmosphere was 10/10. Definitely recommend!!!

Tyler Ann Hopkins — Google review

Love the new poker room. They are a little short staffed for servers and some of the dealers don't quite understand all of the rules yet. Overall it was a really good experience and I am planning to visit this poker room multiple times a week.Update: Dealers improved dramatically. There is the occasional issue but that is common everywhere. They could still use more servers in the poker room. I frequent this establishment at least 3 times a week and plan to continue. Thanks to the friendly poker room staff.

Matthew Achenbach — Google review

Nice casino that isn't over crowded with a beautiful racetrack in wonderful rural Indiana. A must see!

Judy Joy — Google review

Nice place. Overall clean. Not worth it to lose all the cash you walk in with. Maybe they should dial back how much they rig their machines. I stopped coming over 7 years ago and I probably won't be back for another 7

Derrick Bates — Google review

Great Casino 😁 Staff is professional, courteous and all around super friendly. Card Room in the back was Clean, well lit and Professionally run. I had a Great time. Gambled untill sunrise 🌄 and walked out side to See the Race Horses 🐎 exercises. Great place.

chris caldwell — Google review

You lose often and sometimes, you win some. It's all in the game and part of gambling. The atmosphere is great. Good housekeeping, overall cleanliness is awesome considering the number of people that frequent the establishment daily. The complimentary coffee and fountain drinks are almost always full, and the staff is very polite and friendly.The rewards have slacked up a bit, unless you spend tons of money and in doing that, the casino will always take in far more than they payout, its a business though and they wouldn't be in business if they didn't.I definitely recommend the Horseshoe, if for nothing other than the casino experience...

Michael Darby — Google review

I like going to the casino because it's a good & safe place to have fun. The security are very thorough with checking ID's. The place is always clean & not too crowded. I always find a game to play, I never win anything but it's still fun to try. Also; parking is free, entry is free & the staff have free fountain drinks or bottled water. There's also a cafe that you can order food from.

Tree Furr — Google review

May have caught it on a particularly slow day, but on my visit, I would not give it more than three stars.First, the highlights: Spacious, many new and fan-favorite slots, high-end decor, and several eateries with menus to satisfy most all tastes.The venue is part of the Ceasar's Rewards realm, and makes it well known throughout the advertising you'll see around most every turn.However, visiting on a Tuesday night was rather lack-luster, with only one restaurant open and about 10% - 20% of the slot games shut down, or otherwise off-line.Not a fan of indoor smoking, so that's a one-star deduction from me. There was even a guy with a cigarette in the "no smoking" area - so obviously no enforcement, which is a problem if you don't care for the smell of cigarette smoke or have the lung capacity to tolerate it.Signing in as a new member, and only being "rewarded" with $5.00 of free play didn't really entice me to put up a good review. Sure, I'm grateful they offered anything at all, but I've been to much smaller venues offering at least $10.00 or more. Seemed chincy.I was also surprised to find you (or at least myself) are unable to cash out tickets for under a dollar in value with the auto-teller machines. I wanted to combine tickets to push the total amount to the next dollar level, but the auto-teller refused to cooperate, and indicated a visit to the cashier was required. Of course, there was a line and only two cashiers working, so that was extra time just standing around in the cigarette smoke.The slots I did play were particularly stingy, and I dropped $50.00 with little to no return - but that happens anywhere (and seemingly moreso recently). Looking at other players while walking around, I did not witness much success for them either.Like I said, may have been just an off-night, and possibly better on a weekend, or when a horserace event is happening. All I'll say is this evening was a rather uninspiring experience making me question if I'd care to return. Hopefully you'll have a better time. That's why it's called "gambling."

Dave Skorupski — Google review

I've been to at least 6 or 7 casinos in Indiana and this one is definitely in the top two. Has a huge selection of slots and also has electronic roulette, electronic blackjack, huge amount of table games so quite the variety. Place is pretty big too and has a covered garage. My wife and I hit the Maxi Jackpot for $850 on one of the slots with only an .88 cent bet so our first experience there was definitely amazing haha. Enjoy and good luck to you guys!

josh green — Google review

I don't like this place one bit. You couldn't win a thing if u even begged. I refuse to go to a casino the first time and loose everything so quick. I didn't see one person win anything and there wasn't that many people at that!!! Good riddance.

Amanda Hoskins-Guerrero — Google review

If you like poker, coming here is a nice choice. Have everything you need. You can spend 5 hours more. Good ambient has good people and has a nice staff. They also have a restaurant for you to take a break. Good time to spend your money and weekends having fun🙌🏽🤩

Monika Cindy — Google review

I can only comment on racetrack/clubhouse (did not use casino). A superb racing destination. The tracks (turf and dirt) are well maintained by a professional maintenance crew. Great equine veterinarian services in cooperation with U of Purdue located nearby. Good food on menu at the clubhouse. If you're into horse racing.... this is a great venue!

Michael DePew — Google review

Celebrated my daughter's 21st birthday! It was a great place. Even though they allowed smoking, it wasn't strong. I'll definitely be bak

Joan Knight — Google review

We went for the horse racing and love the track a d ease to get around. Ample parking and several places to eat. Had a great time. Casino is new, clean and table games. Will be back.

Paula Szekely — Google review

Good selection of slots. Over 1700 I believe. Smoking and non-smoking sections, though most areas are indeed smoking. Bathrooms need a little maintenance, but clean. Staff friendly.

Thomas M — Google review

4300 N Michigan Rd, Shelbyville, IN 46176, USA


(877) 386-4463


Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (69)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (70)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (71)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (72)


(27194)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (73)


(3951)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (74)

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Zoos & Aquariums

Botanical garden


The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is a large and well-maintained zoo that features an impressive variety of animals, as well as rides and attractions for children. It is a great place to visit with the whole family.

We had a wonderful visit. It was Christmas glitters, lights, music and Santa all over the place. Lightening was at its best. Carefully lovingly kept wild and aquatic life. Most beautiful experience was that of zoo train and the musical fountains. Clean restrooms and warm refreshment areas. Excellent!

Kirti — Google review

Great zoo! We were surprised to find that it was so easy to spend the entire day here, from open to close.It was disappointing that so many animals were off display due to construction, the weather, or bird flu concerns. But even despite that, there was so much to see & experience here.The hippo display is unsurprisingly very busy, but we still got to stay a while & see the new baby. Absolutely worth it.The overall atmosphere was really nice too. I love how much bamboo they have growing all over - and they've starting hanging string lights from everything. So many pathways felt like their own little road, distanced from the rest of the park - when in fact they're barely separated.I appreciate how easy it is to buy tickets & parking from your phone. When we arrived there was a long line to purchase tickets, but I was able to buy them on my phone in less than a few minutes & get right in!

Matt — Google review

One of the best zoo I’ve been so far, I follow this zoo in social media but it was my first time going. We too our infant and spent the whole day from opening to close and didn’t manage to visit all exhibits. Their nursing rooms were clean and cool during a hot day. The nursing room made our trip to this zoo worth it. Went during Father’s Day and they had a special event going on. Overall, amazing zoo and would definitely consider getting their membership.

Miguel Chang — Google review

This is hands down the best zoo I have ever been to! All the animals look so happy and healthy! We purchased tickets online ahead of time and didn't have a wait at all. Parking was 10 dollars, super easy, and you can pay on your phone or have the people assist you on the way out with a card. We can't wait until our next trip here! If you plan to come to Cincinnati I highly recommend trying to plan a day for the zoo!

Breanna Cozart — Google review

Cincinnati Zoo & the Festival of Lights. What else can I say but absolutely amazing & beautiful. Just check out the photos, although they do no justice really compared to being there in person. Went on a Sunday evening. Crowds were decent sized yet not so bad that it wasn’t fun. Still able to get good views of everything with just a little bit of patience. Can’t complain about the parking either. Pretty much got in and out with no problem. I definitely recommend checking it out if you have the chance!

Justin Lehr — Google review

The zoo was amazing! There were so many animals and so many cool things along the way. They had a reptile room, and they even had a kid park and everything! The food there was great as well!

Cierra Russell — Google review

Went while the tulips were in bloom. They were so pretty. All of the zoo parking lots were full, so we had to find street parking, but they are in the process of building more parking lots covered by solar panels to both shade the vehicles and supply green energy to the park. It was quite busy, but that's generally to be expected from a nice sunny afternoon in spring with the longer winter we've had. We didn't even try to get on the train around the park because the line was so long. Looking forward to the warmer weather when there are more animals outside and more of the shows are happening.

Travis Hartman — Google review

We decided to take a family trip to visit Fiona that my wife and daughter have been following on social media. This zoo was so clean and well taken care of. The staff was polite and courteous and the animals looked so happy in their well maintained enclosures. Well worth the trip!

Chris Kogut — Google review

I've been to a lot of zoos around the world and I can safely say that this is one of the best I've been to. The diversity of animals and the overall layout of the zoo is excellent. You could easily spend an entire day here, especially if you check out some of their shows. They also have animals here that I've never seen at other zoos before, such as the African wild dogs which were fun to watch. I would recommend getting here as soon as they open, as the parking lot gets busy and fills up quickly.

Sam Sachs — Google review

This is a pretty great zoo. It seemed to have all of the important animals although we never found the bears and really only found one entertaining monkey display. There is shade everywhere. There are lots of pretty good food options. Beware - it's a fairly hilly zoo. If you cover the whole thing you'll certainly get your exercise for the day. There is at least one fantastic playground that all of the younger kids really enjoy. I really liked the kangaroo area. It felt like being in their habitat with them.

Donald Mansmann — Google review

Visiting from Chicago and have to say I love this zoo! It’s small, but mighty. And makes you feel like you’re on an adventure to find the other animals.Highly recommend the train. As you get to see and overview of a bunch of the exhibits.Then you can’t forget about Fiona the hippo.

Tim Wayco — Google review

Always love going to the zoo. Everything was clean. The animals were out. Seems like they have done a lot of upgrades, and all the animals have more enrichment items. The line was short on the day we went, so my 3 girls got to feed the giraffes. $4 for 2 pieces of lettuce.

Corinna Lynch — Google review

One of the best zoos, our family loves coming here with our 2 year old daughter.- Large breadth of diverse animals.- Good view points at every animal section.- Friendly and knowledgeable staff, always a pleasure chatting with them.- Beautiful botanical gardens, flowers, and plants throughout.- Excellent carousel with 60 different animals.- Fun train ride for kids.- Play area with a slide for small kids.- Petting zoo with Goats for kids.- World of the Insect is super cool.- Our family has the Platinum membership and it’s worth it for the 9-10am member only early access (it can get crowded). Early access pretty much guarantees front parking too. Check on the website the months early access is available (March to Oct I think).- Great map design.We’ve visited during all seasons. Keep it up Zoo team!

Jason Philip Yoong — Google review

We absolutely LOVE the Festival of Lights at the Zoo. This is the third year in a row, we have gone the night before Thanksgiving. We usually get there about 430 and don’t have any problems parking or getting in to the zoo. It’s definitely my favorite place to see Christmas lights in the Cincinnati area.

Danielle March — Google review

We really enjoyed this zoo! The gift shop items were so cute. The exhibits were nice and the animals were happy. We went early on a Sunday before the Holiday light festivities during the first week of December. It wasn't busy most of the day and the weather was good enough for the animals to be out and active. Good signage, and wasn't too much trouble to navigate. Definitely a lot of walking. Food was good. Truly had a great time visiting with my husband and Mom!

Emily J. McDaniel — Google review

This was such an amazing zoo. I loved the layout and that it was right in the middle of the City. Definitely checked out Fiona and the Hippos exhibit. The Manatees were awesome and that bubble viewing window was super cool. It wasn’t a long walk but there was a good flow to the zoo and was incredibly clean. Tons of workers all over the place to answer questions. We went when the tulips were in bloom during spring (so it was a tad chilly) but we would gladly make the day trip back again to check it out during the summer time.

Joe — Google review

Well maintained, lots of different animals to see, well laid out park, restaurants in the park to get something to eat and I plan on returning. Love it.Parking is a mess. Do not take the last turn google suggests. You'll end up on a dead end street. Google takes you to the exit end of a Parking lot to the zoo. There isn't an entrance there. You will be within eye sight of the park/ zoo. There are Parking lots located in the area you can park in. Expect to pay 10 dollars for Parking.

Doug House — Google review

Really this zoo has come along way. All the upgrades new exhibits and overall attention to detail for the animals. I appreciate the botanical landscaping, the worldly facades on the exhibits and educational opportunities. Staff was great and friendly. I recommend being a member, food and item prices are outrageous (ex 35 bucks for a pizza) but you get a discount if your a member. Parking is reasonably priced I suppose. I was disappointed in several attractions being closed however. Advertising what's coming in spring made me excited, but i still wanted to see those specific animals. I think if attractions are closed, my tickets should be discounted. I'd love to see the zoo expand, more big cats and exotic animals, Pandas ect. Larger exhibits and mire interactions with the animals. Overall however it was a beautiful day and great fun with the family. Can't really complain.

matthew white — Google review

This place is AMAZING!! Literally so many animals will have to come back to see them all! The cool way they all put the animals of prey in a neat walk through exhibit, to the awesome train ride that takes you through the whole park, and the beautiful flamingo family with a new baby bird! Just really awesome- my favorite was personally the feeding of the apes! There is a cool little cave area that lets you feel like you’re WITH these huge animals! Highly recommend this zoo to any family! Don’t forget your dip n dots & fun stuffed zoo animal souvenir!

Melissa Longino — Google review

Our family had the opportunity to explore the Cincinnati Zoo recently, and let me tell you, it was an experience we won’t forget! Unlike any other zoo we’ve visited, Cincinnati Zoo stands out for its sheer beauty. The landscaping is a visual feast, with lush greenery and artistic design elements around every corner.The architecture of the exhibits is an experience in itself; it blends so well with the natural scenery that you often forget you’re in a zoo. It felt more like a wildlife haven, designed with the animals and visitors in mind.As parents, the highlight was seeing the joy on our two boys’ faces. The one-of-a-kind experiences with kangaroos and penguins were jaw-droppingly excellent. Not every day do you get to be so close and personal with these amazing animals!Staff members were equally remarkable, offering insightful information while caring deeply for the well-being of the residents of this unique sanctuary.Bottom line: If you’re anywhere near Cincinnati, don’t sleep on the chance to visit this exceptional zoo. It’s a feast for the eyes, educational for the mind, and joyous for the heart—truly a place that offers something special for everyone.

patrick lordi — Google review

We loved our first visit! Beautifully kept grounds and property. The animals are the stars! They showed off! Super friendly and informative staff members throughout the park and exhibits. Water refill stations and mist showers throughout the park. Nice options at the gift shop. Good food selections available. Accessible in all areas. They allow snacks and coolers. Be ready to walk! It's all worth it.July 2023

Marvilla Marzán — Google review

What a great zoo quite literally in the middle of the city! There is so much to see here so bring your walking shoes.There is such a large variety of animals here and the enclosures are beautiful. I don't think there was a single animal that wasn't out.The grounds are clean and there are plenty of trees. The landscaping is lush and it's just a great place to walk around and snap some great pictures.

Pam — Google review

Growing up with this as my childhood Zoo really set me up with high expectations for what a zoo should bring. I am so glad to see that they have only enhanced for the betterment of the animals and guest experience. We came in town for the holidays and got to see the Festival of Lights which brought such nostalgia. It was very busy but well managed and a good variety of animals were out and about. This is a must see if you are in Cincinnati.

Corey Brill — Google review

I visited the zoo with my family on spring break. Honestly it was cold and wet when we went and I’ll admit that I haven’t been to a lot of zoos lately. But I wish we would have known what exhibits were going to closed and that most of the snack shops would be closed. It would have made our decision to go or not much easier. I will say that we enjoyed seeing the exhibits and animals that were open and out and about. If I’m ever in Cincinnati again with my family and it’s warm weather we will definitely go back. I think our favorite was Fiona, the hippo it was fun, watching her and the other hippos playing.

Let’s tell somebody about Jesus Dale Henderson — Google review

I really enjoyed my visit to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden! Though be aware there was a good bit of construction and closed exhibits (common during this off-season; we visited march 3rd), there was still a full day of exhibits, exploring, and adventure.The staff that we interacted with were all very nice, and I think the animals are well taken care of here. Everything looked well maintained and tidy throughout the day. The gift shop is decent. The food is good but obviously more pricey than food outside of the zoo.I definitely plan on returning during a different season when I can see the Insect House, Kangaroos, and a few other things. Overall, it's worth a visit or two!

Jess Brewster — Google review

What a great zoo quite literally in the middle of the city! It is fun awesome place to go with family & friend's. It's affordable and you can see different types of Animals by walking or they also have train rides.Not only animals they also have a gift shop and different restaurant's.They have festival of lights there every year and it's beautiful. Staff and Crew is nice and respect you, and your family and friends.The membership is nice and affordable too. If you have food stamps the standard fee is $50 just bring your food stamps card and ID. I forget about the other membership prices is easy price's.Mainly The grounds are clean and there are plenty of trees. The landscaping is lush and it's just a great place to walk around and snap some great pictures. There is such a large variety of animals here and the enclosures are beautiful. I don't think there was a single animal that wasn't out.There is so much to see here so bring your walking shoes.

SYAM TINKU — Google review

It was just a beautiful day 4/7/24 the park was completely full but what do you expect after a long winter?!? And the last day of spring break. The park is kept clean and easy to follow. Only 4 stars because the bathroom(s) multiple were absolutely filthy

Dixie Widner — Google review

This is such an awesome place to visit solo, with the family or on a date. The botanical garden part with all the colorful flowers was amazing. The best part of the zoo for me was the hippos. All the kids and adults knew all the hippos' names. I also like how you can walk inside the kangaroo section. I took a photo of every flower they had. I definitely want to do the train ride next visit. You will find every animal at the Cincinnati Zoo. Give yourself like 4 hours or so to visit each animal area. Wear a sunvisor or hat and some sunglasses. Don't forget to check out the gift shop.

Laurency Wyatt — Google review

This is a beautiful place to visit with tons of the blooming tulips. I came for the hippos but enjoyed the rest of the park as well. It was fun getting to touch a snake. I preferred to walk but it was good that there is a little train for those with limited mobility.

Susan — Google review

3400 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45220, USAhttps://cincinnatizoo.org/(513) 281-4700

I'll never travel to Birmingham without this trip planner again

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40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (78)

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Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (85)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (86)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (87)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (88)


(11285)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (89)


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Casinos & Gambling

The Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati is a popular gambling venue in the Cincinnati area that offers slots, video poker, and a buffet. It also has a steakhouse and a tropical eatery.

What a gorgeous casino! The crystal chandeliers are absolutely breathtaking.. They currently have a collection on display from different artist! We had a great time playing some black jack, slots and having a few drinks. We had some delicious pizza, conversation with strangers and walked out with more money then when we walked in. If you haven't yet check the casino... I definitely think it's worth checking out now that it's a Hard Rock cafe. We were only disappointed with one bartender in the back bar area.. he was rude and assuming.. but he didn't mess up our good time! Would recommend and definitely plan on checking it out.

Carey Marie — Google review

Let me start by saying I am not a gambler. I am a Hard Rock collector who was taking a close family member out for a nice dinner for his birthday. I did not gamble, so I have nothing to contribute about the gaming. The restaurants and Rock Shop are all on the same level as the casino. There are plenty of very nice restrooms which are kept clean. Plenty of free parking in attached parking garage with elevators. There seemed to be good security. There are several food venues and bars: a classic Hard Rock Cafe, coffee shop, pizza venue, Asian restaurant, and our destination the Council Oak Steak & Seafood. My only disappointment was the relative lack of rock memorabilia. I’ve seen small Hard Rock Cafes with much more memorabilia than this large complex.

LR P — Google review

We started coming here about 2 months ago and their promotions are amazing. I've had $15 a free slot machine money to play on once a week for the last 2 months and then for March is promotion I get $10 off at any food then you there each week.

Julie Zedeker — Google review

Lots of cool rock memorabilia all over the casino. I saw lots of compliments about the layout of the casino, but I thought it was good. I had fun playing blackjack. Staff is friendly and professional. Very bright and clean inside. Traffic in Cincinnati is terrible. It was worth visiting this place.

Marc Crawford — Google review

Gorgeous casino. Good security and a safe exit/entry location. All the casino elements are here. Excellent, non-smoking establishment.

Ernest Bethel — Google review

Very clean and nice casino. Enjoyed looking at all the celebrity outfits displayed.

Lori Howard — Google review

We visited for the first time since they changed over to Hard Rock on NYE. Great restyle. The floorplan is much more logical.Wonderful selection of new eating choices. Easily twice as many than when it was Jack"s.The employees were all very friendly and eager to assist in any needs that arose.Memorabilia collection is very interesting as well.

Charles Shrewsbury II — Google review

My workplace attended a job fair and we had a wonderful experience here. The staff were kind and welcoming, and I loved the displays throughout the entire casino! Restrooms were clean and the employees were quick to assist if we needed anything at all. The food was great!

Jennifer Wells — Google review

My first time here and at a casino in general and I had the BEST experience!!! The staff is very very friendly and they show you where everything is located. Food was amazing and I ended up coming home with a good amount of cash!!! Will most CERTAINLY be coming back regardless of me being 2 hours away🤪🎰

Emma — Google review

We went to the Hard Rock to see the legendary Beach Boys perform. The show was absolutely amazing! I was impressed with the venue space and surrounding areas! Everything was kept neat and cleaned up. Parking is your choice of valet or you can park free in the parking garage! Û

Cheryl Wilkening — Google review

Great casino! Friendly staff. Loose slots. Nice and smooth dealers at every table. No mistakes, professional pit bosses and hosts. Great food choices. A central bar for quick and easy drinks if you can get away from the tables or don’t utilize the gorgeous and very nice individuals catering to you there. All around a great place to enjoy some fun and possibly hit a nice chunk. If you dont hit it big the pleasant atmosphere and experience helps eliminate your pain significantly if not completely.

Bradley Barnett — Google review

Had fun. First time players get a $10 play credit plus $5 food credit. I turned my free play into $45. Sports betting too! Huge poker room. Not smokey. Good casino.

John Craven — Google review

Thought we were going to have a little fun this morning but upon entering the casino one of us had a soda with us and was told we couldn't bring a drink in with us. It's not something that would usually bother us but you can never find anyone who will offer you a drink. Hard Rock unlike the other casinos in the area where you can get your own drink at no charge, wants to charge for drinks while most people are already spending quite a bit of money playing their games.

Laura Lane — Google review

As food as variety of games its a nice place and the staff is pretty good but as far as the promotional department they're the worse at rating your play and giving you anything. I go there a few times a week and get nothing and went to Horseshoe close to Indianapolis one time and comped me food then sent me several free trips out of town offers plus $300 food/merchandise comp and $675 free bet money. Sure wish Hard Rock would do one tenth of that but doubt it after years of playing there!

Mike Wilson — Google review

1000 Broadway, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USAhttp://hardrockcasinocincinnati.com/(513) 250-3150


Creation Museum

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (91)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (92)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (93)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (94)


(12560)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (95)


(2462)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (96)


Children's museum

History museum

Religious destination

Indoor/outdoor, Bible-themed museum with exhibits ranging from Noah's Ark to a petting zoo.

Very informative and amazing place to visit. I love the Dinosaur Exhibit, the history on Dragons “Dinosaurs”. The 4D Theater was enjoyable especially the story on creation. The Stargazer Planetarium was awesome especially the show on Created Cosmos, I loved it. The exhibit on Adam and Eve and the fall of man was very cool. The explanation on how things were before and after sin and how it affected man, animal and plants was wonderfully explained. Highly recommend this experience.

jjvalle26 — Google review

We enjoyed our visit to the Creation Museum. It is a very detailed museum with beautiful exhibits. However, I feel like this is just a one time visit attraction. I would not visit this museum multiple times. The animals were underwhelming, but that make have been due to cold, foggy weather on the day of our visit. The best part was the gardens and the Christmas lights. The lights are beautiful and so are the grounds, even in winter. I can’t imagine how beautiful the gardens must be in the spring and summer.

Amy Justine — Google review

Loved this place. Very informative and well built. The garden in front of the museum was beautiful. The food and ice cream sold were also good. The museum itself was very informative and realistic. The planetarium and the 4D movie theater is definitely not to be missed. I recommend buying a combo ticket if you plan on visiting this place and the ark encounter which is about 45 minutes drive from here.

Immanuel Giftson — Google review

My visit to the Creation Museum in Kentucky was a truly enlightening experience that touched my heart and mind. As I explored the exhibits, I was deeply impressed by the thought and care put into each display, which seamlessly blended science, faith, and history.The museum's compelling presentations challenged my existing beliefs and encouraged me to think critically about the origins of life. It was a journey that left me with a profound sense of curiosity and wonder.The planetarium shows and the beautiful botanical gardens were personal highlights. They added a hands-on and immersive aspect to my visit, allowing me to engage with the museum's themes on a deeper level.🌱🌌📖🤔

Anastasiia Moskalenko — Google review

We enjoyed the museum and gardens. A lot more reading than I expected. I'm dyslexic so too much reading is overwhelming to me. In the exit survey I recommended they add an audio tour, possibly an app you can use to listen to what's in the exhibits. All of the staff was really friendly. We were there during the 40 days and nights of music and got to see a great band and a very funny Christian comedian.

joseph boughton — Google review

This place is amazing!! From the very time you step foot on the property you know this place is special. The property is well maintained and very scenic. There is so much to see. Every exhibit is detailed and leaves no doubt that God created man. The 4D movie "6 days" was beyond words. You are right there during each day of God's creation. You feel the wind, the water, the breath of the animals, every part of his majesty. Words are not enough. We ate at the cafe' for lunch. They have a wide assortment of hot and cold items to choose from. As you navigate through each exhibit you will see such detail. We spent over 6 hours reading and watching and did not quite finish. The staff are friendly and helpful. Thank you Ken Ham for honoring God through this wonderful ministry.

La Vonne — Google review

The Creation Museum was fantastic we went to the light exhibit for Christmas and the museum. Parking was easy and close. Plenty of bathrooms. But the definitely have it all laid out really well. The 4D theatre on creation was good too. Great story. Each exhibit was well done. Jesus and the Cross exhibit was a bit of a let down. I was expecting way more... it was only photos on the wall... BUT... It was still impactful to read the texts. I recommend families go. Young Kids are free and we got our family of 8 in at 159 dollars. It was fun. Parking is 15 dollars or 10 at night.

Agency 511 — Google review

An extension to the Ark Encounter. This place was phenomenal! So much to see and learn. I suggest visiting here before the Ark to get a better understanding for little ones or new to the experience. From the 4D show to Noah's Cafe, EVERYTHING was amazing. Staff was super friendly and helpful. 5 STARS!

She Walker — Google review

This was a great experience for our entire family. It may be a little tougher with younger children only because there is a TON of reading exhibits. Don’t get me wrong, the information is definitely interesting and everything was presented with excellence.Definitely make sure to visit the planetarium and 4d theater. The animal exhibit was unimpressive but the grounds and overall experience was well worth the money.

Brian Lowrance — Google review

The creation museum is an absolute must see especially if you are visiting the Ark encounter as well. There is so much to do inside and outside it kept everyone in our family entertained! We were also able to feed our family of five for $28 at the Noah Cafe. I was shocked because where can you feed your family of five for $28, especially being out? Wow.They also have souvenir cups for $19.99 each that have unlimited refills that you can use at the creech museum as well as the Ark encounter.My personal highlight was seeing the dinosaur that had original bones in its skeleton as well as the original skull still intact! Just cool to see something like that.Another highlight for us was the different speakers and activities that they have scheduled throughout the day. We bought the 3-day pass that went between the Ark encounter and the creation museum and every day you come they hand you a schedule of the events of the day which was nice!There's a beautiful botanical garden and lots of areas to walk as well as a small zoo and fun animals to see. We sat outside for awhile and watched people zip line across the property, also a fun thing to see!We bought the 3-day pass for the Ark encounter and Creation museum and ended up going to the creation museum one day and the Ark 2 days. Our kids are 8,6, and 3.5 and this is what they preferred and we were wanting to do that too. So much to see and do, you can easily plan to stay a whole day here.

Jess — Google review

It's interesting, but not very child friendly or interactive. There is a lot of reading, and the large summer crowds made it difficult. The Planetarium is $9 per movie, or 2 for $14. Line up early to not get stuck in the front and/separated from your group. The movies are short and just okay. The arboretum is beautiful, definitely worth the walk. The moving bridge is so much fun! My advice is to walk this early before it gets too hot. Overall, the museum was very educational and worth visiting!

Josie Ortalejo — Google review

This is my first visit to the Creation Museum, and I was very impressed with the quality of the exhibits, the friendliness of the staff, the availability of quality food and plentiful clean restrooms. Easy parking too. Some reviewers said you could get through in half a day, but this is not true. You really need to spend the entire day to take in the full experience. There’s so much to look at and a variety of events to attend throughout the day. This is a good family experience with a lot for kids as well. It was a very enjoyable experience and the botanical gardens are lovely. We visited the Creation Museum first, and the Ark Encounter the following day.

Geri Fairbanks — Google review

The Creation Museum was a wonderful experience. We did the Ark Encounter a few years ago, but did not have time on that trip to also do the Creation Museum so this summer we planned another drive north from Florida to Kentucky specifically for the Creation Museum.I particularly loved the way it explains dinosaurs and the age of the Earth. As well as the views of science from a Creationist standpoint versus and evolutionists view.Fearfully and Wonderfully made was a beautiful exhibit. A bit shorter than I expected, but very well done. I did have some explaining to do about what abortion is to my 9 year old son based on that exhibit.There were several areas of the museum closed off. We were expecting it to be a full day and we were finished with everything in about 4.5 hours. The price is high for adults, but admission for children was free.It’s a hard location to find- a lot of single lane backroads and not many signs. Thankfully the GPS routed us there alright.I give the Creation Museum a 5 star because of the content and how well it was done. I was more impressed with the Ark Encounter and would visit that area again.

Jennifer Hunziker — Google review

We loved this museum more than we thought we would. Honestly we just went because it was joined to the Ark and we traveled so far. But we are sooo glad we came! It was fun, moving, educational and beautiful! Highly recommend! Spend all day there!

Courtney D — Google review

The family and I went here as part of our trip to The Ark Encounter. The Creation Museum is a sister attraction of The Ark Encounter. Not only can you learn about the creation of just about every living thing but they also have botanical gardens, a planetarium, petting zoo, shows, a couple of restaurants, gifts shops and more. We spent the whole day here. It was educational and fun.

Fast Food — Google review

Love it here! Our kids enjoyed looking at everything and really enjoyed the Christmas lights walk. Spur of the moment decision to come and we are glad we did. We haven't been in almost 10 years. They've updated a lot of things and they've made things easy to walk through. Most things are accessible and signs are played where it's not. Note: steep prices!

Robert & Lesli Turner — Google review

Wonderful experience and much to learn and ponder about in regards to spirituality. Adults and children will both enjoy this experience. Make sure you have at least a half a day to explore the museum and it’s grounds and more if you want to ride the zip line and sit through all of the video attractions. Food for a single adult (entree, side and drink) will run about $20. Overall is a must see.

Paul Foster — Google review

Had a wonderful time here. Just happened to visit on Fathers day and their special allowed free entry for Dad's plus kids 10 & under were free. There was so much interesting info to see and read about. Not so great w/an active 2yr old but we made due till the playground and animal expo. Easily spent about 5hrs (not including lunch) and had a great time.

Lakisha B. Joy — Google review

Amazing educational fun filled weekend! Great way to teach your kids and grandkids about who God is and how great he is! A must see as a package with The Ark Museum. Because of the hrs it's best to this one last. Very informative and gives a perspective on his way and the world's way. Highly recommend

Maria Navejas — Google review

As a lifetime charter member, our family comes back often from Canada. The updates they've made over the past while are amazing, and the exhibits have in-depth detail. Give yourself a full day at the Creation Museum to take it all in, and another full day at the Ark Encounter. Plan to take in the live presentations too - there's a lot of great information that they present, and it is 100% relevant to today's culture.

B Hackett — Google review

Loved this place! The exhibits are top notch and very informative. We loved the planetarium and 4d theater shows too. Would love to go back again. It's a lot to go thru in one day. Hopefully they improve the zoo area, it was under renovations, because it was lacking. Their sister site's, The Ark Encounter, zoo was great. I highly recommend visiting both and learn the truth about God's Creation.

William Sells — Google review

The Creation Museum is an amazing world class attraction! We went through the museum and stayed for the Christmas lights. I love the botanical gardens. Everything is designed to make you think about the things that matter. It is a must-see for believers but done in a way that will not offend non-believers.

Monica Sellers — Google review

Unique museum presenting the literal biblical timeline of the story of creation. Multiple detailed interpretive displays beginning with the creation of the universe and following the timeline of history from the biblical Christian perspective. The museum & grounds are generally open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. However, during the holiday season the Christmas Town event is open until 8:30 pm and includes an amazing Christmas light display throughout the gardens surrounding the museum. There are fire pits & snack vendors and limited access to the museum for warming up. A planetarium is available for two different shows at a nominal extra fee. Two additional auditoriums have shows & videos as part of museum admission. Two indoor food vendors and a coffee/ice cream cafe all inside the main museum. There is also a coffee shop inside the welcome center. I would like you to return during growing season, as I can imagine that the botanical garden is quite spectacular in Spring. Parking is convenient to welcome center, so no shuttle needed. Petting zoo is undergoing major construction, so exhibits are limited. Plenty of restrooms throughout.

LR P — Google review

The creation museum is a wonderful display of creationist thinking rooted in a biblical worldview. I interacted with a number of people who love God and were so kind that worked there.There were several exhibits that demonstrated with evidence and clarity the biblical worldview of creationism. I hope that more people can come and visit. There was an exhibit all about life and the fact that we as humans are fearfully and wonderfully made.It was colorful and beautifully designed.

Alex Reynolds — Google review

2800 Bullittsburg Church Rd, Petersburg, KY 41080, USAhttps://creationmuseum.org/(888) 582-4253


Ark Encounter

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Children's museum

History museum

Religious destination

Massive ship with 3 decks depicting Biblical tale of Noah's Ark, with interactive exhibits & zoo.

This was an amazing place to visit. Very Faith promoted. Fun to walk through a representation of the ark, and get the feeling that the flood really happened. It was a Saturday on the off season and wasn't too crowded, but I can imagine it gets very crowded in the summertime. We had the buffet dinner which was excellent. Saw the kangaroos in the zoo. Saw a couple of presentations in the answer center. Highly recommend it.

Stephen Graham — Google review

This was amazing! I'm so thankful that we were finally able to see this! Very well done, so lifelike! This was well researched and very informative. They answered any question you could think of about the Ark, the animals, what it must have been like, and how could it all have been done. We also saw the virtual encounter that took us back in time to the Ark & the flood! We loved it all! We bought a ticket bundle with the creation museum and saved a little bit. We went to creation museum the day before, then a full day at the ark.

Pamela Carlisle — Google review

This place was awesome. It just shows how great our God is. Loved the short films that are played on each floor. Must see from bottom to top. Perfect message of truth and hope. I was in awe. The greatness of our fathers love, and mercy and then wrath. What a blessing to have been able to see this. I highly recommend this and the Creation museum package. Go here on the 1st day then the creation on the 2nd. Bring your children and grandchildren and teach them the importance of Noah's Ark. Plant the seed in their hearts that when the Lord is with them, they can do ALL things through Christ whom strengthens them. And if he is for you, can't NOTHING be against them! 🙏🏻💖🙌✝️ A great message and memory to give your children/grandchildren!!

Maria Navejas — Google review

Definitely a trip worth making! Awesome educational exhibit. Amazing visuals arts! Beautiful facility! Clean and well maintained though out! Just gotta find the best days where it’s not as crowded. It can get pretty cramped and tight in some areas.

Albert Lee — Google review

This experience will forever be a family favorite! We loved getting to see just how big and how amazing the Ark probably was. It genuinely had me thinking about things I've never really considered before. Thank you so much for this recreation of one of the most well known stories of the bible.

Tonja Johnson — Google review

It's remarkable that someone built this with modern tools let alone in Noah's Day. Lots of information on each floor. Go prepared to read. Also, there is a lot of walking.They have added things outside. The zoo is great for kids.

Peggy Schultz — Google review

Great experience and great for family. To see a life size of the biblical account of Noah’s Ark. You don’t realize the scale until you actually face it. The inside display is beautiful and awesome. The work that they had to do, had to be enormously hard but with help of God it was accomplished. We have cranes but they had ways to build which is mind blowing to figure how. Definitely recommend going on a visit. We also plan to see the other museum.

J Santiago Sr. — Google review

First time visiting the ark and it was AMAZING!!! What a great experience. Very biblical oriented and You're immediately overtaken in awe and admiration of the ark. It was bigger than I thought!!! Gives you a whole different view about how catastrophic the flood was and how much work it took not only to build but to maintain the animals and carry the food. It answers a lot of questions and gives you perspective on possible ways things got done. You walk a lot and it has 3 or 4 levels that gradually go all the way up, there's elevators too and chair you can rent for handicapped people and also strollers for toddlers, please wear comfortable shoes. It takes around 4 to 5 hours seeing everything at a moderate pace The ark gets really packed so try getting there early. We purchased tickets in advance and drove 6 hours but it was well worth it!! I highly recommend the buffet on site and also the 3D experience and petting zoo for children. Lots of souvenirs at the end. I recommend the beverage bottle with unlimited refills as well!We got the ark encounter tickets along with the creation museum and it saved us some money!

Glory Castillo — Google review

Out of timeline experience! Hearing about Noah and the Ark growing up in church is one thing, but to see how massive it really was in person is another! Every member of the staff was exceptionally nice! The zoo was awesome. The buffet was one of the best I've ever had. Listened to and met True Song, the Ark Encounters own Christian group. They were phenomenal! Overall, 20 out of 10 on everything! Try to go on normal days if you don't like crowds. Holiday weeks are slammed. But that's to be expected with something so awesome like this! Can't wait to come back!

Drksidegen — Google review

Fun and educational for anyone, bring the entire family. The inside displays about the biblical account of the flood, Noah’s family and God’s redemptive plan are creative, interesting, and awe-inspiring. The outdoor zoo was beautifully kept with garden areas to eat or rest. Many interesting programs throughout the day, some live and some multi-media. Easy to enter and exit the attraction and accessible for all. Plenty of reasonable food options, too. $15 car parking fee at the entrance.

Dorothy K — Google review

This place was amazing and well worth the visit! I loved every moment of the tour. It’s was so cool to imagine what it would of been like to be on the actual ark! The wallaby petting exhibit was a first and fun experience. A worker takes you picture for you for free at the door with the cross. I tried to slip her a 50 but she would not accept it. I donated it to ark. It was that cool.

DARRYL HENRY — Google review

You must see this place! Pictures don't do justice (though they're helpful). Great experience. Everything was done very well, and I love the attention to detail in every part. It is very well thought out and gradually tells the Bibles story as you go through the Ark. There is plenty of seating to take rests. There are plenty of drink stations and bathrooms. Wasn't too crowded. The books at the gift shop are great. The visual graphics were amazing (kudos to the artist(s)). God food options on-site (a little pricey but worth it).

chatto hill — Google review

This was so awesome. It is such a cool thing to see. It wasn't too crowded. Lots of cool information. It does take time and patience to get through everything. There is stuff for all ages. So much fun to go to the zoo and interact with the kangaroos.

JC Coons — Google review

The Ark Encounter is a great and wonderful place!My family and I went to this after spending the day before at the creation museum. We didn't think it could get much cooler but it definitely can! This by far was our favorite attraction between the two, It is so huge and inside. It has various museum exhibits as well as a clear display of what the arc could have looked like inside, and how it might have worked.There are bathrooms on every floor. It is about four floors, with the first floor just being the line to get into the building.We went on a very rainy day and there were not a lot of people there which was really good for us. But I saw some of the line cues and it looks like it could get very very long during a hot summer day, as we went in January.

Alex Reynolds — Google review

My entire family loved the experience. Very informative and realistic scenes. So real inside that my youngest daughter (4 years old) thought the animals were real. She also asked to go back through it when we were done. We got there at 10:15 and left at 6:20. That was with us going pretty fast through the 3rd floor and about an hour in the restaurant

Keri Wilson — Google review

Amazing re-creation of Noah’s Ark, built the same size as the Ark from the Bible’s specifications. We spent nearly all day there — we were happy to find bathrooms on every level, snack shops, gift shops, and places to sit and rest. The Zoo was fantastic too! The whole family will enjoy this very well done exhibit and world-renowned attraction. The restaurant was good too, buffet style so something for everyone.

Linda Flegal — Google review

What an awesome experience! Great for all ages. My 2.5 year old loved it, my husband and I loved it, and my parents loved it. Really puts it in perspective from your childhood thought process of a big boat. The ark held all the animals! This ark encounter sure gave you a real life feel for what is believed to be as accurate as possible. Play areas for kids. A zoo connected to it with some interesting animals! Allow the entire day for fun....we had to cut ourselves short unfortunately. We will definitely be back!They offer stroller rental. Only $10!!!! Worth it, especially without the hassle of bringing your own.

Sarah Jones — Google review

A fun and educational experience for the whole family! It is neat to think about the intricacies and architecture of the ark itself, not something you consider every time you read the story of Noah’s ark. Thought the video clips did a great job building the story and sharing the gospel throughout the exhibit. Loved the details and appreciated the lists of potential animal groupings, how water and food were dispensed, and where/how Noah’s family lived. Lots of history through a biblical worldview.

Stephanie Attanasio — Google review

Wow! My wife, her Aunt, and I had an absolute blast exploring the Ark Encounter in Kentucky! Let me tell you, this place is nothing short of awe-inspiring! When we first laid eyes on the massive Ark, we were blown away by its sheer size and grandeur - it's like nothing we've ever seen before!One thing that really impressed us was how accessible the Ark is for everyone. They've got you covered with wheelchair and scooter rentals right on site, making it super convenient for those who need a little extra assistance. Inside the Ark, there was plenty of room to maneuver around with accessible chairs and scooters, ensuring that everyone can fully enjoy the encounter. They also have elevators throughout the Ark to help.The exhibit inside the Ark was mind-blowing! We were completely immersed in a world of Bible history, learning about Noah, his family, and all the fascinating animals on the Ark. The level of detail and information they've packed in there is just incredible.Oh, and getting to the Ark from the parking area was a breeze! A quick and fun ride on the bus took us right to the entrance, and when we were done, a swift ride back to our car. It couldn't have been more convenient!If you're looking for an unforgettable outing, trust me, the Ark Encounter is a must-visit destination! It's not just for adults, either - they've got so much for the whole family. Kids will be over the moon with the on-site zoo, thrilling zip lines, and the awesome restaurant that offers delicious bites.So, whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or simply looking for a fun-filled family adventure, the Ark Encounter near Cincinnati is the place to be! Dive into the world of Bible history and experience the wonder of a life-size Noah's Ark. We had an absolute blast, and we know you will too!

RICHARD BURNHAM — Google review

The family and I went to see the Ark experience today. It was an awesome experience for everyone. The exhibits were done really well, and there were a lot of visuals to keep the boys entertained. We were all blown away with how tall the Ark was. There is also a zoo on site, which was done really well. There is also a buffet at the park which was a great value, the food was really food. We stopped at the playground for an hour or so before leaving. Great activity to do with a family of all ages!

Paul Fenrich — Google review

We drove from West Palm Beach , Florida to Kentucky to see this! What an amazing experience we had. I loved the exhibits inside the ark about the facts about the flood, ark, animals and Noah . There was a lot to see. I really enjoyed it. They have gift shops inside and outside the ark. My family loved the outside zoo as well !

Lesly Figueroa — Google review

This is a once and lifetime experience, and so much to do, but the best part is to learn about God and the great flood and how the Earth is the way it is today! It's 3 floors of an experience you will never forget! And as always friends see you next time!

Michael Huff — Google review

Drove from Texas and I highly recommend this place. It takes you there in the physical. Gives you wisdom and provides answers to so many questions. The staff is amazing! They truly are in the mindset that they work for GOD and not man. That is rare to see. The food at the buffet was good and that place was well run. We went in late Nov so the crowds weren't as big. Also something I didn't check in advance. They are closed on Sunday so the 3 day pass was important when coupled with the Creation museum. Please try the virtual encounter. It's worth the money. Very cool and we are glad we had the experience.

Libby Vasquez — Google review

It was my first time visiting, and I finally saw everything for myself after hearing from others, and it was amazing. There are plenty of things for children to do also. Just know that you will get your steps in while enjoying the experience.When you're in Kentucky, stop by The Ark EncounterBTW, the Hampton Inn is located right next to the venue. (Walking distance)👍🏾 👍🏾👍🏾 👍🏾

Greg Rodgers — Google review

Such an AMAZING experience!!! We flew all the way from TEXAS to see this magnificent ark. We learned so much and EVERYONE was super friendly. The Ararat Ridge Zoo was the perfect animal touch to such an important part of the story.The only negative thing I would say is because the experience is a little pricey the picture should be included with your purchase or NOT as high. $30 for a memorable moment is definitely a little too high. I did purchase several gift shop items so it wasn’t that I was being cheap but it’s pricey for a regular photo.

Gabi Torres — Google review

1 Ark Encounter Dr, Williamstown, KY 41097, USAhttps://arkencounter.com/(859) 727-2222


Buffalo Trace Distillery

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (103)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (104)

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(2615)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (108)

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Food & Drink

Time-tested distillery offering its own brand of bourbons & warehouse tours with tastings.

Such an AWESOME experience! I loved every minute of visiting Buffalo Trace. It almost felt like you were in a town of itself. One tip I'd give is to definitely make a reservation before heading over there for the day. They are continuously busy so it's hard to just show up and expect to be able to schedule a tour. Aside from that, the tasting/ tour is very cool and they have a huge gift shop where you can purchase a bottle at the end of the tour!

Mackenzie Feeley — Google review

Hard to find anything bad to say. Lee, our guide on the Old Taylor Tour, was our best guide of the trip. His knowledge and insight was fantastic. The gift shop has so much great merchandise it’s hard to determine what to take home. The tasting was great and I loved the bourbon ball and Freddie’s root beer with Bourbon cream combo. My harshest critique is that beyond the rotation releases you aren’t getting anything special here. But the grounds are perfect. The expansion will bring twice as much bourbon to the market eventually. This is the Mecca and a must stop. So much history.

John Whitehill Jr. — Google review

This Place was absolutely amazing. We absolutely loved coming here and it was an amazing experience. We were lucky to have Freddy as our tour guide. He was incredible and made our experience perfect. If you are interested in getting good bourbon, you gotta stand in line early in the morning each day. We got in line at 8am for two days in a row and got Blantons and Eagle Rare.

Hunter Vaughan — Google review

Phenomenal experience!! Our Trace Tour with Jimmy C was educational but light hearted enough that we could easily joke around and/or ask questions. The distillery itself is massive, but so well maintained! I wish I could bottle the smell in the air.Staff in the gift shop were friendly, personable, and beyond helpful. Additionally, the gift shop had such a great array of everything! I ended up spending way more than I intended, but self restraint kept me from spending what I wanted to... so we'll call this balance.We had a great time and learned even more about bourbon than anticipated. We can't wait for a visit back to Buffalo Trace the next time we are in Kentucky!

Brooke Secoy — Google review

What an amazing place, our tour guide was Michael, he was very knowledgeable and led a great tour. For free you can't beat it, wish we had got there early so I could have got some E.H. Taylor was they were sold out by time we got there. If your coming to try and get some good hard to find bourbon them you better show up early.

James Marr — Google review

Visited Buffalo Trace Distillery with some friends for a bachelor party. What a great experience. If you enjoy bourbon, you will enjoy visiting this distillery. Our tour guide, Eugene, was knowledgeable and professional. He showed us some great spots around the grounds and then led the tasting after the tour. Lots of interesting history here at Buffalo Trace. Even got to see some Pappy Van Winkle and Eagle Rare.

Scott Coble — Google review

Historic facility, iconic brand, popular destination to purchase bourbon. Free tour was nice and keep in mind you are limited to one bottle per brand per person. Apparently there is a bourbon shortage.The tour focuses quite a bit on the history. In fact about 25 minutes of the 70 minute tour was spent on the oral history. There is a short walk around the grounds, a stop in the barrel receiving dock, a short walk into one of the barrel aging warehouses, a quick stop in the Blantons bottling room, and finally a tasting room stop. It was an average tour compared to other breweries or distilleries visited. The tour was rather limited in geography--no access to the brewing room or basically any views of how the booze is made--that was disappointing.Note--Eagle Rare sells out within an hour of opening on most days. I don't understand why they limit it so much. You'll find alcoholics, hipsters, and old-timers jogging from the parking lot to the gift store when it opens to make sure they secure their ONE bottle. Very strange. Good for Buffalo Trace for building a brand loyalty though.Hat tip to Todd for an entertaining tour.

Brad Kosar — Google review

Let me start off by saying that they offer sampling even if you are not doing a tour. I feel this is key when it comes to new whiskeys you haven't tried. The staff is very nice and informative. The sample process is also very well structured. The gift shop is very large. We purched a ton. Definitely will return someday!

Bob Houghtelin — Google review

This was a magical experience! You cannot miss this one of a kind tour and it's totally free. The engineering that goes into how they make their whiskeys is phenomenal and mind-blowing. The experience of the tour guides is second to none and you will learn things you never thought of. I'm a fan of American Bourbon and this tour sets everything I believe in stone. Not to mention the whiskeys that will be available to you in the tasting and in the gift shop. It's worth multiple returns!!

Kevin B — Google review

Great tour! Very informative and worthwhile. The tasting and gift shop were icing on the cake. They had plenty of EH Taylor small batch available. Will be back for the hard hat tour next

L R — Google review

One of the best free things I've ever done. All though i enjoy bourbon, i definitely didn't know much about it. During this tour, you learned pretty much everything about the process and the history of the distillery over the years. I am a buffalo trace fan and it was interesting tasting the difference between a $30 dollar bottle and a much higher priced bottle. I would definitely do it again.

Doug Ainsworth — Google review

I loved it here. We did the Taylor tour and had a good time listening to all the history. Shout out Annie for being such a good guide. Even of you don't drink it's still fun to walk around and enjoy the history. If you're like me and don't drink, you can still be part of the tasting and they just give you the delicious root beer. Tons of fun

Adam Oldroyd — Google review

Very organized! So you go in and park, then go to the visitor center/check in to get your IDs scanned and a wrist band. Then you walk into the actual gift shop and tasting room. There’s 2 stories, the upper level has the tasting rooms you go to after the tour and where you can taste of several bourbons (no charge), and then a small tasting station in the first floor for 1 special bourbon (I tasted the Traveler). Pretty cool! Ask them why the buildings and trees are black!!!!

Winnie Miller — Google review

We loved hearing the stories and learning the history about all the brands. Patrick was an EXCELLENT tour guide and tasting leader. Beautiful campus and gift shop! I don’t remember their names but the lady from Hungary that checked us in for our tour and the lady who checked us out in the gift shop… both super friendly and excellent as well.The only negative was the lack of variety in the bourbon available for purchase.We had a fabulous overall experience and will be back!

Vicki Stevens — Google review

Great tour, tasting, and visit. It is great to see progress on the expansion. We visited on a Monday and didn't have a reservation for a tour or tasting. They were able to fit us in even though everything was unavailable online. They now have a tasting room above the gift shop, so it is worth just showing up and doing what you can. The earlier you arrive, the better the chance to score some bottles from the gift shop.

Russell Silverstein — Google review

I will return again someday. We enjoyed every minute of it. I love how they belief in their product. They give free tours with a free tasting at the end. They do so well that their tours are often booked solid. Make reservations before you go.

Tina Pauly — Google review

Visited the famous Buffalo Trace distillery on my recent trip to KY. The grounds are awesome! If you’re looking for some of the allocated bottles I’d suggest getting there early. The gift shop is amazing and the fact that they don’t charge for the tour is also an added plus. We did the “hard hat” tour, it was a neat behind the scenes experience. Make sure to try a bourbon ball along with some Freddie’s root beer and bourbon cream. A must stop piece of American history!

Erik L (Fish Guru) — Google review

We loved our first ever visit to this beautiful historic distillery we went 2 more days!Arboretum tour, The trace tour & a gift shop only day. Got there at gift shop opening time each day and we’re able to purchase our “quota” of the special bottle offering of the day. A complimentary tasting even comes with visiting the gift shop if you’re not scheduled for a tour! Everyone who works there is incredibly friendly and really seem to enjoy what they do. Leave time in your day to wonder the grounds, especially the gardens which are open to the public. There’s even a playground in that area for kids. The woodworker was very informative and it was fun to see his shop. We ate at Firehouse Sandwich shop for lunch & it was delicious. We truly enjoyed each day!

D K — Google review

Took the Old Taylor Tour and the Hard Hat Tour and they are fantastic experiences! The tour guides are very informative and give excellent information about the distillery and the history of the property and the bourbon made there. The Gift Shop provides great selections at unrivaled prices. The staff are all very nice and provide a nice feel all over the campus.

Benjamin Hyink — Google review

My wife and I took the 2 hour hard hat tour on our anniversary. Extremely well done and informative. We absolutely loved this distillery and its history. Our tour guide was amazing and the scenery was beautiful. Definitely recommend a stop at buffalo trace

Brandon Mills — Google review

113 Great Buffalo Trce, Frankfort, KY 40601, USAhttp://www.buffalotracedistillery.com/(866) 729-3722


Kentucky Horse Park

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (109)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (110)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (111)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (112)


(4881)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (113)


(2737)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (114)

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Sights & Landmarks

Equestrian facility

Event venue

Horseback riding service

The Kentucky Horse Park is a sprawling 1,032-acre destination that showcases the historic relationship between humans and horses. It boasts the renowned Smithsonian International Museum of the Horse, which traces the evolution of horse breeding and their diverse roles in society throughout history. Visitors can explore various exhibits, including those dedicated to iconic horses like Man o War. The park also offers captivating equine presentations and horse-drawn tours.

Even if you don't know anything about horses this place is great. It's a beautiful facility with many things to see and do. Learning about the history of man and horse was very interesting. You will learn much more than just the history of race horse's but that was great too.

Emil Wolfe — Google review

Interesting to see the horses and the barns. Good amount of walking to get to it all. We went in fall which just was beautiful . The different buildings to see the history of different things was cool to see and read about.We watched some of the shows withthe horses and that was worth seeing so pay attention to the time. My granddaughter enjoyed going on a horseback ride which is an extra cost for that but she loved. Worth going to and experience it.

Dan Kerr — Google review

Magnificent horses! The museum was awesome. The horse show was short, but sweet. You can get up close and personal with the horses after the show. Wear your walking shoes! It is very spread out. Unfortunately the trolley was not working. Also some of the other shops were not open. Make sure you take the survey and get your free gift from the gift shop! $6 parking. $20 admission

Bekah C. — Google review

We stopped at the Saddlebred Museum first, which I would recommend. You can buy tickets there for the rest of the park, and it's less busy. The staff was all very friendly, some with golf carts offering to help shuttle people from barn to barn. We missed the meet and greets, but still met a police horse and a draft horse named Gus (we were told he's a fan favorite and understand why). I was excited that there was a restart on site, but the food could've been better. Overall, we had a great time, and our kids (all ages) had a great time, too.

Lindsey White — Google review

We have been going here for Southern Lights for years. It has become a traditional between me and my brother. The lights are very good, but I do have to say there aren’t many new additions. It appears to be the same scenes over and over. The walk through the park is nice and they seem to offer new vendors and attractions along with some of the traditional events. The food and drinks in the cafe are pretty pricey. You kind of have to pick and choose what you want to spend on without paying an arm and leg.

Lane Hall — Google review

Great park to see former champions and maybe learn a little more. They have a nice set up for kids, but this park is for all ages. Former Derby winner Funny Cide steaks the show. Paul, who you'll find very near to Funny makes the experience exponentially better. He is very knowledgeable and gives the park and Funny a voice worth hearing. Highly recommend.

steve durham — Google review

First time here at the horse park. What a lovely day to visit such a lovely place. We enjoyed a carriage ride by the two draft horses as the lovely tour guide explained the park.This place is amazing. This park is so large it would take a whole day to see it all. We enjoyed the museum. It showed the history of horses, the racing trophies and the Derby clothes that people wore throughout the years.We took pictures with Funny Cide the 2003 derby winner. Thank you to the officer who introduced us to her horse.

Eric Carlin — Google review

Lovely place to walk and enjoy the many horse breeds that are represented there. It is a beautiful park with pony and horseback riding available. There are museums and many barns to get up close and personal with the horses. I went there for an event that brings horses and riders from all over the world.

Sue ODaniel — Google review

Wonderful place to visit if you are in the least interested in horses. I visited for BreyerFest, an event for model horse collectors like me. Visited with husband and another couple who are collectors. I will say that in July you will likely be subjected to some pretty miserably hot conditions for most of the park, but the visitor center & other buildings are well climate controlled, including the Alltech Arena where many large events take place. Visitor Center has nice gift shop with something for everyone, including cold drinks & snacks. It also has nice clean restrooms. Leashed dogs are welcome nearly everywhere in the park, but be aware of your pet’s needs for cooling down in the Summer. There are fun things for kids to do, such as pony rides, opportunities to pet animals and a playground. I plan to return in nicer weather to experience some things that I missed, such as the museum & trail rides. There is a large campground with water & electric and also primitive tent camping. We tried to stay there, but waited too long to book, so RV sites were full. Next time I will book far in advance & go in Fall or Spring!

Lois Petersen — Google review

So glad we decided to go here! We had a great day. The gentleman in the Champion Barn shared some of his knowledge and brought one of the horses out for us to see. We went horseback riding around the park. The gift shop has a lot of cute stuff. We did the scavenger hunt in the museum and got a blue ribbon for finding everything. I would recommend stopping by!

Stacey Hilton — Google review

Coming from out of town, I was only vaguely aware of the importance of horses to Kentucky and Lexington in general, but learned quite a bit about equines and their history.The negative I think of this is there is A LOT of reading in the museums, to the point where it becomes very hard to pay attention and retain everything.Seeing the old horses in person and talking with their caretakers was very interesting.A good time overall!

Tristan Haney — Google review

It's a nice place. Giant museum. Tons of cute horses but this pretty lady was a pleasure to meet. Her name is lovely and she's 15yr old supervisor of the park if you see her, feel free to pet her.

Sumaya Sanam — Google review

I unfortunately called this place after hours right before the sun was completely down. I don’t think I got the traditional experience, however I did walk around the property. I got to see some of the Hall of Fame horses relatively close, got to see the stables up close where they held some of the horses and learn some history about the sport.This property was massive and seemed to be very well-kept. I don’t know too much about it, but it was pretty fascinating and I would absolutely love to come back another time during the day and get more of the traditional experience.If you’re looking for a unique experience I think this is definitely a good place to go if you’re not from Kentucky. It seems there’s a lot of local heart poured into this sport and facility.

Anthony Messina — Google review

We enjoyed our visit. There is a lot to see. It was neat going in the different barns and looking at all of the horses. The shows through our the day are a must see so you get a glimpse of the horses in action and learn a lot more. The museums are very detailed and informative. They have a ton of reading. Be prepared to walk. It takes a bit to get from A to B.Overall we enjoyed our time and it was well worth the stop. Overall we did expect to see more horses. With name we expected every paddock to have a horse. Horses were only in barns and there were some empty stalls. It was a cooler day when we visited.

Ashley Gutowski — Google review

Very cool experience! Tickets are for a two-day admission and you definitely could spend two days here. Events are held about every 45 minutes.

Jacob Alexander — Google review

We had the BEST time. I think the Big Barn was the overall favorite but all stops were fantastic. I do wish they showcased a few more breeds during the breed show- we were enjoying it so much! If planning a trip, check the events calendar and you may be able to catch a competitive horse show while visiting- which we loved. Highly recommend!

Kali Cavner — Google review

I recently visited the Kentucky Horse and had a really good time. The museum tour was very informative. I have never seen such beautiful horses. The staff is very warm and welcoming. I highly recommend anyone visiting Lexington to go to the Kentucky horse park

mustafees khan — Google review

Wow!! This place is amazing. I imagine in the spring and summer it's rather busy. We went in late fall early winter, and it wasn't very crowded, which made for an excellent visit. We got to learn all about horses, see amazing pieces, and even pet real winners. Check out this sculpture of secretariat, zoom in on it, and all the metal is horse related shapes!! It's such a wonderful place with amazing staff!

Chris D — Google review

4089 Iron Works Pkwy, Lexington, KY 40511, USAhttp://www.kyhorsepark.com/(859) 233-4303

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (117)

Don’t forget to pack anything

Stay organized with a to-do list, packing list, shopping list, any kind of list.

Don’t forget to pack anything

Stay organized with a to-do list, packing list, shopping list, any kind of list.

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (118)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (119)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (120)


Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (121)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (122)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (123)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (124)


(10280)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (125)


(6873)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (126)

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Event venue

Wedding venue

Specialty Museums

This museum in Louisville, Kentucky is a must-see for fans of baseball bats. The museum has a factory tour that charts the journey of a bat from a humble piece of wood to an expertly made professional baseball bat. Other noteworthy exhibits include the world's largest bat, Buds Batting Cage, and interactive displays like Babe Ruth's batting helmet. The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is easily recognizable by its towering 120-ft steel baseball bat, the Worlds Biggest Bat.

A fascinating place for baseball fans as well as those with just a passing knowledge of the game. Watch bats being created out of blocks of wood. When we were there, they were making bats for opening day. You can also get a personalized bat. There are displays highlighting baseball greats and other unique facets of the sport. A great attraction and an easy walk from downtown.

David Nershi — Google review

Totally awesome tour and definitely worth it. All of my kids enjoyed it. The free mini bat is a nice touch either. Keeping four boys from poking each other with them is a different story. After the tour you get to see the museum which has some nice extra items in it. We came on a holiday on the fourth of July weekend and only had to wait 10 minutes for a tour to start.

Zach Garia — Google review

If you like baseball history you will luv this place. They give you a great tour of the factory where they make 4000 bats per day. They also have lots of pro baseball items you can buy that are signed. At the end of the tour you get a free souvenir bat. You can use the batting cages or check out the bat cave and gift shop. Ez parking.

J P — Google review

As a former baseball player, it was a really cool experience to see where these bats are made. Also, the amount of time and dedication they take to craft each one. It was also cool to bat in the cages to test out different players' bats. I would definitely recommend it to someone who played baseball before or someone who appreciates woodworking!

jonathan ikemoto — Google review

If you you baseball and its history, this is a place you must visit! The visit includes a tour inside the factory where you can see how bats are made. The exhibitions are simply amazing! You can hold a bat that belonged to Babe Ruth in 1933, you can see bats from Joe Di Magio, Roberto Clemente, Jackie Robinson, Roger Maris, Tyler Cobb, and some other legends. You can buy nice souvenirs at the gift store and even get a customized bat. I highly recommend this museum.

Francisco Cappai — Google review

This was a pretty cool tour as it was in a real production facility where they are not afraid to show off the pride of their product. Overall, it is always cool to support a family business even if it is a big one. Pro tip: they give everyone who takes the tour a mini bat which saves on souvenirs for large family groups. Pro tip #2: they laser print all types of bats for gifts and it is pretty quick.

Chris Manning — Google review

Fantastic place if you even have a remote interest in baseball. I would say if you enjoy watching stuff get made or are into woodworking you would enjoy the place. The tour guide did a great job explaining what was on the factory floor. The museum had great exhibits and you can even hold bats used by the greats of the game.

Bryan Monaco — Google review

Great tour, even for those that are not baseball fans. Understanding the entire process and watching them mill the bats and varnish them by hand was fun. Highly recommend for all ages.

J. D. — Google review

Unique museum. If you are a baseball fan this is a must see. We were just passing through and have been wanting to stop.Tour was interesting and museum was nicely done. Different areas to explore. We spent about an hour here. Our seven year old enjoyed it as well!

Anna Zoromski-Linde — Google review

We needed a stop on our road-trip from MN to Panama City Beach to break it up and stretch our legs and let me tell you this didn’t Disappoint!! Our teenage kids Loved stopping here and doing the tour! They were all very happy that we decided to do it! As parents that was a success! Best part is, Each person got a Mini Bat as keepsake with Tour Ticket Cost! No need to spend anymore in gift shop! 2-4-1 ⚾️

Jen&Odie Fogleson — Google review

We really enjoyed this place! Great tour and I learned so much! I'm not a baseball fan, yet the rich history of the game, the process of making the bats, and learning about the players was incredibly interesting. I definitely recommend visiting, you will not be disappointed. We also got customized bats made. Very reasonably priced and it was only about a 15-20 minute wait.

Kristi U — Google review

I think this is a must see quick trip to see a working piece of history. Tour lasts about 30 minutes and you have to be assigned to a tour time. Awesome to see the inner workings of how the Louisville Slugger bat is created. There are other things to look at and learn including a batting cage. I was in and out in an hour and felt good about my time spent. Check it out while in Louisville.

The K Green Show — Google review

This was worth the whole trip! We bought tickets the night before for the first tour on a Friday. So much cool stuff! The tour was cool because you were right inside the factory where they make the bats! They let you take all the pictures you wanted and hold all types of bats! And at the end of the tour they give you a miniature slugger bag to take home! Big souvenir shop! I would go again!

logan white — Google review

Really fun for families and baseball fans. The tour is easy and is with a guide. You walk through different setups in the factory and they play short videos with more information. At the end you get a mini slugger, watch out for everyone who gets super lit to get them - they start swinging.There are other parts to visit including a history area with mannequin/statues of famous players. They also have a bat room. And the batting cage is fun if you have the time.

D J — Google review

This place is beyond AWESOME! Where else in the world can you get a picture of yourself holding Babe Ruth's actual bat? A must see if you visit Louisville and you get a free mini bat at the end of the tour!

Matthewseven13 — Google review

My wife has talked about Louisville Slugger Museum for as long as I've known her. It has an extremely strong anchor to baseball, especially professional baseball. All the majors, leagues and players, get their bats from here. It is where their bats are made. At this museum, you can see how bats are made, from the selection of the tree to the cut and shape of the bats. It features a tour of the factory itself and ends with its own museum of baseball history. It is a fascinating tour for anyone, whether you are interested in baseball or not. It is a highly recommended tour of Americana.

Larry Henry — Google review

800 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202, USAhttp://www.sluggermuseum.com/(877) 775-8443


Keeneland Association Inc

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (130)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (131)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (132)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (133)


(4364)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (134)


(2910)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (135)

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Casinos & Gambling

Horse Tracks

The Keeneland Race Course is a prestigious racetrack located in Lexington, Kentucky. It hosts various horse racing events throughout the year, including the prestigious Breeders' Cup World Championships. The track is also home to an impressive collection of equestrian-themed gifts and souvenirs.

Absolutely recommend this experience. What a gorgeous race track. We had so much fun. Highly encourage you to buy tickets well in advance. This place sells out quickly. Parking was great, no issues getting in or out however, we did stay until all races were done. Many people left before hand.Get your race brochure when you walk in so you are prepared. So many windows open for betting and the people helped you if you are new to placing your first bet. After that, you'll be a pro.Above all, we found the horse betting is a lot like March Madness, there is no crystal ball on who will win so picking your favorite name or cool color is definitely a strategy 😉

Sandi R — Google review

Enjoyed the park, beauty, hospitality - even in the off season they are open, let you walk and tour facilities on your own, see the track, box houses, go to stadium, tour beautiful grounds, see horses ( early in morn), see gift shop etc. It's all very clean, well maintained, quality painted, seems like nothing but the best everywhere. But the landscape, seems like thousands of acres of beautifully maintained grounds. I can't even keep my little yard half as good as they keep there's! Now the gift shop is exquisite too both that's both in quality too and the related prices.

Rich Guldin — Google review

This is a race track, but also seems much more. Pageantry when the races are going is interesting, diverse and elegant. The mood of the place is festive, somewhat relax for the uninterested aficionado and exciting. Food and drinks seem to be in abundance. Staff is helpful and gentle. The place cater to all members of the family. Facilities seem impeccable. Definitely a good activity to do, if in the area and especially during the main race seasons (spring and fall).

Manuel Navedo — Google review

The Masters of Horse Racing! Gorgeous racetrack and immaculate. We went on a drive two months before Derby Day! The staff is hard at work and preparing for open season! So much parking and horse stables every where. Library on premise and a restaurant. More info to come when season starts.

Sandraella Call — Google review

What a blast! I haven't been here for 30 years , it was amazing how it changed, I remember pulling up in the lot next to the Grand Stand. I was VERY happy to see the spittoons were gone! Also that people dont throw their tickets on the ground anymore.The dress is a lot more casual than I remember. There were several people who took benches and moved them in a U shape to reserve them. The people behind us did that and never filled all the seats and also blocked the aisles making it difficult to get to and from our seat.All in all it was a great day and we had a great time. Its a beautiful track.

Kari Bandle — Google review

Great time in the STAKES Room. Very nice atmosphere on 4th floor. Bar and food all included, and a betting assistance. Outside there is the balcony for great views and pictures. Food was excellent. Staff was superb. I asked about finding cheesecake and was told in the Phoenix Room and was going to get a slice after the current race, since the Phoenix Room faced the paddock. Within ten minutes some walked up with a slice of cheesecake and asked if i was looking for cheesecake... now that is service.

Bentley Early — Google review

Most fun you can have in Lexington for $7. Parking is easy. Shuttles take you to the track. Each day has multiple races. $2 minimum bet. Get the program and pen for $5 They even have experts there to advise you if like most folks you have no idea about what is going on. See the horses in the paddock and then watch the race from the general admission area the view is excellent. You can bring in some small camp chairs if you need to sit. For food absolutely get the Ruben and for dessert the bread pudding is an unbeatable classic. Have a great day doing some People watching and enjoy all the outfits, dresses, hats, and fanciers. Once you put $2 on a horse to place another $2 on one to win and final $2 on a couple to show your invested and will find yourself yelling "come on 3 let's go!!!" And high fiveing strangers over your win. Or commiserating a loss. Really, if you have a free Wednesday to Sunday in this area in April or October you must visit for the culture the fun and just general pleasant vibes.

Trey Tollison — Google review

We visited the track early on a beautiful summer morning. No meets at this time of year, but we grabbed breakfast from the Track Kitchen and enjoyed it while waiting for the horses. Very fortunate to see training at the main track; watching them run is a sight to see.Also drove around the grounds - gorgeous! - and really enjoyed our time here.Definitely worth a stop even in the off-season.

Jackie Adler — Google review

This review is for the tours only. I’ve never seen the races so I cannot comment on those. However, I’m sure it’s exhilarating.Our tour guide was Diane and she was absolutely fabulous. Keeneland is rich in history, beauty, and experiences. I would definitely recommend doing the tours if you are not familiar with horse racing. They have several different tours so pick which one suits you best. I believe tours are seasonal; call or look at their site to make sure. They also have so many events throughout the year so make sure to stay up to date on those!Overall, just a great central bluegrass Kentucky experience. Definitely a must-do if you’re here during Oct and April. Thank you Keeneland for your hospitality, we can’t wait to visit again.

Ash Ley — Google review

One of the nicest race tracks around! Beautiful grounds, well-run, clean and wonderful staff! Prices are reasonable at the vendor stands and plenty of choices for food and drinks.Must buy tickets in advance to ensure you get in; races were sold out when we visited. General admission is $15 and get there early to get a bench. Good idea to bring a bag chair; no backyard to sit, no coolers, no backpacks.Great experience!!

Nkellz 3018 — Google review

We love this racecourse. When I think racing, I think Keeneland. They have a wonderful old tradition feel with a wonderful staff. This place is a well oiled machine. Multiple Stakes races and the Bluegrass Derby Prep is a must see. Top quality place.

steve durham — Google review

One of my favorite places! I love dressing up and attending either the spring or the fall meet. Definitely a smaller, more intimate, and a more beautiful venue. I love how the horses are walked in the paddock before each race! The staff are always very friendly and helpful. You can't go wrong with buying tickets for the dining rooms - absolutely no lines for betting or drinks. General admission tickets are fun too

Tina — Google review

My favorite & most beautiful horse tracks in the US. Everyone is so fun & happy during the spring & fall meets. Get to see some of the best thoroughbreds in the world, with the most beautiful scenery in the background. It’s a bucket list item for any horse racing aficionado.

K W — Google review

We were here today for an employee tour only. The day was rainy, but it was so incredibly beautiful. I learned so much from Paul, our tour guide! He was knowledgeable obove and beyond mere Keeneland history. You could tell he was a lifelong lover of the sport!One of the points he continuously reminded us of was the desire for Keeneland to remain historically beautiful and maintain a glorious green space. They have done that so well. It was a highly wducational experience and I enjoyed every minute!Races begin next Friday and I would love to go back!!

Cassie Bittinger — Google review

I was advised to go before 10:00 a.m. so I could see the thoroughbreds work out. It worked, delightful to watch.Then was able to see November Breeders auction. Beautiful horses brought on the stage and bid on--most bidding done within 90 seconds.Grounds are beautiful and relaxing. No costs to walk the grounds.

Kathy Condon — Google review

4201 Versailles Rd, Lexington, KY 40510, USAhttp://www.keeneland.com/(859) 254-3412


Louisville Mega Cavern

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (136)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (137)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (138)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (139)


(7810)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (140)


(19705)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (141)

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Sights & Landmarks

Sightseeing tour agency

Tourist information center

Historic Sites

Caverns & Caves

Louisville Mega Cavern is a subterranean recreation center that offers activities such as zip lines, ropes courses, and underground bike park. It's one of the most popular attractions in Louisville due to its various adventure-focused activities.

This adventure was the best idea, something different, and it did not disappoint.I registered, purchased tickets, and signed wavers all online and via digital delivery. It was so easy. I pulled up and drove around and found the location. There was not anyone else really around and even though there were signs I didn’t know what to do. I think those main tour doors needed to be construction orange or green with a big clear enter sign enter sign . There are lots of signs and info but needed to be a little more clear and simple..After entering through the side and walking down a creepy hall, I walk into this massive room and there was the tram, and across the giant room was a town façade and waiting area. I made my way over and when walking into the underground welcome center was warmly greeting by seven or so staff. There was a gift shop, snack area, very nice restrooms, and an open indoor ropes course to the side.My tour was the first of the day of a Thursday so that was probably why there was no crowd to follow but it added to the adventure for me! The price was $21.94 and the tour lasted a little over an hour. It was awesome to see the inside and understanding the history and purpose of the cavern and it’s evolution.Shout out my tour guide Skeeter! He was the best! Great guide, extremely funny, and delivering an up beat, educational tour with a side of humor.I won’t give away all the history and stories so there will not be any real spoilers from the tour but I will say this was a great experience and so glad a booked the tram tour. It was definitely something different and fun to do.

Wm. Les Roberts — Google review

Super cool place! I have never taken a tram car thru a cavern before. Our guide was great, too. He explained everything in the cavern and how it was created. It was interesting enough down there to keep my 11 month old grandson occupied. I definitely will be back!FYI, I have night vision on my phone. It is a lot darker than it looks...

Bob Houghtelin — Google review

We had a great time here. We decided on the walking tour, and it was pretty fun. The guide Olivia did a great job. It is a little pricey for what it is, but we are glad we did it. It is so neat down there. It is amazing how large it actually is in person. The entrance is a little weird, and we weren't sure we were in the right place. It is a long hallway that looks abandoned, but eventually opens up to the cave.

Myles Away — Google review

According to the owners quote, they "transform it into a holiday light spectacular for the Christmas season. "If you consider displays of Marvel's avengers, Mario brothers, minions, and tanks to be part of the Christmas season, then I guess the quote is right.Only about half of the 15 minute drive through was holiday-themed. It seems like the rest of it was put into place just as a filler.Not to say it wasn't neat, but it's not as neat as they make it.

Brokk — Google review

Aaron and Jordan were awesome guides for the zip lining!! We felt safe and had a lot of fun!Best drive thru light show we've ever seen!Highly recommend going and doing these activities. Great family fun!

Donna Gibson — Google review

Excellent tour with our tour guide Skeeter. Skeeter did a good job of providing us with laughs while also giving us the history of the caverns.My family and I chose the Tram tour since we have a small child. It is cool in the cavern but not cold. We were fine with a light jacket.It's not really a lot to see if you don't Zipline or do more of the exciting attractions. Kids might get a little bored on the tram.It is a huge place, I think about 17 miles and the tram is about 2 miles long. It's a unique experience and one I'd definitely say to give a try.

E Blount — Google review

We came here to do the Mega Quest aerial adventure course! The guides explained everything well and were friendly and helpful. We felt completely safe and confident in using our gear, the belays are easy and intuitive to use. I liked that it wasn’t a linear course, and you could go through it at your own pace and choose which routes to take. The short zip lines in it were our favorite! You’re also allowed to leave the course at any time to take a break and remove your helmet and gloves, just don’t take off your harness because then you are done. You get two hours on the course which was more than enough time, we even ended up finishing a little early because we were so sore!I recommend short sleeves because you get really sweaty, however personally I’d recommend long pants because with all the ropes on the course, I did get a couple small rope scrapes. Nothing terrible, just keep that in mind!There are lockers to store anything you don’t want to take/wear on the course, but it takes quarters so make sure you bring cash or prepare to use the on site ATM that charges a fee. Make sure to have cash to tip your guides too! They’re working hard for you!We live in Ohio but I’d love to come back some day to try the full zip line course or the tram tour!

Em Horvath — Google review

I purchased the Mega Tram ticket since I was already doing so much walking on my vacation. I called before hand and was told that the Mega Tram and the Mega Walking tours covered the same route. Our tour guide was great and made jokes along the way. The cavern was a pleasant temperature since I visited on the hottest day of the year. Definitely worth seeing if you want a break from the heat of summer but not what I would consider over the top exciting or a must-see. I like caves and caverns so I enjyed it.

Carol Tarcza — Google review

Awesome must-do adventure!! Very kid friendly! The staff is very attentive and nice, very knowledgeable as well!!! I encourage all ages to try it out. Even if you are afraid of heights they have a low level course. Super fun time and you will definitely get a good workout in

Adrian Gonzalez — Google review

More then worth the drive. The kids loved it and it was just enough time spent driving thru before it became too much. Xmas Eve was the right time to go and the price wasn't overpriced by any means. Music and lights were fabulous

Nicole Lynn — Google review

Much cooler than I expected! Mega Cavern is an old limestone mine that is massive. It has some interesting history as well once being a fallout shelter. Now it is a driving tour, adventure area, zip line tour, light show and even commercial storage. Worth the visit!

Kevin M — Google review

This was an absolutely amazing experience for the whole family. There's a display for everyone. Dinosaurs, Christmas scenes, marvel comics characters, heavy machinery, veterans, Disney and other characters, America/USA, and amazing light shows at several places. Very entertaining and we will definitely be back again. We'll probably take the guided wagon ride through next time just for the better view!

KY CBD Farmacy — Google review

Well worth the cost. Lots to do while waiting. I was disappointed in the gift shop. They seem to have cut back after Covid. Our tour guide was very informative. In the picture of the original caverns look close and see a man standing in the original 60 foot high cavern. They hauled in 40 feet of fill.

David Givan — Google review

So much fun! Everything started on time and we were with a great group. The guides Abby and Bambie so sweet, clear about what was needed for the zip parts and had fun comments to add in. We had a blast.

Jessica Parkinson — Google review

We did the walking tour and it was pretty cool - the lights make it fun and it’s interesting to hear the history of the cavern. Our guide talked a LOT - could be good for people who enjoy awkward jokes and hearing the same voice non-stop, but it wasn’t for us. Might have been better with a different guide. Entrance is through a long hallway, just keep going even if it feels like you’re not at the right place.

Bankura M — Google review

Absolutely loved it. We went on a weekday and got there around 10:30 to 11:00. There was no wait and we drove right in. The beginning was good and it just kept getting better and better as we went through. The finale at the end was the best experience. I highly recommend it for both kids and adults as there's plenty to see for both.

Christina Labash — Google review

1841 Taylor Ave, Louisville, KY 40213, USAhttps://louisvillemegacavern.com/(877) 614-6342


James B. Beam Distilling Co.

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (143)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (144)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (145)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (146)


(1013)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (147)


(1599)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (148)


Food & Drink

Tourist information center

We enjoyed both gift shops. The Kitchen Table restaurant and bar is a nice experience. Good food and drinks. Great overall experience.*Get your tour tickets in advance if possible. They sold out for the whole day by the time we got there.*Mask required (03/05/2022) for tour and gift shops.

Brad Roberts — Google review

Amazing tour! This was one of our favorite tours on the Bourbon Trail. Our guide was very informative and entertaining. The tour takes you behind the scenes of their state of the art facility and provides so much insight into their history and their bourbon making process. We had the opportunity to bottle our own Barrel Proof Knob Creek and the tour was followed by a traditional tasting of their products. They have a very large gift shop selection in addition to an on-site restaurant. We didn't get an opportunity to eat at the restaurant but we heard great things about it and we look forward to trying it on our next trip. Following our tour, we were able to purchase a Lineage bottle, however they did not have any other allocated bottles available. The staff advised they frequently put out other allocated bottles at random times throughout the day. I highly recommend stopping by the distillery. You won't be disappointed.

Clayton Lamont — Google review

Since I’ve already been to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, I had to give this one a chance!I booked the Beam Made Bourbon Distillery Tour & Tasting for my significant other and I on their website. I even brought my dog along. This experience was a total of 1.5 hours.The entrance took us down a winding road around the campus. It was quite large, so the signs helped tremendously on where to go to find parking. We entered through the American Outpost building to get things started. We were each issued a physical ticket.At the start of the tour, we were greeted by the two tour guides. After being told the rules, they directed us to go on the shuttle bus outside. It was a short ride to our first destination. We used the shuttle bus throughout the tour, as the campus was so much larger than it appeared at first glance. We were also in and out of certain areas, so if you have the chance to visit here, you may want to dress appropriately for the weather. Unfortunately for us, it was cold outside.After we viewed everything on the tour that was used to make bourbon, our last stop was to actually try bourbon! With bourbon around me for over an hour, I was pumped to arrive at the tasting room. I was able to choose my own seat and there was a tasting palette prepared in front of each seat. The palette consisted of Jim Beam, Basil Hayden, Knob Creek, an empty glass for Your Bourbon Of Choice, Booker’s Beaten Biscuits, and Water. We were guided on how to properly perform a bourbon tasting. Without giving too much away, there was a process, trust me. This tasting was, in a way, elegant. I enjoyed everything on the palette, including the oddly placed Biscuit. For my Bourbon Of Choice, I chose Booker’s. I figured that it would be a good choice, since it was a fairly old bourbon and being the oldest of the choices. It was a mean bourbon! I’m glad I chose it.The service at every angle of this place was outstanding! The tour guides were both filled with knowledge and even answered random questions from other guests on the tour. They never rushed anything, which gave me optimal time to soak in each set of scenery.Overall, I had a great time here! The cold weather was saddening, but of course that wasn’t their fault at all. Going in and out of the buildings accompanied by the moments in the shuttle bus gave me blasts of warmth. I would definitely return here in the future!Date of visit: February 3, 2023

chaddy andrew — Google review

Great tour. It was fun to see so much of the campus on the tour. They do have sell some allocated bourbon in lower gift shop, but like all bourbon at many times sold out. The tasting was good 4 small pours but that is legal standard. The tour guide was knowledgeable and it was fun to learn.

Jonathan Yardley — Google review

This was an incredible experience! We arrived about 30 minutes before our tour was to start. It gave us the opportunity to look around the gift shop. The tour started promptly at 10:00 AM. Our tour guide, Courtney, was the bomb! Knowledgeable, witty and sometimes funny, she made the tour fun. Even if we were calling here credibility into question about half way through the tour. (Inside joke there, take the tour and you'll get it!) The bourbon tasting at the end of the tour was interesting and informative. There were 4 different bourbons and they each had their own unique characteristics. This place for sure gets 5 ⭐'s from me!

Brad Knutti — Google review

This place is gorgeous. We came in and felt welcome to learn about their history. Because James Beam own multiple brand under them, they offer many cool selections for whiskey. During this time is high season, reservation is required. I was trying to make reservations two weeks prior, nothing was available. So we just browsed around and picked up a few of Distillery exclusives bottles.

Wind Napol — Google review

What a gorgeous property! We didn't expect to enjoy our time here as much as we did. Beautiful fall decor, and fabulous staff. We had a fun tasting with Lily, though the tasting room was great, it was a little loud with a full room. We had lunch at the Kitchen Table afterward and had a great meal and the best old fashioned I've ever had. We bought two excellent bourbons to add to our collection. We visited to check Jim Beam off of our bourbon trail passport, but we'll come back just for fun.

Jackie Kearns — Google review

Definitely a distillery you will want to include on your Kentucky tour.Pros:*Beautiful campus filled with rolling hills and decorated buildings for Christmas.*Lovely gift shop with lots of items for sale with all their different brand logos.*Nicely appointed restaurant with a lot of unique recipes with both outdoor and indoor seating.*Many picturesque spots with lots of bronze statuary to take some great group photos.*Extremely nice and accommodating staff both in the gift shop and also the restaurant.*Free wifiCons:*The lunch items we ordered, while good, were not as hot as expected.*The drinks we ordered at the restaurant were mainly ice with very little alcohol, which seems odd for a distillery.*Tours start at $25 dollars and include a tasting, but several other distillery tours in the area have free tours and tastings.*The gift shop is pricey and the vast majority of the clothing while very high quality looking were mostly 100% polyester.Well worth including in your itinerary!

Christina ODonnell — Google review

10/10 recommend the tour. Our tour guide Nikki was beyond knowledgeable. They have quite the history and Nikki did not miss a beat. For questions she did not know, which was rare, she found the answer quite quickly. She kept our tour group engaged and entertained the entire 1/5 hours. The grounds are absolutely beautiful, and the restaurant is top notch. There was not a single thing on the menu that we would not get again. The duck poppers, the sausage pizza, the red salad, absolutely delicious. Our server April was extremely friendly and personable. Everybody we came into contact with was friendly and happy we were there.

Jessica Hoyne — Google review

We went for the Basil Hayden food pairing. It was a little loud from the restaurant but we could hear our host and she was very friendly. The food tested our palates with unique creations. By far the fanciest food we've ever had. It was enjoyable tasting each bourbon with the flavors of each course. Would recommend for something different than a bourbon tour.

Joe Tillmann — Google review

Absolutely great experience! From start to finish the tour was outstanding! Daren and Chase did job! Our entire tour group was engaged, laughed and had an overall great time! I would recommend this to anyone. Please plan ahead and book your tour in advance as they do fill up. Stop in The Kitchen Table while there. You don’t need reservations but I would recommend them. Or, there are usually spots available at the bar. We had a drink at the bar that wasn’t on the menu call “ When in Rome.” I think I have a picture of it in this post. If you have time pick one up and you won’t be disappointed.

Jason McMichael — Google review

A must visit on the Bourbon Trail! Be sure to schedule a tour in advance since they are often sold out. Our tour was both informative and fun! You can even bottle your own bottle of Knob Creek and put your fingerprint on the top.

Tamara Green — Google review

We hadn’t planned to visit this distillery, but I’m glad we did! It was a beautiful spot with great photo opportunities and a gorgeous tasting venue. We learned about some of their lesser known (to us) labels, and enjoyed the opportunity to taste and purchase products we can’t get in Texas. The tasting felt a bit rushed and we didn’t get to sit with our party because it was a full tasting room with no assigned seating, but it was still enjoyable and informative.

S Koppelman — Google review

Amazing experience on the bourbon trail! This is a must-see if you are in the area and looking into the rich history of Kentuckys heritage. Not only is the tour entertaining, you get to sample a number of their bourbon's. The restaurant is a bit pricey but the food is absolutely amazing.

P J — Google review

568 Happy Hollow Rd, Clermont, KY 40110, USAhttp://www.beamdistilling.com/(502) 543-9877


Maker's Mark Distillery

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (149)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (150)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (151)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (152)


(941)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (153)


(2886)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (154)


Food & Drink


Famed bourbon producer offering tours, events & a restaurant for local, seasonal dishes & co*cktails.

Maker’s Mark is a must stop on the bourbon trail! We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Taylor. The distillery grounds are beautiful and they have a very historic feel. It is amazing to learn how much of this production is still done by hand including the cutting of the labels and the wax seal. A fun experience in the gift shop is that you can buy an unsealed bottle and dip it in the wax yourself. They tasting consisted of 5 pours. They have plenty of parking here but the tour ends at the gift shop that’s a ways away from the parking lot but there is a shuttle bus that will take you back.

Jessica Panicucci — Google review

We made the two hour drive out here, because we heard it was a great tour. It was! It was totally worth it!! We were a little nervous, as the three of us were teamed up with a party bus group of guys - but they wound up being awesome, too. Our guide was wonderful; she was very knowledgeable, fun, professional, and personable. Whisky kitty was a bonus. At the end, we got to dip our own bottles. The selection available was really nice, as was the staff. Thank you for such a great tour!

Heather A. — Google review

We went on a Beyond the Bourbon tour today with our host Jim. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience. We showed up exactly on time and had to run in to make sure we were a part of the group. We honestly thought we were in the wrong area, thankfully we were not. The tour was very in-depth and Jim was full of so much knowledge about the process, the history and did a great job making sure we saw all areas of the grounds. Their grounds are top notch! We enjoyed 4-5 samples along the tour. We did pay to dunk a bottle after the tour, we tried to get a slam dunk, but the vat wasn’t very deep 🤣. After we walked around some more we had a few co*cktails at the bar. The Apple butter Old Fashioned was phenomenal. Our bartender was very friendly and made is feel right at home. I highly recommend adding this to your trip!

Holly Johnson — Google review

We had a great time touring the distillery. Beautiful location, great tour guide (Bree-sp??) and delicious bourbon. The tasting was so good! Hand-dipping our own bottles was an experience. Very interesting history there.

Amanda Beam — Google review

This is simply a MUST VISIT on the bourbon trail. Our tour guide was incredible. He was funny but also went very in depth with his explanation of the facilities, the grounds, and the general history of Maker's Mark. I learned so much about Maker's Mark during my tour. The grounds were absolutely stunning and the tasting at the end of the tour was great as well. Then we got to dip our own bottles in the gift shop which was awesome! They also have some exclusive flavors only offered at the gift shop. Overall experience was a 5/5 and I would return just for the offerings at the gift shop and to dip another bottle!

Stephen self — Google review

In one word, beautiful.But this a review and more words are required.The standard tour was thorough and had a great tasting at the end.Great drinks at the bar and you can take one on the tour with you, until you enter the distillery proper.Words can’t capture the quality of landscaping and attention to artistic detail on this property. A true visitor experience.

Brent Campbell — Google review

The grounds are truly beautiful. Whether you cleft a formal tour and see the production, bottling and stamping facilities, or you grab a co*cktail and walk the beautiful 100+ acres that they own, it’s a fantastic time. And to answer the question everybody has, yes, you can still dip your own bottle without going on a tour. They have a selection of bottles to choose from and purchase to then dip in the iconic red wax in their gift store. Absolutely recommend, but be careful if you use Google Maps, it will take you down the skinny backroads and can be a bit sketchy to get there. 10/10, would recommend.

Jack Steele — Google review

What an incredible, unique experience we had at Maker's Mark Distillery. The grounds are exceptional, the tour is fantastic, and the tasting is second to none. I had my doubts going into this, and coming out I was a believer. The bar experience just before going on the tour was fantastic and the tour itself was an eye opener. Everyone should experience this the smells and the sounds and the sights are worth every cent you pay.

Kevin B — Google review

Visited another first rate distillery today! Wonderful staff, amazing grounds, and what a nice setting this place is located in. Our tour guide Tim was informative and entertaining and made this a great experience. And remember if your GPS takes you on Makers Mark Rd to the distillery, be prepared to drive on a narrow road that you'll need to take turns with oncoming traffic.

A M — Google review

We went on a great tour yesterday. There were only eight of us on the tour. We all had a fantastic time with Andrew he went above and beyond. I showed him a picture of my dead husband and I said I wanted to recreate it he said the bench was no longer there but he did help us find a new place and took the pictures. Once again thanks Andrew for a great tour.

Alice Bingham — Google review

Such a great experience on the tour. Our tour was fun and very informational. The campus was beautiful and we got a great look at how they make their bourbon. I especially liked the look at the cellar which makes MM46 and the distillers select. This is definitely one of the must see distillery’s on the bourbon trail.

Adam Burleson — Google review

We did six or seven tours / tastings while we were here this week and this one was both the one I was looking most forward to, and the one that was overall probably by favorite. The property alone was absolutely incredible. The tour, given to my group by I believe Andrew, was fantastic. He really shows how passionate and knowledgeable about bourbon and everything Makers Mark... From the history to the processes involved in all phases of making their products to the tasting. Such a cool place and I was not disappointed in my expectations. Probably even exceeded. I would totally do this tour again if I'm ever back on the trail!

Kendal Montgomery — Google review

Had a fantastic time at Maker’s doing the tour. Our guide was Tim, and he was excellent - super informative, funny but casual and his passion for bourbon and the brand was obvious. The tour is brilliant, you really feel that you’re going behind the scenes and they don’t hide anything, showing you everything from the mash tubs, the labelling, storage and even the bottling. Recommend buying and dipping a bottle at the end, a great gift. Would love to go back!

Alex Ainsworth — Google review

The grounds and tour are amazing. The stained and blown glass are worth every step to see as well as the garden. The only “warning” is that they do not accept cash and the “tips” are included as a service charge. 40$ for two co*cktails and not the usual friendliness from the bar tender.

Mary Phelps — Google review

Chet was wonderful! Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The Golden Ticket Ambassador tour was very fun and informative. It was intimate and we got special insights into areas that the general tour doesn't cover. Maker's Mark is a beautifully crafted Bourbon, paving the way in sustainability. The Ambassador program is great and I encourage you to join! Plus, it is hands down the best Bourbon Whiskey on the planet!!

Hedda Co — Google review

Easily one of the best Distillery tours we've had. The guide was very polite and knowledgeable. I got to see a slam dunk on the line after I tried to encourage the lady's to do one and it made my whole experience so great. Highly recommend this Distillery and the tour/tasting

Josh Wolff — Google review

We had a wonderful time on tour at Maker’s! Josey was a personable tour guide that made it such a fun experience. The tour is unique from others where you get to see the printing room, hand dipping line, and the private cellar. The on site sandwich place was way too pricey for lunch but good food and decent service. If you’re trying to grab lunch before a tour give yourself at LEAST an hour or get takeout sandwiches. We like the vibe of the facility and loved the art museum in the visitor center! Only wish they had more EV chargers.

Casey Van Hout — Google review

If you are planning on doing a distillery tour in the area I highly recommend this one. It is different from others in so many good ways. The grounds are beautiful and almost like they were made for the touring experience. If you are lucky you’ll get Michelle as your tour guide! She has only been a guide at makers mark since the summer but she knows her stuff! She also makes the tour a funny and lighthearted experience. This is a tour you don’t want to pass up.

Darian Mason — Google review

The grounds of Makers Mark are beautiful and the company is focused on sustainability and using as much as they can from their land in their food and co*cktails. Our guide Lexi did a fantastic job. She’s very knowledgeable and was able to answer every question that our group asked. There is a restaurant on site open for lunch.My husband and I chose the Remarkable Experience tour. At the time of our visit, it was $100 per person. The tour was 2.5 hours and we saw the distilling process, bottling, the gardens, a rickhouse, an aging area with a limestone wall, and we finished at the lake with a pour on the side of the water. Most of the tour is walking, but guests ride in a vehicle to the farm/lake area. We appreciated the extent of the tour but felt the price is too high. We didn’t get to sample a rare product or keep the glass. For us, the best part of the tour was getting to sample a pour straight from a barrel.

Stephanie Cotter — Google review

3350 Burks Spring Rd, Loretto, KY 40037, USAhttp://www.makersmark.com/distillery(270) 865-2099

I'll never travel to Birmingham without this trip planner again

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40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (160)

I will never travel to Birmingham without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Mammoth Cave

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (162)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (163)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (164)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (165)


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Nature & Parks

Caverns & Caves

Kentucky 42259, USA


National Corvette Museum

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (167)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (168)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (169)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (170)


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History museum

National museum

Specialty Museums

The National Corvette Museum is a car museum located in Bowling Green, Kentucky that features over 80 Corvettes from across the lifespan of the car. The museum has interactive exhibits and allows visitors to get behind the wheel of a Corvette stimulator. It is a great place for families to visit and learn about Corvettes history.

I was honestly surprised how much fun it was. I'm not a huge fan of cars, but there were some seriously impressive cars, but also great displays and artifacts in the museum.My husband and father-in-law absolutely loved it and they are why we went.The tickets were not too expensive and worth what you got out of it.I particularly enjoyed the sinkhole exhibit.I probably could have spent longer at each exhibit, but we were a bit pressed for time. I'd say give yourself at least 2 hours to go through the whole tour.

Erin Grigson — Google review

This place is beautiful. We didn't get to see the private collection, and I wish they had some sign at the check-in desk that have the hours of when they are open. Also the cafe was closed (closes at 3p) when we went and I was looking forward to doing that too but they weren't open.The Museum has a wonderful collection of corvettes over the years. They deliver their timeline beautifully. TCM also shows their entire sinkhole collection and history of everything. They have a special room. It's magnificent to see. You really feel the energy from that day in there. It's displeasing to say the least. But, wonderfully put together.There are lots of photos of the different era cars on the Google page, however, I clicked the snap button on my favorites.I did check out the brick engraving and that's $125 to do that, but gets shared after a while due to weather. However, they do have nice octagon shaped bricks inside and those are $250 for non members and $200 for members. This would make for a better option if you would like your legacy to live on for years to come.

Sharon Gadbois — Google review

The experience was a great learning experience for the history of the corvette. Well worth the stop for car enthusiasts. My kids enjoyed some of the interactive exhibits. The corvette collection is fantastic. So many I would love to own. Also the sink hole exhibit was interesting and educational. The children did the simulator and both were frustrated with the steering of it but both were glad they had done it. Probably just a one time event for me..

Shawn Collins — Google review

Had a great visit to the Museum. Glad to see that they were open on Sunday and went with my 2 sons. The place is very well kept and modern. They had a restaurant, library and archive (not open), gift store, stimulator and of course the main museum. We loved the Education center and all the interactive activities within. It kept my 8 and 4 year old entertained and excited. The 'shrine' to the cave-in was awesome and informative. I do wish they left a bit more of the cave-in exposed but probably couldn't for safety reasons. All this along with the awesome, historic Corvettes made it a trip to remember. We plan on returning.

Adam — Google review

You don't have to be a Corvette nut to absolutely love this place, but it helps to love cars!! A superb museum with everything you need to see and know about Corvettes. The main lobby is also the delivery area for people to collect their new cars, so you get to see the absolute latest cars too. There's also a great exhibit about a sink hole that swallowed a load of cars from their collection... very interesting.

PM Biffa — Google review

Great experience, learning opportunity, and eloping history of one incredible design of an automobile. Gorgeous vehicles displayed elegantly with a good flow of exhibit. Shop is also very well equipped with unique gifts and brand items. Go see for yourself.

Marlena Karwowski — Google review

I grew up in a Corvette family, so this was a must to stop and see. It just happened to be on our way home from vacation. We added a night in Bowling Green to be able to see this and Mammoth Cave. The history is fantastic and the cars are oh my!! Both new and old, fantastic! If you love cars or Corvettes, then you need to stop here! I did purchase my tickets online ahead of time. They do say they are food for 1 year from the purchase date as long as it is not a combo ticket. We went on a Monday morning and it wasn't super busy yet.

Tracey — Google review

This place is awesome. What a treat to visit this museum. They have a lot to offer. A lot of beautiful,rare cars are on display for your viewing pleasure.The sinkhole was an incredible event that took place here a few years ago. It's all fixed now and you can visit worry free.

Sean Motise — Google review

Great place to visit for car lovers and just a hour north of Nashville. Interesting collection and history, plus a look down at the sink hole that swallowed millions of $ in vehicles a few years ago. Even got to see some buyers take delivery of their new cars. Affordable

Laura Degelau (Laura Degelau REALTOR) — Google review

Wow!!! This place is amazing! What a great job of preserving and presenting the history of the Corvette. The displays are immaculate. The entire museum is very well lit and all the signage is easy to read. I did not know that they had a cave collapse that wrecked eight cars. I couldn't stay as long as I wanted, but I'll be back SOON!!

Stan Arnold — Google review

Very cool and informative tour of the factory. No phones, cameras or recording devices allowed. We also toured the museum and saw the sink hole area. That hole is crazy deep.My favorite Corvette paint job was the shark.Went i the gift store and surprised by how reasonable the merchandise was.Gene was great, hell, they all were great and informative.

Christa — Google review

What a great place for my corvette loving teen. The exhibits are top notch, easy to access and interesting. Easy to walk through. Wheelchair accessible. Very cool place. Get the simulator ride for 10 dollars worth it. There is a bit of a wait for that when busy waited 30 min. Eat the the Stingray Cafe. Chicken and waffles 🧇 😋 stingray burger 🍔 victory burger a1 z1 burger yum . Bourbon cake 🎂

Sharon J — Google review

Visited 7/23/23 nice museum. Cost to much money to enter. $18 adults & 14 & under is free. Many different vets to druel over the old & new. They did great with the history

Ebonyeyes — Google review

Really enjoyed our visit. We also did the plant tour, which made the trip more than worth it. The museum was very cool with lots of unique Corvettes to see. It doesn't take too long to see everything, though. The restaurant was also quite nice.

Peter Sanders — Google review

Definitely one to mark off the bucket list for people who love to travel and learn. They have made several updates since the last time I came. I loved that they added stuff for the younger kids. Definitely will be back!

N&N Homestead Channel — Google review

Good museum and not just for fans or owners. A bit pricey for what you see but it’s inline with similar museums.Make sure to really say you want a plant tour and check your receipt. We got booked a museum tour instead. They made it right but we had to come back another day.

Jean-Francois Désilets — Google review

You need to go visit this place if you like cars.We decided to add the guided tour to our ticket. We thought it would add more to the experience. Wow, were we correct. Our tour guide, Jackson, was amazing. Although he was young (19 to 21, we guessed), he knew so much about the history and construction of the Corvette. Jackson worked on the assembly line, as did his father and grandfather. You could tell his love of the Corvette. With 3 generations of knowledge, Jackson was able to bring in personal stories to the tour, not just dry facts. We loved every minute of our tour.The museum is extremely interesting. They have Corvettes from 1953 to today. The displays are well thought out and the descriptions well written. It isn't just a bunch of cars lined up like a car show.

Valari Rose-Johnson — Google review

My boyfriend and I went to visit for the first time on his birthday weekend. We had a really great time. We loved the seeing the authenticity and beauty in the cars and learning about them and the people that made them. We were a little disappointed that when we went some of it was closed off because of renovations. But we still had an awesome experience and cannot wait to bring our kids!

Johnica Ester — Google review

350 Corvette Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101, USAhttps://www.corvettemuseum.org/(270) 781-7973


Grand Ole Opry

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (173)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (174)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (175)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (176)


(26205)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (177)


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Live music venue

Concerts & Shows


Event venue

The Grand Ole Opry, renowned as the authentic country music hub, is a must-see for enthusiasts of this genre. Established in 1974 to serve as the permanent residence of the world's longest-running live radio broadcast, it offers visitors the opportunity to embark on either self-guided or backstage tours. These tours present an array of distinctive memorabilia and intriguing behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the stars who have graced its stage.

I loved this tour so much!!! It was really cool to see all the backstage things for the Grand Ole Opry. The dressing rooms were really interesting to look at. They seem so simple but in my head, they were a lot fancier than they actually are. Most of them don’t even have their own bathrooms. Our tour guide was great! He told us which celebrities saw which dressing rooms. We were able to go on stage as well. I really recommend this tour & hope to one day see a show there.

Chirelle Pearson — Google review

First time to the Opry, and I was not disappointed. Really no bad seat in the venue. The sound and acoustics are great. Be prepared to spend a hefty amount if you plan to drink. Domestic beers were $10.The presentation of everything is immaculate. The venue really goes above and beyond to make this a wonderful experience. There is a 15 minute intermission to allow patrons to use restroom or get food and drinks.Buy your tickets as early as possible. Tickets prices go up closer to showtime, even when seats are the same or further back or to the side. Fee additions are what you expect. You shouldn't need to worry about parking as there is a big open lot in front of the venue that is shared with other local shops. They will make it seem on the website that it is mandatory (or at least imperative) to buy a parking pass.My wife is a huge country fan, as I am more of a casual listener. Regardless, I still had a blast watching live music.

Jon Fred — Google review

Wow. I had no idea How Much Fun!! Great venue. Great entertainment. The host is funny. The musicians are fantastic. Really enjoyed the music and the atmosphere is amazing. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Driving was no issue and we got back downtown with no problem. The mall next to it looks Huge. I’m sure you could spend the whole day there. Get your tickets soon. They go fast and now I see why. Everyone had a great time. Enjoy 😊

Examiner 007 — Google review

This was very awesome. We loved every minute. My teenager laughed and smiled quite a bit so it has to be great. I would highly recommend this to all. We liked the shop and the back stage tour. Which is take it or leave it but Connie was great. Wonderful stuff going on here.

Eric Fitzpatrick — Google review

The venue is nice and you can see fine from anywhere. We were in the last row and didn’t have any problems. The seats are like church pews. They were comfortable. The show itself was entertaining as well. They had a variety of acts and each performed for around 15 minutes. It was nice to have them changing frequently. That way if they have one that you don’t like much it will switch out in a few minutes.

Ryan Bibler — Google review

Wow! What a classic venue. You can feel immense talent that makes this a huge showcase for young/upcoming, current and ageless superstar performers. The Customer Service was great, even moving us and others down to closer seats. They keep things moving and in-between the MC is great. If close you have to check this out country fan or not.

Brian Fitch — Google review

What a amazing experience. We did the Circle room, Opry and post show. I could not find any reviews on the Circle room(premium lounge pass) but we enjoyed having a place to be before the show, drinks and munchies included until intermission is over. Included a photo and a guest drop in. Shout out to Maddie & Q! We would do it again. The Opry...wow! That was an awesome experience. We didn't know performers really, but do not need to. What an amazing show. The comedian was spectacular, the up and coming performers were outstanding and the Opry members were wonderful. I cannot say enough about all the staff we encountered. They made our experience so much more. Very friendly, helpful and they all loved their jobs & the Opry. We sat in section 4, row G. I would absolutely want those seats again! No watching screens. Thank you Grand Ole Opry, what a great night!

Michelle Behne — Google review

I enjoyed the show! We had upper bowl tickets and one of the hosts offered to move us to the lower bowl because there were 2 men in our seating section and we would not of all fit together...so moving to the lower area was exciting and a plus!! So thank you for that. The grand Ole Opry is so beautiful inside and a great place to see a concert!!

Amy kirila — Google review

I was in Nashville for a few days and saw the Opry Country Christmas show. I purchased a ticket the day before at the ticket office. The venue is top-notch. It was easy to find my section. My seat was on the upper level but I could still see just fine and there were plenty of screens for a more up close view. Pew seating but it’s cushioned…plan to stand up or move out of the way if you have long legs and anyone in your row needs to get out. The ticket price was reasonable considering the number of artists performing. Concession stands sold food: snacks but also packaged salads, sandwiches and pizza. Alcoholic drinks were available. I had water and pretzel bites. Restrooms were easy to find and no long lines. I parked across the street at Opry Mills for free - that’s just a short walk. The show was entertaining and had audience participation. I did the backstage tour on a previous trip and recommend that at well.

Miss Val — Google review

It's difficult to explain how fantastic this show actually is. I'm not a massive country music fan, but, when in Nashville, we figured we should go. I'm so glad we did. It was a fascinating mix of big stars, up and comers, and forces behind the music industry that we'd never heard of, but turned out to be highlights. If you don't recognize the line up, don't let it dissuade you from going - our group thoroughly enjoyed everyone.

James McCallum — Google review

We couldn't believe how close we were to the stage, but I don't think there is a bad seat in the house. They also have big screens to watch the artists up close. There was a good variety of the Old and the new music. We even got to listen to a hilarious comedian, although many of the musicians made us laugh too. Seats were comfortable, bathrooms clean and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Food and beverages were also available to take to your seats to enjoy. Don't miss it! Every show is unique.

Katrina Qualls — Google review

We enjoyed our visit, show and post tour. We saw a country classic show. They change up the shows so they have different people in different days of the week. It was a great venue with only 4,400 seats and there's not a bad seat and you could move around with ease because it wasn't overly crowded! That made it very nice!!The show flowed well, Larry Gaitlyn did an excellent job hosting and it was a fabulous show that made you feel right at home!The post tour, a behind the scenes look at what goes on backstage. was excellent as well! It's a solid 45 minutes of going through were the singers enter, quite a few dressing rooms and going on stage. Note, this tour was all standing.The shop was large and had a variety of items but it was expensive.A must see for any music fan! We definitely will take an opportunity to visit again!

DElightful Photography — Google review

At first I was a little concerned with selecting the $55 "cheap seats" but that's all that was available when we decided to go. I was relieved to see there is no bad seat in the house! It is such an intimate setting. We will definitely be back!

Wendy Sebert — Google review

I had such an amazing day at the Opry. I took the Women of Country Tour and David was a wealth of knowledge on the women who have and currently call the Opry home. The show I attended was just so great. It was awesome to be able to share my first time at the Grand Ole Opry with Kasey Tyndall as she stepped into the circle for the first time. After the show, I took a post-show backstage tour and once again my tour guide, Michael had so much to share with us. Even though I had seem some of the backstage earlier, Michael had different information to share and I got to see different things. Getting to see where they filmed HEE HAW was so awesome as I remember watching that show with my Grandma, who is the whole reason I love country music. This was such a great day and I cannot wait to be back.

Antoinette Harris — Google review

I saw Dashboard Confessional and Counting Crows Monday Aug. 14, 2023. Absolutely amazing concert in a beautiful, historic venue. It was my second at the Opry, and I will definitely be attending more concerts there. The only negative is if you are in the 30 sections of the balcony it's a very steep angle to see down to the stage. Otherwise, it's a wonderful place to see some of your favorite band.

Corey Guthrie — Google review

Psychedelic Furs and Squeeze. The college self is very happy. Great venue, full of Nashville vibes. It was odd to be there for something other than country music. Free and plentiful parking was a treat. Short walk and lots of benches and places to sit if you arrive early for a show.

Jody Todd — Google review

We were in town on a business trip and got to tour the Grand Ole Opry. Such a wonderfully unique experience! The tour guide we had was fabulous and entertaining- she made sure to cover the history of the place with a nice flair of fun.The video they showed made me tear up, you can really tell it's an honor for someone to be invited to join as a member. We got to stand on the stage and it's unbelievable! I definitely recommend doing this tour and I can only imagine how awesome a show here is.

Daydreanne Loftis — Google review

My recent visit to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville was nothing short of a sensational experience. From the moment I stepped inside the complex, I was enthralled by its grandeur and warm Southern hospitality. The architecture, both inside and out, was a testament to the rich history of country music, and it felt like stepping into a musical shrine.One of the first things that caught my eye was the large gift shop, filled with a wide array of country music memorabilia and souvenirs. It was a country music lover's paradise. I couldn't resist picking up some unique keepsakes to remember the night.The Grand Ole Opry complex also offered numerous dining options and places to grab a refreshing drink, ensuring that guests could enjoy a delightful meal or quench their thirst before the show. The convenience of having all these amenities within the complex made the evening even more enjoyable.But what truly made the night remarkable was the size of the arena. It was just the right balance, not too big, ensuring that no matter where you sat, you had an excellent view of the performers on stage. And what a show it was! The tribute night featured Garth Brooks and several other country music legends, leaving the audience in awe with their extraordinary performances.My visit to the Grand Ole Opry was a memorable experience. The exceptional complex, a vast gift shop, various dining options, and an intimate arena made it a night to remember. If you're a country music enthusiast, this iconic venue in the heart of Nashville is an absolute must-visit. It's a place where the magic of country music truly comes alive.

Scott Puccinelli — Google review

This is a wonderful venue to see great entertainment! The seats are Pews. *If you have any back issues the seat will get uncomfortable. Intermission is a great time to move and stretch while standing up.When purchasing Tickets for a show also purchase Parking. It makes it so easy to walk/use a walker /wheelchair under the lighted covered walkway to your vehicle and leave. Traffic moves really smoothly too.As you can see it’s decorated beautifully for Christmas. So much to take in. The Opry Mall is close too if you want to go out to eat or shop prior to your show.Alcoholic beverages are served at the bars set up in the foyer before a show and during intermission.Restrooms are located on the far right inside. The Restrooms outside on the far left are available to access before entrance inside.There is also the Axis Shop for purchasing tickets, the Opry Gift Shop along with The Roy Acuff House close by.You will not be allowed to enter until the entrance time. If it’s cold or rainy the Gift Shop or Mall are close options to wait.

Tammy London — Google review

We stopped by for a tour of the Grand Ole Opry and it did not disappoint. It is a beautiful facility and the history is so rich. The tour guide was so knowledgeable and they take you back stage to see the unique and stunning dressing rooms. It was a wonderful experience and we are so happy we went.

Emili Whitney — Google review

We have been to Nashville many times, and never attended the Grand Ole Opry. Wow! We missed so much. This time we were guests of one of the acts (Shane Smith and the Saints), and the show was amazing! Great venue! Great show!

John Richardson — Google review

All I can is for King & Country! Awesome experience and best concert where the sound was on point! Christmas time is always magical, but this had me in awe. There were so many sunshine moments on this trip, and I'm glad to have chosen to spend my Christmas here for 2023.

Melissa is your Lil Sarcastic Ray of Sunshine (Ramblin Rose) — Google review

Was a wonderful moving experience. Great backstage tour seeing all the dreasing rooms and areas the entertainers hang out. The theatre and stage was impressive. So much history and information. Can't wait to see a live performance. I do recommend getting tickets in advance. We just showed up but had to buy tickets for a later time or next day.

Dawn Buccigrossi — Google review

What a great night! It's not cheap, and I think the earlier you book, likely the better prices you get.But I was surprised with how the whole thing worked. Multiple artists, 2-3 songs each, really good pace - we loved it.The atmosphere is great, although where it loses its 5th star for me - if you are sitting in the higher rows,.it wasnt quite loud enough. The view was great but I could hear conversations around me better than the music. The other thing, the on air advertisem*nts is kind of gross. I've never been to a show/concert where they are saying between every act, "and today's event is brought to you but (xx) because when you are in need, trust (xx), it's the #1 (xx) in America". Cheesy and weird.Did get to see Don McLean sing American Pie, Adam Wainwright made his debut, Connie Smith, but I think our favourite unexpectedly was Riders in the Sky. Cute, witty, funny and great.

Andre Blanchet — Google review

This is our 3rd visit to the G.O. Opry. If we lived closer I'd go to a show there every month. It's a small intimate setting and the crowds are always respectful. No one is yelling, whistling, or standing up in front of you like at typical concerts. There's not a bad seat in the house. Acoustics are spectacular! Can't say enough Great things about this special Iconic experience. We love the Grand Ole Opry! It makes me want to move to Nashville!

Kay Condon — Google review

600 Opry Mills Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, USA


(615) 871-6779



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Nashville's lively country music scene can be found in the bustling Downtown area, which is home to numerous honky-tonk bars along the main street, Broadway. Visitors can enjoy big-name concerts and backstage tours at the historic Ryman Auditorium, or explore artifacts from Johnny Cash's life at the nearby museum dedicated to him. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum offers hands-on exhibits and audio tours for those interested in learning more about this genre of music.

Nashville, TN, USA


Ryman Auditorium

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Live music venue

Concerts & Shows

Concert hall

The Ryman Auditorium, known as the "Mother Church of Country Music," is a renowned live performance venue located in Nashville, Tennessee. Formerly called the Grand Ole Opry House and the Union Gospel Tabernacle, this historic 2,362-seat auditorium holds a significant place in entertainment history.

I toured the Ryman by myself today waiting for a friend to fly into town and it was a wonderful visit. The staff is really friendly and knowledgeable and it was a neat feeling to walk into a room with such history. They play an informative video to start (don't skip it) and then the rest is self guided. You can get your picture taken on the stage steps and you get a copy for free in the gift shop! I highly recommend going.

Dana Dickerson — Google review

I enjoyed the $30 tour. It includes a video that wraps around you. Displays of clothing worn by many of the greats, both old and current and framed play bills. You can walk freely throughout the auditorium which also let's you see where the techs work. A free photo is provided that is taken on the stage. The employees were lovely and happy! The gift shop is quite affordable. Definitely a worth while adventure. If you choose not to venture inside there are several things to enjoy for free outside.

Ashley — Google review

Always love the Ryman! Of all the venues in Nashville, this is my go-to place! Much more intimate setting and there's no bad seat in the house. I've been to other venues in town but this is absolutely my favorite and always will be. The sound is absolutely incredible. They don't call it the mother church for nothing! It's also amazing the variety of artists that come there. I'm so glad it's one of the buildings that have been restored and still in use! Parking is easy with a parking garage directly next door and several across the street. There are actual church pews that you sit on but you can also bring a cushion. I've never been to a bad concert there! Can't wait for my next trip to the mother church!

Barbara Sly — Google review

Really glad I stopped for the guided tour of the auditorium. There is so much history in one place it’s amazing. If you like country music then this is the place to start. It’s really cool to see the videos and the outfits that were created by and worn by many stars of the past. The dressing rooms are particularly interesting with so many pictures of the stars who have entertained there. It’s fun to have your pictures taken on stage and the gift store has many different kinds of gifts that are all related to the Ryman.

Examiner 007 — Google review

Fantastic shows both Friday and Saturday. I love the residency program it makes my drive more affordable when I can catch multiple shows! The staff as always was outstanding the lines for concessions and bathrooms moved well and we're not outlandish. My balcony seats were outstanding and the sound top notch. The best at any venue I've been in. The place was clean also. Nice that they have a band in the courtyard while waiting to enter. Bravo! My wait time to get in included me showing up an hour early to get a Hatch Print. I always meet music lovers so I don't mind.

Mark Drook — Google review

Watching a show at the Ryman is special, there's no denying that. We went to see the Black Pumas in April as it's one of our favorite bands. Eric is an amazing entertainer! You can't beat the acoustics of the Ryman. Drinks are easy to get with two concessions, although getting to your seat can be a challenge (which can tend to be uncomfortable if you sit too long). We will be back!

Mark Harmon — Google review

Definitely an awe-inspiring ICON of great known historical facts and the city’s MUSIC roots. When you are inside, you can FEEL 132 years of history. It is amazing to me that a jewel like this is being preserved for future generations. What a great visit and experience at the Ryman!

Daniel Sim — Google review

Ryman is fantastic intimate venue! Saw Van Morrison and can't think of better place. Built in 1892 (?) it has beautiful architecture inside and out. Was originally a church, great acoustics, and still has wooden benches. I lucked out and got end of row padded seat, lol. Highly recommend for any artist you want to see.

Martin Schneider — Google review

This was a very nice venue that truly gave me and my husband an intimate listening experience with the musicians on stage. We were just there to see Father John Misty and we were amazed at the acoustics, how sitting in the balcony we had a great view of the entire stage, and the workers there were all very friendly and welcoming. I liked the wooden pew style seating and while it was a tight squeeze and we were packed tightly in our row, the show quality was worth the social discomfort. I would be happy to see any musician on this stage again.The stairs are quite narrow though and while walking up them I tripped onto my face so perhaps be warned. Still, solid 10/10 experience.

Maria — Google review

Did the self guided tour. Beautiful old church turned auditorium with tons of history. The tour features a short video explaining the history, exhibits with clothing worn by inductees, with more history, and a photo on the stage is included.

Rachel White — Google review

We completed the self guided tour on a Sunday and it was an awesome experience. Right from the amazing video introduction through to the cool displays, to the auditorium itself.You can't help but get caught up in the emotion that the multitude of stars would have felt and still no doubt feel to this day when walking through the Ryman and taking the stage.I would happily recommend a visit to the Ryman to anyone that has an interest in music.

Martin Morris — Google review

Loved the history. Took the self-guided tour and it was worth every penny. Really enjoyed being in the place where so many got their start. If you like history, or country music, or both, add this to your list of places to visit.

Laura Jaskot — Google review

The history in this building is really neat - but let's talk about the physical experience of attending a show here. Very often the folks who perform are doing so to a sold-out crowd. This church was built when humans occupied much less space than they do today. If you are 6 foot, it will be painful because there is no room for your knees. If you are even simply moderately sized, you will personally extend over the allotted space for your "seat". And even if *you* don't have long legs or happen to be a thin person, if you have the misfortune of being in a row with a couple other larger folks and your row is full, everyone will be squashed, because they are church pews and many sections don't have any type of seat divider. I know the pews are historic and we want to keep them historic, but the venue DESPERATELY needs to realign the spacing. Charge more per ticket if you have to, but I want to be able to take a full deep breath without every inch of my side body touching the stranger next to me. It's *genuinely* worse than any old, teeny tiny Broadway theater seat in NYC, and I have been in some bad ones. The positive: The acoustics in the venue are great, the bathrooms were clean and modern, the staff is kind. I appreciate that you can take in your beverages to the show, but I had people who spilled their open cup by kicking it on the floor and it dripped down into my space so my floor was covered. Nowhere to put your bag if the seats are all full and the floor is covered in red sticky liquid. ☠️

Kailey Parks — Google review

Walking into the auditorium was an experience that I'll never forget. To the effect of chills and goosebumps just thinking about all the history that has been made in that one place by so many. The most humbling feeling you could ever imagine. Sitting on the old pew and just taking it all in was just amazing. I can't imagine what it must feel like to stand on that stage in that building and do what you love. Something I've always dreamed about.

Appliance Repair — Google review

Really interesting history! I took the guided tour and although the price might seem high, it was well worth it. I learnt so much about the Ryman Auditorium and the whole experience was really interactive and really made the history come to life. It’s a must see if your are visiting Nashville!

Arianna Lafoley — Google review

This was such a great place. After we entered the Auditorium, we were directed upstairs to a movie theater. This was a film on the Auditorium and it's history. Amazing story. During the film, I now understood the importance of the place and how many things came and went. Have a good one.

B Joseph — Google review

We had a fantastic experience at the Ryman auditorium! I took my team to the haunted tour and we all had a blast. The tour was filled with historical facts as well as spooky stories going back to the early 1900s. We got to see dressing rooms, authentic costumes from BB King, and even under the stage. We were also very pleased that everyone in our group was provided a photo at the end of our experience for no additional charge.

Justin Langford — Google review

We went to see two shows on two different nights and both experiences were great. The Ryman was a clean and well organized venue. Entry was simple with little security. The sound was incredible. Crystal clear and at a volume that did not require ear protection. The only downside was the seating. Hard wooden pews were not very comfortable. In spite of that, I'd love to see more artists performing there.

Edward Lewis — Google review

The Ryman Auditorium is an essential stop for anyone visiting Nashville, even if you don't have tickets or there is no show that day, it's worth stopping at. I say this because it is located in the heart of downtown Nashville, surrounded by a vibrant and safe environment full of wonderful retail shopping and all kinds of dining.I went to a concert this summer and got tickets for the front row of the balcony. They were the most amazing seats, and I got them for about $100 each! There was nobody to stand in front of me or block my view, and my buddy and I had the time of our lives!With it's rich history, our band opened by saying that it was a dream of theirs to play at the Ryman, and then proceeded to put on the best live show I've ever seen from them (and I've seen them play live 11 times before). In summary, if there IS a show, GO! If not, stop by and take pictures of the statues outside before continuing on to the surrounding attractions like Printer's Alley (the main street for all the bars and pubs). I recommend staying in a hotel downtown. You can walk everywhere with ease. Everything is close and safe, and you won't have to worry about drinking and driving.

Elliot Schumacher — Google review

The Ryman Auditorium is such an amazing venue! The history in this building is unbelievable. So much talent has graced the stage over the years. I have seen many shows over the years here. This particular concert was Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade on Halloween 2023. So much fun! The crowd was definitely into it. The sound was amazing (I could feel the bass through my feet) and the light show was spectacular! The staff were super friendly and even though the lines were pretty backed up getting in, everything flowed smoothly and we weren't in line too long. I can't wait to see more shows here in the future!

Jeremy Smith — Google review

I had a ticket to a show in the evening and decided to take the self-guided tour earlier in the day. I bought my ticket I site and not in advance. There was just a short wait for the tour to begin. thoroughly enjoyed this experience. They show you a short film to start on the history of the building. Then you take yourself throughout the building. They had some artist memorabilia showcased and you get a free picture of yourself at the end of the tour - free print and then $5 to purchase a digital download. The staff/volunteers were all friendly and knowledgeable. The Johnny Cash bus was on-site and that was accessible with your tour ticket.The sound and energy during the show I saw that evening was incredible. I highly recommend taking the tour and seeing a live show here!! I’m sure I will be back! Also - I had purchased a seat that said obstructed view at the end of an aisle (section 3 - row M) and I can assure you my visibility was not that obstructed.

Miss Val — Google review

If you are a fan of country music this is a must-see. You start with a short movie. (One of the best) that will give you the history of the Ryman. You can do a self-guided or a guided tour. There are videos in the Ryman if you are self guiding. There are many articles of historical significance that you can view. This was one of our favorite places to visit

Brent — Google review

First tour on our last full day in Nashville. Our tour guide, Drake, was very friendly and knowledgeable and provided a great experience. We got to see inside four dressing rooms(no pics allowed)since there were no performances that evening. Walked on stage and was truly in awe of the history. So glad they saved this historic building! We got a short tour of Johnny Cash’s last tour bus too which was included with our ticket purchase.

Don Cosgrove — Google review

I went both to the tour in the morning and Vince Gill Amy Grant Christmas show that night.The tour was great and well worth the extra time I. The movie alone 3D made me feel like I had got my money's worth. Getting a picture is fun. Great walking around seeing the memorabilia. Amazing place. The show spoke for itself!! Not a bad seat in the place. Great experience. Friendly staff. Gift shop nice too.

Joe Watts — Google review

116 5th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219, USA


(615) 889-3060

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Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

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History museum

Specialty Museums

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum showcases the rich history of American music through its collection of artifacts and interactive displays. Situated in downtown Nashville's vibrant District, this attraction brings the city to life, especially at night. Alongside the famous honky tonk bars, visitors can explore shops, restaurants, and historic music landmarks. Just a short distance away is Centennial Park, which offers unique features such as a full-scale replica of the Greek Parthenon.

This place was so cool!!! We budgeted one & a half hours based on the recommended time. I wish we would have planned on a little bit more time. It was so interesting seeing costumes & outfits country stars have worn over the past several years. Loved seeing how fashion has changed & the details in the clothing. Martina McBride section was one of my personal favorites. Definitely recommend but make sure you budget enough time before tours, if you are doing tours.

Chirelle Pearson — Google review

This was an experience that I will never forget in my entire life. I think I was most excited to go here over anywhere else in Nashville. We purchase tickets in advance and therefore were allowed to go straight in. You start on the third floor and work your way down to the first floor where the exit is. I thought that was very smart. The displays were incredible! I love older Country Music and they did not disappoint. I would love to come back here with my kids one today. I know they would love it as much as I did. The gift shop was awesome too!

Amber Wilt — Google review

If you're a music fan of any genre, the Country Music Hall of Fame is a must-see. Lots of history and stories. We also did the RCA Studio B tour. So cool to be in the studio where iconic songs were recorded, ie from Elvis, Dolly and many more. Sitting at the same piano Elvis played was very surreal. Highly recommend!!!

Josh Hightower — Google review

We took the kids through the museum on our vacation and we had a great experience. Wonderful exhibits and history. Would highly recommend this. Tickets seem to average $30;a piece at any museum so if you have to choose, this is the one!

Thomas Selgrade — Google review

Not at all a country music fan (except bluegrass) but I thought this was a great museum. I learned quite a bit, they have some absolutely amazing artifacts, especially musical instruments, great exhibits, some hands on stuff. Really, really enjoyed it and I probably will explore country music outside of bluegrass because of this visit. If you like guitars, they have a fantastic collection to drool over, especially Martin and Gibson.

Robert Marcovich — Google review

This place had some really cool things in it and so many things to look at! It had outfit of what the singers wore in their most popular songs and the records and everything! It's just an amazing place you have to visit if you're ever in Nashville!

Cierra Russell — Google review

Listen. If you're in Nashville you MUST go to the Country music hall of Fame whether or not you like Country music. It's spectacular. Blows that other museum in Cleveland away. Always a rotating exhibit when you enter. We saw one for Bill Anderson. Two levels of amazing artifacts documenting the history of Country music from the 20s/30s through today showing the rise fall and eventual rise again of the genre of music. The guitars are amazing. Outfits and stage wear even better. Several cars including Elvis's limo and the TA from Smokey and the Bandit. Make sure you pay extra and go over to RCA studio B. It takes and hour and is absolutely worth the additional cost and bus ride over. I've been here twice and would come back another 10 times if in Nashville.

Richie Pawlowski — Google review

It was alright, nothing blew me away. If I were a huge country fan, it probably would have been really cool. The whole 3rd floor is the beginnings of country.. the second floor being the more modern era. There were a lot of artists, in my opinion, that have made bigger contributions to country, yet they were not found anywhere in the museum (or it was one item). It was a lot smaller than I had expected as well. Highlight of this stop was Bajo Taco.

Brianne Soful — Google review

Nashville is all about country and blues music, and this museum is a great way to explore a lot of the history and upbringing of the country music scene.There are 3 floors to the museum and each one is layed out well so that it is easy to navigate and plenty of room. I'm not a big country music fan, but I very much enjoyed browsing through the museum learning about the history and see many of the artifacts that made country music what it is today.Highly recommend booking the first visit of the morning so you can get in before the museum gets crowded.We also booked the museum tickets with the Hatch Show Print and RCA Studio B combo package. It can get a little pricey to do this depending on how many people are in your party (about $75 for the 3 together), but it was very worth it.

Neil Hodges — Google review

Visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville is a musical pilgrimage that any country music enthusiast should undertake. Nestled in the heart of Music City, this iconic museum is a sprawling treasure trove of the genre's rich history.As you approach the building, you're struck by its sheer size. The museum is a colossal three-story structure, with a distinct design that evokes the grandeur of the country's musical heritage. The modern architecture seamlessly blends with the surrounding historic district, making it both a beacon of the future and a guardian of the past.Once inside, the Hall of Fame doesn't disappoint. Its vast collection covers the full spectrum of country music, preserving the legacies of legendary artists from the earliest roots of the genre to contemporary superstars. Exhibits showcase costumes, instruments, and personal artifacts of icons like Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Hank Williams, connecting you to the heart and soul of their music.To ensure an optimal experience, arriving early in the day is advisable. This way, you can beat the crowds and soak in the exhibits at your own pace. It's also wise to purchase your tickets online in advance to bypass the lines that tend to form, especially during peak tourist seasons.A trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame is not just a museum visit; it's a journey through the soul of America's music. It's a place where you can stand in awe of the legends, feel the rhythm of history, and understand why country music is such an integral part of the nation's cultural tapestry.

Scott Puccinelli — Google review

Recently updated exhibits spread out smartly to accommodate large numbers without feeling overwhelmed. Recommend the audio tour for more information that's different from what you can read on the exhibits! Fully accessible regardless of mobility. Small theatres so you can sit and rest at intervals throughout (3). Enjoy!

JL M — Google review

To be honest, I'm not much of a country music fan - but when in Nashville, right? The collection at this museum is vast, and you could easily spend hours here. Being a bit of an outsider to the genre, I would have loved a little more context for many of the displays, but maybe that's on me.

Alyssa, waywardblog — Google review

What a great place to visit. Beautiful collection of music stars of artifacts, instruments and costumes. Well worth the visit for everyone to enjoy Country music's artist and history. There are shops inside if you want to purchase items for gifts or other merchandise. Don't pass this up!

Patricia Coyle — Google review

This is a MUST DO! when your in Nashville!! We had a great time learning all about the history of country music and all about current country music!! WOW! so much cool stuff! What a fun time! We paid for the guided tour and that helped a lot and I definitely recommend it. It was just a simple device that you put in the number of the display that your looking at and it tells you all about it. They have the Elvis limousine in there and so many other cool things. Go check this place out it is so cool!

Eric Solheim — Google review

Fun experience with lots to look at. There are interactive things as well as items to view of all sizes and types. Lots of history for those interested, and easy to walk through as fast or as slowly as you'd like. Plan on at least an hour to walk around and maybe longer especially if you're a country fan. There's a nice gift shop as well as a snack stand with lots of seating indoors and out. A lovely place to spend a hot Tennessee afternoon.

Christine Dey — Google review

My family and I loved learning the history of each Hall of Fame musician and songwriters! Our kids discovered that there was proof that a lot of the music they listen to now was and is richly influenced by so many in the Country Music industry and not just something we told them to expand their music choices. There is also some fun interactive games and a recording studio that you can save and email to yourself that the whole family will have fun with.

Tonya O — Google review

This was my 2nd visit, a first with other people in the party. I enjoyed that exhibits had changed since I had originally been there, which had only been 5 months prior. Having exhibits that change on a regular basis will keep people wanting to continue to visit.I saw things through fresh eyes, as this visit my child was with me. Country Music Hall of Fame is FULL of interactive things to do for children (and adults). The music petting zoo was a highlight!

Kristin Davis — Google review

Nice collection of all things country music. Worth a visit if you like history. Exhibits were good. Audio devices are worth it as it was crowded and allowed me to stand away from exhibits while others bunched around to read the info in the exhibit. I enjoyed the video and audio items the most. The interactive portions were a creative touch.

Jeff White — Google review

This place is absolutely amazing. If you are into country music, or just music or history in general, then do yourselves a favor and go and check out the Country music hall of fame. They have so so many incredible exhibits and musicians that are featured in this huge and expansive building. So many incredible artifacts that are on display. The sheer history in this building is absolutely fantastic.

B A — Google review

Went on Dec 22nd. Purchased tickets online and paid the extra $5 for the audio player. I'm a 52 yr old man who has listened to country music since I was a baby. This was my first time in Nashville, and I was very eager to visit this museum. The history of country music was well represented. I would have liked to have seen more of the blues influence, but I get that it's a different genre.The displays were done very nicely, and the entire museum was impressive. If you go, get tickets online... it'll get you in much quicker. If I were to do it again, I would not rent the audio player.

BigMan Survival — Google review

Great place for country music history, spent 2.5 hours here. They offer an audio tour for an extra 5 or so bucks it gives extra info about each display.Its deff worth it.they have a gift shop also that was nice. The park across the street with the walk of fame is a bit dicey though. a lot of homeless panhandling going on ...id skip

Kevin Simmons — Google review

222 Rep. John Lewis Way S, Nashville, TN 37203, USAhttps://countrymusichalloffame.org/(615) 416-2001


Lotz House Museum

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Historical place museum

Sights & Landmarks


Historic Sites

History Museums

Lotz House Museum is a historic house museum in Franklin, Tennessee that has exhibits about the history of the Civil War and German immigrants.

If you are interested in American history you will enjoy touring his house. The man who built it was a wood worker and he used this house to showcase his talent. The staircase is beautifully made as well as many other details in the home. The house was located in the middle of the historic Battle of Franklin. There are still bullet holes in the house. They don’t allow photos to be taken inside. They have a gift shop if you would like to purchase a souvenir.

L Floyd — Google review

We visited the Lotz House this week during the Christmas/New Year Break. Our tour guide was Thomas and he was fantastic. Trust me, this tour is worth it and if you’re lucky enough to get Thomas as your guide, you will have a great, educational and entertaining visit.

Chris Staller — Google review

Definitely different than any other guided tour we've taken. Chuck was great, he made it fun for everyone. He was engaged with his audience and made it personable for all, we were in a larger crowd too-5 or 6 different parties, around 12 to 15 people total. Very impressed.

Kathleen Butler — Google review

Great tour and very informative. Our tour guide was Chuck and he did a great job. A lot of interesting information about such a tragic event. If you love history this place is a must

M Gonzalez — Google review

Chuck our guide was great. He painted a picture so real it was like we were there. We want to go back again on our next visit to TN.

Lisa Snyder — Google review

Passionate tour guide (Kelly 🙌) was very knowledgeable, and unlike many other historic home tours weaved the history of the area and Battle of Franklin into the tour! Would highly recommend if visiting Franklin.Date: 8 January 2022Standard adult admission: $12 (discounts available)

Gary Brown — Google review

Great tour for the history buffs and those that enjoy viewing historic buildings! Tour guide was hilarious and very knowledgeable about the surrounding civil war battles (could point out where your state's regiments were off the top of his head) and what happened to the family living in the house. Beautiful period furniture and wallpapers make you feel as if you stepped back in time.

Justyna Jozwik — Google review

What a tour we had with JT!We learned alot and there were many details that he shared that were above and beyond other historical tours we have taken.Don't miss touring the Lotz House if your in the Franklin TN area.

Ryan Zemeski — Google review

Such a beautiful history rich home. Our tour guide, Chuck, made the experience even better - answering all our questions about the house and the battle of Franklin.

Christy Ross — Google review

Truly awesome tour! I've taken both the Ghost Tour and the regular day time tour. The Ghost Tour is on Saturday nights after normal hours. For this you need to get your tickets in advance but it is worth it! Our guide Kelly was very knowledgeable about the Ghost that occupy the home. She shared stories, photos, video and recording of paranormal events. A couple of weeks later I went back for the history tour which is during the day. Our guide Chuck was so good and had so much knowledge and history to share. I learned so much about the Lotz family from the tour,if you're in the Franklin/Nashville area you should try to take the time for the tour you will be grateful you did

James Bowen — Google review

We did the haunted tour. Was pretty amazing. Some of us on the tour even smelled cigar smoke! Our guide/host was the best!

lil206sweetie — Google review

Great experience. Our tour guide was JT and his knowledge of the original owners of the home plus knowledge of the history surrounding them and the battle was incredible. He is very animated with his telling of the history which makes you feel like you were actually there when battle happened. Well worth the trip!

Jacqui Martin — Google review

The gift shop person and the 2 guides we met were very accommodating and friendly. We enjoyed our tour and really appreciated all the beautiful antiques. The Lotz family history was interesting to hear.

Laurie Tralle — Google review

This evening my 13 year old daughter and I took the Women’s History Tour at the amazing Lotz House. I’ve been on Kelly’s day time tour of the home before, so I knew it would be great, but I was absolutely blown away by the evening tour! She is incredibly knowledgeable and easily brought to life some incredible women of Franklin, as well as a few others who weren’t from the area, but have had a great impact on our country. I really appreciated how she talked about the seemingly mundane aspects of life that relate to all of us today, to sharing some of the fantastic stories that were these women’s’ lives and experiences! On the way home, my daughter couldn’t stop talking about what she learned and how much she enjoyed the tour-and coming from a teenager, I think that alone speaks volumes! I grew up in Franklin and tonight Kelly gave me a new appreciation and love for my hometown. So thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us this evening, Kelly, and I sure hope this tour is an opportunity that more people will take advantage of, whether they live in the area or are visiting!

Kristin McClelland — Google review

JT was an amazing tour guide! I walked away really having an appreciation for the history and his historical knowledge! I give this tour an A+++! If you're in Tennessee tell your Uber driver to drive you to Franklin for the Lotz House tour. You will not be disappointed! They also have a small bit impressive Civil War gift shop! I can't wait to return!

S Regan — Google review

Our tour guide was not only very informative, but also made it fun. There was a lot of very cool stories and artifacts there.

Tammy Greunke — Google review

We visited the Lotz House on 3-17-24. Our tour guide was Kelly. She was awesome. Both my grandkids, 11 and 8 loved it. Kelly answered their questions and told stories that they could understand. My granddaughter said Kelly was so good and loved her.

Regina Beck — Google review

1111 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064, USAhttp://www.lotzhouse.com/(615) 790-7190


Jack Daniel's Distillery Visitor Center

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (216)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (217)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (218)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (219)


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(5168)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (221)

Visitor center



Factory Tours

The visitor center at Jack Daniel's Distillery offers guided tours and exhibits historical artifacts. It is highly recommended and provides excellent service. Visitors can purchase tour tickets online or on the day of their visit. The dry county tour option is available, with an opportunity to buy a tasting ticket for an additional cost per person. The highlight of the experience is the humorous and knowledgeable tour guide, Ms Kim. Overall, the tour is superb and highly praised by visitors who often leave with purchased bottles in hand.

This was very entertaining and informative visit. Our tour guide Brandy was awesome and funny. We did the Dry County tour with our seven family members. She made the whole story interesting so that you remain attentive all the time.The Visitor Center was welcoming and impressive and our anticipation of great tour started from there itself. This is not just an industry but an important piece of the history and heritage. This is very inspiring story of Jack and how he made the most popular whiskey in the world.I have visited this distillery many times in the past but I still enjoy it every time. We always bring our guests here to show them important places around here. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the bottling department running or charcoal making process by burning the wood during any of our visits.Overall it was fun experience with some history and some whiskey making process. Must see this oldest distillery of United States.

Ashok Patel — Google review

Very detail in history from the past and into the present. I also loved they have a wall of this African American family when they started working for the company and still going into today. And telling us that its spring water , corn , wheat and barley for the making of whiskey. It's so natural and fresh. (I think I'm right on the ingredients. ) It was amazing I really enjoyed it. I believe I will drink more of Jack Daniel's whiskey more now that I see how it's made they put love and care into the product and also to its employees from when it started to even now. God Bless Jack Daniel's in your company and employees keep doing what you doing. Thanks for honoring the employees and the Green family. You are recieving the blessings from God for what you do and the employees return it back to working there. This is how a company should be run in this day of age. Thank You. 😊🙏🏾😊🙏🏾

RA Brown — Google review

The tour of the Jack Daniels distillery was the highlight of our Nashville vacation. It's a beautiful hour and a half drive through horse and cow farms, hills, dales and gorgeous country. Even though my husband is a Tennessee Squire and gets free tours, we chose to pay $35 each for the Angel's Share tour for the tasting. Everyone says their tour guide was the best, that a testament to Jack Daniels hiring process, because Bob, our tour guide, was the best. : ) . For $7, we also chose a JD slushy during the tour. Mine was Lemonade and JD and my husband had the regular JD and co*ke slushy. Delicious! We thought we'd purchase some special bottles and ship them home only to find out it is illegal to do so. Heehee. Our only option was to pack it in our luggage but since we already had new cowboy boots : ) to pack, we had no room. Just as well, because the prices were almost triple than our prices back home in CT. We questioned why the prices were substantially higher and was explained about the dry county thing, prices reflect that. After our tour, we walked to the town where there is shops, restaurants, bakeries as well as a Harley Davidson store. Overall, wear comfortable shoes as you'll do some walking. Overall, you gotta do the tour if you're in Tennessee.

Judith DeFelice — Google review

What an amazingly fun and informative tour! The sheer amount of knowledge our tour guide, Matt, has in his head was dazzling! I have no doubt that if I were to take another tour with the same man, I would still learn something new! The nearly 2 hour tour went by far too fast. We could've spent the entire day and still needed more time to take it all in. Truly, the only part of the tourbi would change would be the length of time spent... we would have loved to be able to spend more time with Matt and have been able to take more time at each stop of the tour. We will be back! And don't forget your whiskey trail poker chips as you get your map stamped.

Y N — Google review

Loved this tour. Price is great and worth the drive from Nashville. We aren’t drinkers but it was so neat to learn the history. Our tour guide was Sean D and he was great, funny, informational and full of interesting facts. Would definitely go again and ask for him. Thank you Sean D for making our time great!

Kristy Cool — Google review

Visiting the Jack Daniels Distillery was an all around amazing experience that I highly recommended for everyone; whiskey drinkers or not. This was the starting point for our tour, but there is a ton of interesting history to learn about here before the tour even starts. This visitor center is quite new and it is well laid out, meticulous clean, and staffed with friendly, helpful staff. The tour itself was phenomenal! Rich in history and detail. Our tour guide - and I wish I'd gotten her name because she was absolutely outstanding - was so knowledgeable and instantly had an answer to ever question asked; and there were a lot of questions. I unequivocally recommended a trip to Lynchburg if you are anywhere near the area. You will not be disappointed.

Joshua Jay — Google review

Made reservations in advanced estimating an arrival as we drove up from Georgia. We arrived earlier than expected, but they were able to move my reservation to an earlier time. I believe Anthony was out guide, and he was very knowledgeable and entertaining with the information. Highly recommend the Flight of Jack Tour, worth every bit of the 90 min tour.

Jason Grams — Google review

It was my first time visit to any distillery. Great friendly stuff. We selected the angle tour and it was amazing. They showed us in detail how the worlds best whiskey is made. The secret water was the best cool place. So lucky we could see the water flow. Tasting area was also great setup.You get to take the tasting glasses home as souvenirs but their plastic glass.I wish the coster were strong material as the once they gave us were paper.They also showed us single barrel bottling area.Visited the gift store and overall great experience. Thanks for the tour.

Kavita Tawadarre — Google review

My guided tour was Amazing being lead by a very talented and knowledgeable X Marine, Brian R was the BEST! I truly appreciate his dedication to his craft and the company he represents. He made the tour fun and interesting. A wealth of knowledge about the distillery business and process. I was also very fortunate to meet Ms Kathy at the Tenn Squires Asso who helped me reinstate my membership and shared information about the association and my future participation. So cool that being able to share my experience and being welcomed into the community from the 1980’s was such an honor for me. Thank you to all the amazing people who made my day full and rewarding.

Examiner 007 — Google review

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience! I think it was chiefly due to our amazing guide Justin aka Juice! Even before our tour started and Justin knew we were part of his tour he had stopped to greet us. We were looking at the family tree of Nearest Green and Justin identified people he knew and some fun facts about them. Justin was so friendly, jovial, and informative. His wit, warmth, obvious experience were second only to his passion for what he did and where he did it. You should DEFINITELY put this on your list of things to do while in the area!

Sharon Ellis — Google review

We visited the distillery on 2/24/24. We did the Angel's Share Tour, our tour guide was Kyle. Kyle was a fantastic tour guide, he was funny, energetic, and knew so much great history about Jack Daniels. We were so surprised at how big this distillery is, the property is so beautiful! At the end of this tour, we got to sample five different types of Jack Daniels from the barrel. We'd recommend visiting this distillery to anyone!

Adrienne Finney — Google review

Absolute worth every penny. The service was great. If you can buy your tour tickets online. I did see some people get tickets the day of. We did the dry county one but you can still buy a tasting ticket after for 15 bucks extra per person. Our tour guide Ms Kim was the best part of my whole trip! She was beyond amazing and sooo funny! The actual tour was superb! Can’t say enough great things! I walked out with many bottles that I bought after the tour!

Willie Ruiz — Google review

This place is one of the best distillery tours I went on. We took the Angles share tour ( pre booking is recommended) and we had lots of fun. It was raining a bit and weather was perfect so we don’t get tired in sun. Our Tour guide Debbie was amazing and she explained us the history of Jack and distillery perfectly. There process of making whisky is almost similar to everyone else except a little bit of new process which I saw only at JD distillery, which was amazing.The tour starts with smelling the amazing slit whiskey and it smells heaven. Then Debbie explained us the history of Jack and how he started making whiskey. He had an interesting history and glad he succeeded in it.Overall the whole tour was amazing.We had a sample tasting at the end of tour and we got 5 samples to taste. They had different flavor profiles and tastes to it. It was fun to taste them and know the difference.There is a shop on-site where you can buy the bottles and customize couple of bottles. I wish they had accessories on-site to buy also. But they do have a hardware store that sells JD merchandises, they do close at 5pm though and we missed it.Overall this was an amazing experience.

akshay reddy — Google review

Great tour. Our guide Michelle was very knowledgeable and friendly. It was a great tour explaining the history of Jack Daniel's and the distilling process. We also purchased the Angel's share tour. It was nice to have the tasting and explanation about the different varieties.

Genell McClendon — Google review

We did the Angels Share tour and it’s outstanding. I’ve been on maybe 10 different distillery tours and this is up there, it’s very well done. Tasting room is also incredible! Only downside and I’m not gonna knock them for it, is the bottle shop onsite is MINIMAL.

Andrew H — Google review

My visit to the Jack Daniel Distillery in Tennessee was made truly special by our enthusiastic tour guide, who proudly represented the distillery as a member of the second generation working there. Their passion and knowledge shone through during the entire tour, adding a personal touch to the experience.However, there was a downside that families with toddlers should be aware of. The tour does not allow strollers, which can make it challenging for parents with young children. I wouldn't recommend it for kids under 4 who still rely on strollers, as there is quite a bit of walking and stairs involved.Despite this drawback, the highlight of the visit was undoubtedly trying their signature Jack & co*ke. It was nothing short of awesome and provided a perfect way to conclude the tour. The blend of Jack Daniel's whiskey with the classic cola was a delightful treat.In summary, the Jack Daniel Distillery offers an engaging and informative tour, led by passionate guides like ours. While it may not be the most toddler-friendly excursion due to the no-stroller policy, it's an excellent choice for adults looking to learn about the history of this iconic whiskey and enjoy a fantastic Jack & co*ke along the way.

Chau Tran — Google review

My experience was wonderful! We chose The Angel's Share Tour. Our tour guide was Anthony. He is probably the best guide in the distillery. He was super friendly, attentive and funny. At the end of the tour, I asked him for a photo, and he agreed to take one with me! We went in August and the tour started at 10:45 am sharp, we had a whiskey tasting and then we went shopping for souvenirs. We were in Lynchburg for almost 4 hours, it is a charming town. We would have stayed longer but we already had a tractor party booked. Go to this beautiful place, you will not regret it!

Geraldine A. — Google review

Angel's Share tour with Ashley (funny, informative, welcoming, answers any question asked!!!) was outstanding!!! Very informative for those who know a lot or just a little about the distilling process. The walk was great, just be ready for some stairs! The tour capped off with a tasting, which was very nice even for someone who gravitates to bourbon! The whole experience was awesome!

Benjamin Hyink — Google review

I along with my wife took the "Flight of Jack Daniel's tour" during labor day weekend last year and we have become fans of this place.I say this as a tee-totaler that this place should be a must visit on your list if you are ever visiting Nashville. Here is the summary of our visit there:-- Location: This place is about 3.5 hours from Atlanta and 1.5 hours from Nashville. The funny part is that the distillery is part of a dry county where drinking in not allowed *wink*wink*-- Tickets: While we did the flight of Jack Daniels tour which is 1.5 hours long, there are many others available which are both with and without wine tasting. We had 6 different wine tasting - only a sip of their finest world famous whiskey. Booking in advance is a must--- Tour: The tour was amazing as so was out tour guide. I forgot her name but she made sure to answer all the questions, explain the process with her wit and jokes all the time.--- Value for Money: An absolute banger of a money. We paid $30 for the tour and it was totally worth it.Since the visitor, I have become their unofficial promoter and I promote the place to all my friends.I cannot recommend this place enough for the tour, the vibe and the history of Jack Daniels :)

sunny shandilya — Google review

133 Lynchburg Hwy, Lynchburg, TN 37352, USAhttps://www.jackdaniels.com/en-us/visit-distillery(931) 759-6357


Unclaimed Baggage

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (222)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (223)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (224)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (225)


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Second hand store


Electronics store

Home goods store

Huge venue selling unclaimed airline luggage, including clothes, jewelry, bags & electronics.

We heard about this store a while back and finally went there, and we were SO GLAD we did! First we were greeted by a very friendly and helpful employee, Rachel Barnes, who explained to us where all the different types of merchandise were located and made us feel very welcome. Then, after finding out it was our first visit to the store she gave us a coupon for two free drinks in the café! That was a very unexpected and welcome treat since it was afternoon and we were just saying we could use some caffeine!😜 She was over and above awesome!👍⭐️☕️ And the store was pretty amazing too, there was so much stuff to look at, we will definitely be back to explore some more when we have more time. We were curious about how it got started, so we googled it on the way home and really enjoyed reading about the history, quite a story!

Denise McClintock — Google review

I can see where some people would enjoy this store. In my opinion, they are seriously overpriced big time!! I like to shop and don't hesitate to pick up a good deal but this store didn't ring my bell. When I walk around for 90 minutes and purchase 1 item (under $5), something is wrong. My husband has been wanting to come here for years and we finally made it. It looks like a Mall Store filled with mostly used overpriced items. I was talking to a sales lady and she told me it takes a long, long, long time for anything to go down in price. Another sales lady told me 70% of the items are unclaimed freight and the other 30% are new stocked items. It just wasn't what we expected. I thought we would walk out with several shopping bags of items. If you making a special trip from a long distance be prepared for a lot of sticker shock. To avoid disappointment, I'd only visit if I was in the area. Anything used that is offered here, you can find elsewhere used at a cheaper price. Signed....... a long time picker.

Miss C. — Google review

Kinda a cool place. There’s a nice variety of stuff here. They have a map to show you where each category is in relation to the next. If you take some time and really look through things I bet you can find some good deals. Clean and organized- at least when I went in Oct. 2022.

Kathryn Knecht (Katie) — Google review

We didn't know what to expect, but we have been very curious about this store. We finally visited the store and was not disappointed. It was mostly clothes, but you may be surprised by what you may find there. To see our adventures subscribe to SIMPLE LIFE BIG ADVENTURES on YouTube.

Scotty Tucker — Google review

I had heard about this store for a long time and was very curious. I happened to be in the area visiting friends and we went there. It had some nice items. I was able to buy some women’s and men’s clothes. If you are a serious shopper, you should allow a couple of hours to browse everything. The men’s clothing is in a different area from the main building so you need to check out before moving between buildings. Some good bargains.

Beth Copeland — Google review

It’s like going to a large thrift store with lots of clothes with original tags on them. The separation of the size’s seriously lacks. When I went to my size I found children sizes all the way to swallow me sizes. They need to really work on that. I did however get a great pair of Beats Studio Buds for $69.99.

Vicki Ellington — Google review

A huge disappointment...I should have read the reviews before my planned trip. They are all point. I actually agreed with all the lowest stars reviews. Was a waste of my time really. A big huge overpriced thrift store.I think they should tap into probably selling the stuff in luggages...and make the items be mysterious...that would be cool...matching the name of the place. Then u get what u get...the disappointment wouldn't be on them at that point...but what's in the trunk...because baaaaaby...no way was half the stuff worth the prices I saw.Small dining area was closed...except for coffee and sweet treats. That was also disappointing as we were in the middle of nowhere and my kids were hungry. Turned out...the city area with lots of dining options...was actually nearby.But...higher than expected prices...not cool stuff....just your regular thrift store stuff.Staff was A+ five stars. Very kind and attentive.Store was neatly organized and clean.Love the biz idea...just ain't going back.

Shawna L. — Google review

A very kooky, unique experience. My best finds we’re $3 gloves for winter, a $22 Lululemon sports bra and $5 sunglasses. Nice little coffee shop too!

Natalie Compton — Google review

Always love going here. Great bargains and neat items can be found. Very friendly employees. If I wasn't so far away I'd visit more often, but I enjoy spending time there and browsing. I believe it took me a couple hours to do the whole store and outter building. Worth going too!

Linda Becar — Google review

I went to visit unclaimed baggage with my cousin for her birthday. Visiting unclaimed baggage was on my wish list because of the museum that hoggle resides! It was awesome to see the puppet in person, I never knew how large Jim Henson's puppets were, it was a great experience. Also I want to mention the prices for some of the items differ, but overall very fair prices, and there was a wide variety of different things to look at! I definitely recommend going here at least once.

Ariel “Neori” W — Google review

We had a great time at Unclaimmed Baggage. It was a fun must-see. They had free lemonade and water. They had numerous shopping carts and bags. There are lots of photo ops and even the opportunity to paint a suitcase for foster kids. There are plenty of restrooms and also a cafe with some tasty banana pudding! There were a lot of namebrand items. Tons of jewelry, shoes, purses, and clothes galore! The book selection wasn't my favorite, but hey, they get what they get. If I went again, I would plan to go for 2 days instead of one. They are constantly putting out new stuff. Also, don't skip the museum! They have a basketball signed by Michael Jordan and a Jim Henson puppet from Labyrinth! Check the photos to see which one.

Heather Watson — Google review

Love this place. It's in the most obscure place, but worth the drive. Go early and hit the electronics place first. They have everything; clothing, shoes, electronics, sporting goods, jewelry, books, beach items, children's clothing, belts, bags, etc. There's even a bargain building out back. Don't forget to check out the unique museum. We'll be back! It's an adventure just to wander around.

Melinda Jennings — Google review

Last minute roadtrip with my son and my sisters to Guntersville during this Christmas season, and it was a decent distance from home, not too far at all. This was not my first time visiting, but you never know what you might find. We found quite a few new designer items at less than half of the retail price. The bargain warehouse - not too lucky this trip as we left with only an item for our dog. But it was definitely worth the trip!

Thia Chambers — Google review

509 W Willow St, Scottsboro, AL 35768, USAhttp://unclaimedbaggage.com/(256) 259-1525


U.S. Space & Rocket Center

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (228)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (229)

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (230)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (231)


(11555)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (232)


(3250)40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (233)

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Museum of space history


Children's camp


The U.S. Space & Rocket Center is a museum dedicated to space history with exhibits and artifacts from throughout space exploration. It has both indoor and outdoor exhibits, as well as a simulator ride for kids and adults, so visitors can explore the universe from close up or step back in time to experience what it was like to be an astronaut.

I went yesterday April 3rd. It was awesome beautiful weather. There were a lot of people but you couldn't really tell it except from the parking lot. There is so much space and places to visit that it was extremely enjoyable. If history is your cup of tea, I highly recommend a visit to this place. It is great for all ages. I even noticed they had motorized scooters you rent if you couldn't walk long distances which I thought was thoughtful. Everyplace seems wheelchair accessible. So do go and enjoy yourself.

Andrea Lemley — Google review

Fun place to learn history of the US space program. It’s expensive for a family to come here so plan accordingly. They charge for almost everything interactive once you pay the $30/ea. entrance fee. I get it that they are privately funded so they have to charge to get in. The kids loved it and I loved coming here as a kid myself. The restaurant is a rip off so plan food accordingly.

Rick Lowe — Google review

The tickets are $30 each for entrance, but are 50 percent off on weekdays in February. There are additional charges for many of the activities. The Saturn V is the biggest attraction included with the admission ticket and there are free tours at scheduled times. The tour was worth it. We only had 4 hours on hand to spend here and wish we had more. There's the moon rock, NASA Lunar module, Mars 2020 Perseverance with Ascent vehicle and helicopter, the Apollo 16 command module, the mobile quarantine unit and many other exhibits that should not be missed. Near the building are gravesites of Miss Baker, the first squirrel monkey to go to space and come back alive and her husband.

Seeta — Google review

The whole place was great. I wish the Space Shuttle was back atop the tank. The Planetarium was AMAZING! The guy that did the show for us was funny and gave the crowd an option for "A boring normal planetarium show" or a "Fun and up close and personal and informational experience with the planets." This was almost exactly one year ago, but he did such a good job that I still remember the funny jokes he made up. "I mean, Uranus is the butt of all jokes." I wish I had thanked him in person, but all these months later, I thank you to whoever made that the best experience ever!

Abigail Jenkins — Google review

Our family had such a great time visiting the space & rocket center. The staff were all so friendly and knowledgeable. We did the planetarium and although I study space for my degree path, I learned quite a bit about the planets in our solar system. There was also a playground for my 7 year old to play in for a bit before heading back to our hotel. So far it's been the best part of our first time trip to Huntsville.

Cris — Google review

The people who work here take great pride in their history. It was great to see all the authentic pieces. We enjoyed the ability to climb into some of them and feel what it was like to be an astronaut. We also liked walking through the replica of the international space station.They have many experiences that are not included in the admission price. So go check then out first before you decide which ones to choose. The place is showing its age.

Harper Voyages — Google review

Wow. Just wow. What an experience. This place did not disappoint! We did 2 planetarium shows: The Sounds of Space and Cosmos and co*cktails. We had the amazing opportunity to speak with two WOMEN who are engineers for NASA. The gift shop employees were super knowledgeable and friendly.The only confusing part was there was no honorable mention to Katherine Johnson (Hidden Figures). It would have been great to see a dedication to her.It was a great experience all in all though.

Bobbie Hatfield — Google review

So many things to see and do. I bought tickets online, which is highly recommended for any of the activities (there were only 3 spots available for flight simulator the day before). Neat to see everything. Very well organized and maintained. Lots of friendly staff. On-site restaurant is a bit expensive.

India Visser — Google review

Core memory! Went with high expectations, and they were fulfilled! I kinda wished I lived nearby so I can make this an annual trip. I would also recommend the rides (especially the MaxFlight and VR experience). Stuff was also super friendly.

matomitev — Google review

I had a great experience here, learning about the space rockets and of course walking the grounds around the static displays. Take about 2.5 hours to walk and read of its uncrowded like the day I went. Also there were rocket scientists present for you to talk to. The hands on portion where you get to control some of the games was really a nice touch. I definitely recommend a visit.

Xavier Orozco — Google review

Our day at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center was an absolute dream! The abundance of free parking made our visit hassle-free. 🚗 The center seamlessly blends fun and learning, engaging us in rocket science, mathematics, aerospace, engineering, and technology through hands-on building activities. 🌌📚 The myriad of benefits exploring the center offers makes it a perfect day of education and exploration. Highly recommend for families seeking a unique and enriching experience! 🚀🌟

Mike Mike — Google review

First time visiting. Overall we had a good visit. The four of us was little less than $90. I feel like it’s overpriced, and the food was also overpriced for what you got. So that’s why it has 4 stars. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at some exhibits. There were construction going on so it looked a bit of a mess outside. The kids enjoyed themselves. The employees were friendly and helpful so no issues there. The facilities were clean. It’s wheelchair, stroller friendly, with a mom and baby restroom. I would come back, just not anytime soon. Maybe when the kids are teenagers.

Thai Kajangu — Google review

Quite a cool place to explore - but only if you have a bit more than 1 hour we had (so we ended up just checking it out from outside and then the me gift shop). Not the cheapest but quite large, also with a large gift shop with quite a cool selection. Seems quite kids-focused, great option for families.

&Tilly [andtillycom] — Google review

Awesome experience!! Great permanent exhibits, and several temporary ones that change up a couple times a year. This month, they had a really cool Guinness Book of World Records - Science of Play exhibit in the main room! It was so much fun!! There were dozens of different games and challenges for kids of all ages to interact with. I highly, highly recommend going to the 8K Planetarium movie "Our Place in Space" !!! (Tickets are $10-$12 each, but its worth it!)

Laura Cavanaugh — Google review

Even if you're not a big space fan this place has something for everyone. Tons of specs program things inside and out. Old rockets and spacecraft, astronaut items, a real moon rock, the capsule from Apollo 16, and tons of play areas for kids. Such a cool experience to stand under the Saturn V and think of the historic missions it powered. We took our two boys 7 and 4 and they loved everything about the place. You will not regret seeing this place in person.

Corey Trojanowski — Google review

Not only was it INCREDIBLE to see REAL space crafts that went to SPACE, but a HUGE thank you to the employee who helped me when I got lost. My phone had died, so I couldn't find my family and ended up having a panic attack, but the employee who helped me was so kind and calm and helped me find my way, and I have nothing but appreciation for them! So, 5 stars for both an incredible experience of getting to see and learn all about some incredible space missions, but also for the fantastic customer service!

Serenity P — Google review

It was an amazing place to spend the day with the family. Super busy but we were able to easily do everything we wanted. The planetarium was so incredible. I would definitely recommend it while you are here. I can't explain how extraordinary it is to see.. my daughter kept saying it was out of this world 😁

Marie Fowler — Google review

This was a great family experience and educational as well. There were many interesting and interactive exhibits to see. This is a museum that will take you a couple hours or more to view, but is very worth the trip.

J C (WhatCanISay?!) — Google review

My visit to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, was an unforgettable journey into the world of space exploration. This center is not just a museum; it's an educational powerhouse that provides an immersive experience into the history, science, and future of space travel.As you approach the center, you are immediately struck by the imposing rockets and space artifacts on display, creating a sense of awe and excitement. The grounds are well-maintained and provide an excellent backdrop for the incredible exhibits inside.The museum houses an extensive collection of space artifacts, including a Saturn V rocket, which is a marvel to behold. Walking beneath this giant is a humbling experience that really puts into perspective the scale and ambition of space travel. The exhibits are thoughtfully presented, with informative plaques and interactive displays that are both educational and engaging.One of the highlights of my visit was the space shuttle simulator. It gives you a glimpse into what astronauts experience during a space mission, offering a mix of thrill and learning. For younger visitors and the young at heart, this is a particularly exciting feature.The center also does an excellent job in educating visitors about the history of space exploration, from the early days of the space race to current and future missions. The displays are comprehensive, covering various aspects of space science, including astronomy, astronautics, and the technology used in space missions.For families with children, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center is a fantastic destination. The interactive exhibits, hands-on activities, and educational films make learning about space fun and accessible for all ages. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to answer questions and share interesting space facts.Another aspect worth mentioning is the Space Camp programs offered at the center. These programs provide a unique opportunity for kids and teenagers to engage in simulated astronaut training, which is both educational and inspiring.The U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville is a must-visit for anyone interested in space and science. It offers an enriching experience that is both educational and entertaining. Whether you're a space enthusiast or just curious about the final frontier, this center will not disappoint.

Mike Shubic (Mike's Road Trip) — Google review

This place is awesome! I was here alone and spent about 2.5 hours, if I had my kids I would have been here most of the day, really cool to see the ISS exhibit and be able to walk under some of the huge rockets

Richard Miller — Google review

This is a decent place to bring young children for an outing. I came during the week so it wasn't so crowded for the most part. Planetarium show was okay, wasn't as exciting as we thought. But worth the $10 while there. Good amount of information regarding space and replica models.

D Baylor — Google review

C'est une visite sympa et intéressante qui dure environ 3h30.Malheureusem*nt, beaucoup de choses sont en mauvais état et à rénover. On voit que le premier bâtiment est ancienEt il y a des travaux en cours qui semblent être faits de manière un peu anarchique.2 attractions étaient fermées sans compensation financière. Il y a des simulateurs à payer en supplément et le planétarium est aussi en supplément ! Alors que le prix d'entrée n'est franchement pas donné !C'est quand même une visite éducative pour petit* et grands mais un prix un peu moins élevé serait plus juste.(Translated by Google)It’s a nice and interesting visit that lasts around 3.5 hours.Unfortunately, many things are in poor condition and in need of renovation. We see that the first building is oldAnd there is work in progress that seems to be done in a somewhat haphazard manner.2 attractions were closed without financial compensation. There are simulators to pay extra and the planetarium is also extra! While the price of entry is frankly not cheap!It's still an educational visit for young and old, but a slightly lower price would be fairer.

Nadège (Nanoulapin) — Google review

What a Great place to spend the Day! So much to see and things to do that are apart of the general admission. There is a number of things that are extra but we didn't do them and still enjoyed the day. 5 year old Grandson loved it. Lots of outside things to walk around and see. The parking is free. There is a gift shop and food court as well

pamela oliver — Google review

Such an educational, fun museum. There is SO MUCH to see and do. There are so many interactive things for kids and adults to do. There is so much to see, watch, and experience here. We even got to speak with a rocket scientist who has been doing this for 52 years.It's hard to even summarize the experience. Truly, our nations space history spread out. Lots of walking but worth it.The staff is friendly and efficient at answering questions. There are so many restrooms and easy wheelchair access throughout. You could spend a whole day exploring and finding more facts and information. There are outside exhibits and indoor ones. There are tons of picnic tables outside, and there is a cafe with indoor seating as well.Wear your walking shoes and take lots of pictures. It is something your guests will talk about for years to come.

Tea Street — Google review

If you are a space nerd like me, you will spend all the money, and you will regret nothing, even as they’re renovating right now. One general adult admission ticket was $30. Took about four hours of light sightseeing to cover the museum and the Saturn-V building. This could have easily been the whole day if I went deep in all of the exhibits. They also had actual aerospace engineers wandering around the Saturn-V Instrument Unit display you could ask questions to. (That’s the kind of thing your entry fee is paying for.)Didn’t get to the planetarium this time. Will try for next time. They also have lots of hands-on stuff, and simulators to try out (at an added charge), which I did not partake this time, but looked really cool.Gift shop got me for about $70 in merch on the way out. Very good quality merch, including my new favorite (USA made!) stainless steel water bottle.I’ll happily come back if life brings me back to Huntsville.

Ted McFadden — Google review

1 Tranquility Base, Huntsville, AL 35805, USAhttps://www.rocketcenter.com/(800) 637-7223

40 Best Stops Between Mackinaw City and Birmingham (2024)


What is the scenic route to Mackinaw City? ›

The US 23 Heritage Route is a Pure Michigan Byway, a program under the Michigan Department of Transportation. It begins in Standish and travels 200 miles up the Lake Huron shoreline to Mackinaw City.

Is Mackinaw City worth it? ›

From scenic parks and historic sites to exciting outdoor adventures, the Mackinaw area is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Is Detroit or Grand Rapids closer to Mackinac Island? ›

Grand Rapids, 4 hours. Detroit, 4 hours, 30 minutes. Milwaukee, 6 hours by way of the Upper Peninsula (or 8 hours through the Lower Peninsula) Chicago, 6 hours, 30 minutes 6 ways of getting to Mackinac Island from Chicago.

What is the most scenic drive in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan? ›

Brockway Mountain Drive is the more scenic route to get across the peninsula, but the views are worth it. From the top of the mountain you can say a great view of lake superior. There is an area at the top of the mountain that you can pull off and see in all directions. Take the drive on a clear day.

What is the most scenic route in Michigan? ›

  • Brockway Mountain Drive. 631. ...
  • Tunnel of Trees - M119. 381. ...
  • Blue Water River Walk. 133. ...
  • River Road Scenic Byway. Scenic Drives. ...
  • Thomas Edison Parkway Boardwalk. Scenic Drives. ...
  • Whitefish Bay National Forest Scenic Byway. Scenic Walking Areas. ...
  • High Rock Bay. Lookouts. By Jeepgirl7320. ...
  • Leelanau Peninsula. Geologic Formations. By norski1109.

Is it better to take the ferry from St. Ignace or Mackinaw City? ›

Ferries to the island are conveniently located downtown with close proximity to shops, restaurants and hotels. The most convenient, affordable, and, in our humble opinion, overall best way to travel to Mackinac Island is through St. Ignace.

Is it better to stay on Mackinaw City or Mackinac Island? ›

Many people choose to stay in Mackinaw City vs. on Mackinac Island. It's a lot less expensive and regardless of where you stay, you still need to take the ferry over to Mackinac Island. Mackinaw City has more modern, less expensive rooms and more extensive night life.

Do celebrities go to Mackinac Island? ›

So, no, nobody “passes through.” Which means Mackinac Island is a fine spot for celebrities to avoid paparazzi. But they take no chances, according to Brian Bailey, who manages a number of boutique hotels along the main street of Mackinac Island's tiny, waterfront village and marina.

How long from Mackinaw City to Mackinac Island? ›

Two ferry companies service Mackinac Island with rides that take 16 to 18 minutes and bring you right into the heart of town. Day-trippers can park their car for free in designated ferry lots in Mackinaw City or St. Ignace. For overnight guests, Mackinac Island ferry companies offer a range of parking options.

What is the difference between Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island? ›

Over time, Michilimackinac got shortened to Mackinac. The island since has been known as Mackinac Island and the fort as Fort Mackinac. However, when present-day Mackinaw City was founded in the 1850s, the British changed the spelling of the city to reflect the way the name is pronounced, with a “w” sound at the end.

What part of Canada is closest to Mackinac Island? ›

Yet, the nearest city with at least 50,000 people is actually Sault Ste. Marie, across the Canadian border in Ontario. And it's less than an hour's drive away!

Is highway 31 in Michigan pretty? ›

West Michigan Pike - US 31

And while the original 500-mile pike has altered a bit from a century ago, the West Michigan Pike still encompasses some of Michigan's loveliest scenery as it passes through beach towns like St. Joseph, South Haven, Holland, Grand Haven and Muskegon.

What is Lake Michigan's famous scenic drive? ›

One of the most scenic routes in the United States is the Lake Michigan Circle Tour. As the name implies, it follows state highways around Lake Michigan, through Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. A special "spur route" is designated between Ludington, Michigan and Manitowoc, Wisconsin and follows the S.S.

How long is the drive through the tunnel of trees? ›

The historic M-119 scenic route, or the Tunnel of Trees , skirts Lake Michigan, between Harbor Springs and Cross Village. During this 20-mile drive, you'll experience tree canopies, ridiculously charming small towns, and delicious local cuisine.

How long does it take to drive the tunnel of trees? ›

Tunnel of Trees Print

If you want a straight shot, driving from one end of M-119 to the other will take you roughly 30 minutes, and will certainly afford you some beautiful views. However, we recommend you have a little more fun with it and make M-119 the focus of a weekend away.


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